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Weekend with Daniel part 1

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Weekend with Daniel


This is a story of fiction and fantasy. If it comes true I would be ecstatic.

Thanks for reading and be positive and kind with your remarks.


I decided that it had been way too long since I have been laid. The upcoming 3 day weekend I had nothing at all planned, so I decided to put an ad on a local website looking for fun and lots of sex.

The ad: “I am mid 50’s, 5’11” 212# dad-bod, construction worker, straight to the world, total submissive bottom, cumslut in private. I am into anything you want to do with and to me. Bondage, dominance, cross dressing, blindfold, multiple tops, chastity, punishment, plugs, gags, etc. No sadism, scat, or serious pain (light to mild is a plus though). Available from friday evening through monday afternoon. Please respond with stats and photos. Unable to host due to having my adult son living at home currently so you must host.” I also added some photos of me hoping to entice someone into answering.

This was on Monday late in the evening and I went to bed with a slight hope of an answer. When I woke up the next morning and checked my emails with no replies and was bummed. I went to work and was a bit down all day, but honestly I am used to it. Most tops in my area seem to be either scarce or want twinkish boy-toys. Oh well.

Around 8 that night I got my first response from a guy saying that he really liked my post but was also unable to host due to the same situation. He added his stats and some pics making me drool over his tool. I responded back telling him as much and that if I found someone able to host and open to letting other tops join in I would put them in touch and set things up. He said that that would be great because he knew a couple of other guys that might join in instead of them sitting around and playing poker to get away from their wives for a night.

A couple more responses came in but none were worth answering to speak of. Then on wednesday evening I sat down and looked at my emails and there was a response I really wanted to happen and couldn’t answer fast enough.

“I saw your ad and I want to be your weekend of fun. I am single, 6’2″ 200# 8×2.5 c, very dominating yet respectful top, lots of stamina and able to release and keep it up. I am able to host and have all that we might need but you are welcome to bring anything over that you want. If this sounds good, look at the pics included and respond.”

I got an instant hardon from reading his response and seeing his pics so I responded back with a reply. In it I said: “that I look forward to playing with him and being his personal cumslut for the weekend. I also asked him if he wanted the weekend to be just us solo or if he was open to more? I want to give you the option as I have a few other responses but none of them are able to host, but can get away for saturday afternoon and evening.”

He said he might be open to it on saturday and if the other guys are open to it, I should send him their email addresses and he would think about it after reading them. So I did just that and gave him my phone number as well so we could text easier than just emails.

Thursday evening I get a text from him, introducing himself as Daniel and that he is looking forward to tomorrow evening and making me his own personal fucktoy for the weekend. I asked him what all he has planned and he said to just be prepared for anything and everything and I was definitely going to need to bring a few different outfits and sets of clothing. Also that he would take care of all my needs and that I would be giving him the keys to my car until monday afternoon when he would give them back. If I did not agree to that, I needed to let him know right then and the whole weekend would be cancelled.

That last bit gave me a reason to pause and wonder. After not answering for a few minutes he texted me with: “I don’t mean to scare you away, I just want you to know that what I am planning will be worth it.” So I agreed.

He said he would send me his address at 5 the next day (Friday) and expected me to arrive at his door at 7:00 on the button.

All day Friday I was nervous and wondering what the weekend had in store for me. On the other hand I was also looking forward to this weekend more than I ever have any weekend before. Being the boss has its perks so I quit work early and got home about 3 in the afternoon. I grabbed a sandwich and started packing a duffel with several different cross dress outfits that I have not ever worn for someone else, only for myself. As well as a whole bunch of other things; some toys, dildos, plugs, fully blacked out sleep mask, hand made cat-o-many tails, and more. A little before 5 I started cleaning myself out and prepping, not knowing how far away Daniel actually lived, nor how long it would take to drive there.

A couple of minutes later right at 5:00 his text came through with his address and he lived only 10 minutes away. Cool! Butterflies start setting in but I finish cleaning myself out and get ready to head out for a weekend of unknown sexy fun.

I arrived a few minutes early and waited to hit the doorbell until 7 sharp. As I pushed the button he opened the door and welcomed me into his house.

As we shut the door and walk inside I see just how good looking he is. About 40 years old, brown hair, clean shaven, nicely fit, but not gym rat buff, just wearing a loose t-shirt and gym shorts. We do some small talk as he shows me around the house, and the different rooms, although one door was shut and we didn’t go in there, telling me to make myself at home. Finally he leads me into the master bedroom and tells me to leave my duffel near the dresser saying we will get to whatever I brought with me, later on in the weekend.

We get back out to the spacious living room all the while just chatting and becoming at ease with each other. He stepped up to the bar and asks if I want a drink and then reaches under the bar and also pulls a bong up telling me to go ahead and take a rip while he fixes my drink.

Sure thing! So mellow and easy a smoke that I take a huge rip holding it in as long as possible. As I let it out he whistles handing me my drink saying that I am truly going to feel that because it is a special blend that he has developed. He goes on to say that he owns a couple of dispensaries and with investors also owns his own grow house company. All this has allowed him to cross breed for specific reasons. For example: pain relief, depression, insomnia, anxiety, sexual arousal and more. This blend he tells me is for anxiety, sexual arousal, and gives a person an all over physical relaxation but does not make the user sleepy.

He steps up to me, leans forward and reaches a hand around my neck and pulls me into his kiss. Damn! Only the 2nd guy I have ever kissed and he feels and tastes better than almost every woman I have kissed. Soft, fierce, perfect lips with a determined probing tongue promising so much pleasure yet to come. Breathlessly determined to show me who is in charge with just his mouth while holding me to him so I couldn’t get away if I wanted and at that point I did not want to ever get away.

As he backed away, I opened my eyes seeing a playful smile creep into his face and his light brown eyes twinkle, I can already feel the weed slowly creeping on me. After taking a sip of my drink I tell him that I need to use the bathroom. He tells me to go use the master but I need to come out naked and hand him my car keys before I go. As I hand them over he shows me the safe and that he has a timer set to open at 4 p.m. monday and I can have them back then, unless I want to change my mind right now and he would call an uber.

I just wink at him and turn towards his bedroom trying to wiggle my ass at him as I walk away knowing he is watching me. I grab my bag and head into the bathroom and start undressing while running water. Since I wear dentures I take them out and put into the cleaning solution for the night. Once I have that done and have stripped, I start heading back to the living room and notice as I am getting there he has all of the lights off with a couple of candles lit and the tv as a web browser and is looking through a porn site.

About this time he notices me walking towards him and motions me over. As I get to him he again pulls me to him and we start making out standing in the middle of his living room with a porno playing behind me. While kissing he reaches down and starts to play with my balls already seeing that I am wearing a chastity cage. He is causing me to moan directly into his mouth just from his hand on my balls and his kisses. I move my mouth from his and start kissing his neck he whispers in my ear: “You will be my sexy cumslut under my total control from this moment forward, until your keys unlock out of the safe and I won’t accept any safe words from you anymore.”

I responded with: “Yes, Sir. I agree to your terms and will not utter a safe word as long as we follow all that was discussed already.” “Agreed” he said.

“Now you will only address me as Sir and you are to obey my every request with a smile and appreciation”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Perfect, undress me as you go down onto your knees in front of me.”

I reach down grabbing the hem of his shirt slowly lifting it up. As it uncovers his chest I lean in landing kisses all over him while still pulling it from his head and arms. Once his shirt is off I lower myself down trailing kisses down his stomach marveling at his abs as they ever so slightly tremble with my lips upon them. I am now upon my knees slowly pulling the waistband of his shorts just waiting for his cock to come into view. As his shorts yield past his half hard cock I let out a big moan and lean forward to take just his already thickening cock head into my mouth, flicking the tip of my tongue along the slit, eliciting an almost guttural moan from Daniel.

At this point I have his shorts down to his ankles and he raises one foot and then another allowing me to finish undressing him. It was at this time when I move my face closer to him sucking in more and more of his hardening cock into my mouth, just letting it slide across my tongue and as far in as I could go without gagging. I tried to just let lay deep into my mouth mouth ever so slightly so I could breathe. I was letting him get fully hard expanding and relaxing my throat as much as possible hoping that I could attempt to fully deep throat the largest cock I have had pleasure with.

His moans were all the encouragement I was needing at that point and I slowly started sliding my mouth off and back on his cock taking my time working on getting more and more of him into me. All the while I was also cupping and fondling his balls noticing just how big and hot they felt in my hands.

About this time I felt his hands sliding around the back of my head and through my hair as he is saying things like: “Fuck yeah. Suck my cock. Your mouth feels so good. You are going to be such a fun cumslut.”

A few minutes later I notice my nose starts bouncing off his stomach and look up at him and lock eyes on him causing him to start moving my head for me, slowly fucking my face. I time it so that every time my nose touches him I moan deep and guttural upon his cock making it twitch.

He starts increasing the tempo of his fucking my mouth along with “If you keep this up I am going to cum right down your throat you cumslut bitch. Do you want that to happen?”

” Squeeze my balls once for yes or twice for yes also!”

Of course I squeezed them twice while moaning with his cock impaled into my face.

“Now squeeze once for throat, twice for just in your mouth or three times for a mix of both.”

About this time his balls started rolling a little bit telling me that he was real close to unloading, so I just started squeezing them in a pulsating manner making him shake and slam my head down so my chin was pushing against his balls and I could feel his cum spurting down the entire length of his cock deep into my throat and stomach. A few moments later he pulls my head back so only the head was in my mouth still spurting stream after stream of his delicious cum filling my mouth. I was swirling my tongue around his mushroom making him twitch from being so sensitive at that moment and jerk forward and back a few times forcing me to swallow some more cum. Placing my right hand on his shaft I started working it up and down, hoping to milk as much cum out of him as I possibly could.

After a few minutes he pushed me backwards off him and told me to stop. So as I am sitting back on my heels, kneeling in front of him he moves sideways a little bit and sits down on a bar stool leaning backwards. His cock looked so big and sexy even now with it being almost half soft, I am tempted to move forward and go back to sucking it, but I don’t and wait to be told what to do.

Finally after almost 10 minutes his breathing is back under control and he sits upright on the stool, looks at me, and says: “That was the best blowjob I have ever been given and the best orgasm in his life and I look forward to a lot more like that this weekend with you.”

“Thank you Sir, I hope to be the best cumslut you have ever had.”

“Oh, I know you will be. You have started off better than I could have asked for. Now close your eyes and don’t move, I have a gift for you.”

“Yes Sir,” I said as I closed my eyes.

The next thing I felt was him placing a leather collar around my neck a chain rattling against me as well.

“You may open your eyes, my Pet” he said when he was finished.

As I opened my eyes, I saw he had put his shorts back on and was smiling while holding a mirror in one hand and the end of a chain leash in the other. What I saw in the mirror was me on my knees with a wide padded collar around my neck and a 6-8 foot chain leash extending to his hand. I noticed that on the black collar in red letters it said “CUM SLUT”.

“Do you like it, Pet?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. ” I answered him.

“Good. I am glad you like it”

About that time the doorbell rang. He sat the mirror down, grabbed his wallet and walked to the door while holding my leash. I dropped down to all fours and followed him, but before he opened the door he stopped and said: “Sit up and do anything that happens, Pet.”

“I will Sir.

When he opened the door I saw a good looking guy in his early 20s, about 5’10” 165# with sandy blonde hair holding a GrubHub bag for Daniel to accept. When he saw me he just gasped a little in shock, but Daniel quickly said “thank you and here is a choice for you, young man. I can give you a $100 bucks and you never speak of this to anyone or $50 bucks and get the best blowjob of your life from my personal cumslut, Pet.? Your choice.”

He just smiled and walked right into the house taking the fifty from Daniel. While he stuffed the money in his pocket with one hand the other was already starting to unzip his shorts. He stopped in front of me and I took over undoing his shorts and pulling them down. I could tell he was young because as his cock breached his shorts, he was already almost full hard at about 7 inches long and not nearly as thick as Daniel’s is. None of that stopped me when my chain got yanked and I fell forward impaling this young cock deep inside my mouth.

As I started rocking back and forth with my head I noted that even I was in bliss having Daniel and his bigger cock completely dominating my mouth and throat, this kids cock was easier to suck, swallow, deep throat and was a bit more comfortable also.

I reached around behind him with one hand guided his ass forward and back with my other hand that I was using to massaging his balls and taint working his prostate from the outside hoping to give him the idea to start fucking my mouth. I kept my hands working until he finally got the idea to fuck my mouth. I looked up to try and make eye contact but he had thrown his head back and was moaning like crazy. It was at this moment when I saw Daniel whisper in his ears and he looked down at me and put his hands on the back of my head to guide our motions. I could only wink at him and moan deeply on his cock when he did so.

I think this was something he had never had before in a blowjob and he just started really moaning and saying “I need to cum… you are going to make me cum” and almost seemed like he was going to pull my his cock out of my mouth so all I could do was use both hands and grab his ass and hold on with him deep in my throat. I was able to gulp some breaths of air in air with him like that and it set him off. He started spasming and shooting stream after stream of his gooey cum straight to my stomach making my throat do “gulping” type actions making him almost convulse. As he started slowing down I moved my head back so he could finish into my mouth letting me savor the taste of this young Buck.

When he finally finished and I swallowed his fresh sweet nectar I leaned back forward and sucked the last dribbles out cleaning him the rest of the way making sure to leave no traces of our actions.

As I released his ass from my hands he almost fell over backwards. After he stumbled a little bit he caught himself and reached down grabbing his shorts and started pulling them up. He blurted out: “Oh my gawd… that was the best blowjob I have ever had and no woman can compete…. and you SWALLOWED! I have never had any do that either.”

Daniel just lightly chuckled and made the guy jump, as he had forgotten he was there. When he was dressed again, he said thank you to me and I winked again flustering him. He then turned to Daniel and said: “Thank you Sir and I guarantee I won’t ever tell anyone.”

Daniel leaned in to him and while whispering something in his ear I also saw him put something in his pocket. I heard him respond with: “I will talk to you then.” and left closing the door as he went.

Daniel then turned to me and asked: “Did you enjoy him, Pet?”

“Yes, Sir I did. Thank you, Sir.”

“Well, I know you will definitely give me more of them this weekend, but right now I am going to finish my dinner. Are you hungry, Pet?”

“No, Sir not right now.”

“Okay, when you are there is enough for you to enjoy. Is there anything else you want? Drink or to smoke?”

“Sir, may I use the bathroom and then get a drink and smoke a fresh bowl, please?”

“Of course, Pet. You may do as you wish but when you are done please come to the living room and kneel in front of me and wait for your next task.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After he handed me the leash end I walked to the master bedroom grabbed a couple items out of my bag, and went to the sink to fill a cleanse bottle. After a fresh cleanse and using the toilet I walked back out to find the bong refilled on the bar with a fresh mixed drink also waiting for me.

I grabbed the bong and my fresh drink and walked over to where Daniel was sitting on the couch. I set them down on the coffee table and kneeled in front of him facing him handing over the end of my chain leash as well.

A few moments of looking him in the eyes with him smiling he said I could turn around and have my fresh smoke but to stay in the same spot. Once I did so he restarted the movie on the tv and I lit up the bowl inhaling the sweetest pot I think I have ever smoked truly enjoying the inhale with no burn or cough from it. I Then noticed from the title that it was hopefully prophetic of what was about to happen: “BWC bareback anal compilation”.

When I finished the bowl and leaned back to sit on my heels Daniel leaned forward and started massaging my shoulders. He then started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear lobe causing me to moan and become putty in his hands. he whispers in my ear that I need to lean forward and stretch out across the table in front of me.

As I lean forward to do as I am instructed, his hands trail down my back to cup and knead my ass cheeks eliciting moans of pleasure unbidden from me. All of a sudden I feel him thwap my right cheek causing me to unconsciously yelp and then a 2nd one on my left cheek and yelp again.

He starts chuckling lightly and asks: “Do you like that Pet?”

“Yes, Sir. If anything pleases you then it pleases me Sir.”

“That’s a good girl My Pet!”

“I think this will please us both even more than my hand.” With that I all of a sudden feel a cat-o-nine tails sliding up and down my back causing me to shiver and quietly moan. After a few times of that I hear a whisk through the air and feel it start landing mildly against each cheek in their own turn… but also thwapping into my crack with the ends of the little whips popping against my sensitive balls making me try to move as far forward as I could from the surprise. He must have expected that because when I moved he pulled the leash backwards so I have to stay where I was.

“DON’T move, Pet!” he ordered.

“Ye .. yes, Sir” I stammered out.

“Good. You are such a good pet, Pet. I am having so much fun with you.”

With that, he continued light to mild thwaps from his whip. Some landing on each cheek and my balls, but also making sure that he would spread a cheek wide and hit the tips against my little rosebud pussy opening. All I could do was quiver and take it… but in reality I was loving it and I could feel that I had a steady stream of precum leaking out of me through my chastity cage onto the towel he had placed for me to kneel on.

As he stops with the whip and the mild burning of my skin starts to set in I feel a cool gel being poured on me eliciting small shivers across my skin. I here him chuckling and cooing: “Good girl… I think we are both going to enjoy what is next.” After which I feel him massaging in the gel and feel it tingling into me relaxing me even more.

The gel feels so fantastic giving me a heightened sense of his touch but a relaxed cooling effect at the same time. While working this into my cheeks he slips it also down my crack using his fingers to start working it into my tight rosebud. I can feel it relaxing my hole allowing him to easily slip one and then two fingers inside me making me moan from the pleasure and his touch. As My hole is relaxing even more from the gel I feel him slip another and then a fourth finger all the way in just rotating relaxing my hole even better while also pushing the gel inside me allowing my the whole of my man pussy to fully relax completely and take all he can give me.

He grabs my caged cock and balls and starts tugging on them while twist sawing his hand in and out of me. I hear him start saying: “Good girl…. relax and enjoy …. you will love this even more in a moment”. i feel more gel being poured on and straight into me and all I could do was grab the other end of the overly large coffee table and moan and moan in pleasure.

I feel a greater pressure easing my rosebud open even more with him encouraging me to relax and and just allow the pleasure to consume me. Shortly I feel his whole hand slip inside me filling me so full and stroking across my prostate that I know I would have cum hard if the cage wasn’t on me. I feel him sawing in and almost out and back deep inside me flexing his arm muscle increasing the size of my relaxed hole. Oh fuck it felt so good having him fist fuck me like that … he slows down and I feel his other hand release my balls and slide up to alternate in and out of my pussy opening me even more than I thought possible.

He starts encouraging me again with his sweet words as he slowly pushes both hands inside my pussy making me almost convulse with the need to cum but unable to. “Are you enjoying this My Pet?”

When I didn’t answer he stops moving his hands and starts pushing outwards with them prying me apart almost angrily restating: “ARE YOU enjoying this My Pet??!!??”

I was able to barely stammer out: “Yes, Sir I am….. please more?!”

“Good girl…. GOOD girl! My pleasure, Pet”.

He continued using my pussy for while, how long, I don’t really know. I think I may have passed out even for a few minutes from the pure bliss of the events. All of a sudden he stopped moving and pulled his hands out slowly one at a time making sure to massage my incredibly sensitive prostate a lot on the way out. Then when he was completely out of me I almost collapsed again but the utter feeling of being totally empty was incredible and I missed him inside me.

“That was a first for me but I have always wanted to double fist a lover and you were magnificent. How did it feel to you, Pet?”

“It felt better than I anything I have ever felt, but now I feel all empty without you inside me, Sir”.

“Well, I will be filling you up again soon, Pet. First, though we are going to take a few minutes and let your pussy come back closer to normal. Why don’t you take a drink and I will load another bowl for you before the next round of fun and adventures.”

After he sat the bong back down beside me he swatted my ass and told me to stay like I was and he would be back in a couple of minutes since he needed to check on a few things.

When he comes back I feel him slide down onto his knees behind me pushing my knees together, lightly tugging on my leash and tightening the chain between us. With one hand on each cheek pushing outwards I feel the tip of his cock pushing against my still somewhat loosened hole and slipping inside me scrubbing against my prostate eliciting moans rippling through me. He slides his hands from my cheeks to grab onto my hips and bottoms out inside me with his balls hitting mine.

I blurt out, “Oh God …. yesssss! Please fuck me ?”

All of a sudden he slaps one cheek hard while pulling on the chain lightly choking me and says: “Did you forget something….. Pet?!”

“Yes, Sir, I am sorry Sir. Please fuck me Sir?? Make me your pet bitch, Sir?”

“Good Girl! …. and yes you are about to get just that!”

About that time he started slowly sliding in and out of me and within moments had picked up the pace and kept it up just pounding away at me. It seemed like hours of fast and then slow methodical strokes in and out of me before he stopped sounding almost out of breath. About the only thing I could do at this point was to stay where I was and just take everything he could give me, and I did so very willingly. It was then that I felt his cock twitching and dumping his load inside me. All I could do was moan in ecstasy from being so well fucked. As he popped his cock out of me he slide a very large plug into me barely allowing any of his cum to escape.

I then felt him pulling me backwards via my leash. As he plopped backed down onto the couch I was sitting up right on my heels facing away from him. I turned around to see his head tilted backwards and decided that his still almost fully hard cock and damn I needed my mouth on it. About that same time he yanked on the chain causing me to fall forward and impale his cock right into my mouth. Savoring the tastes of his juices and my ass pussy mixing inside my mouth causing me to moan and bob up and down on him again.

I start using my hands jacking him off while sucking at the same time. About this time he starts moaning and groaning again holding my leash tight with one hand and the other gripping tightly into my hair. Increasing my excitement and movements I feel his cock surge deep into my mouth and throat convulsing his cum straight into my stomach.

Once he is finished he lets go of me and I pull my head up gasping for breath smiling up at him the whole time. As he slowly brought his head back forward and looked down at me I winked at him and kissed the air towards him.

He smilingly pats the couch beside him and tells me to “come up on the couch and lay down with your head on my lap looking up at me.” I didn’t even hesitate!

Once I am comfortable laying down he starts caressing my arm, shoulder, chest, neck, ear, pinching my earlobe as well. “You are proving to be as good or a better sex partner than any woman I have ever fucked so far, My Pet. I also think you might a few porn stars to shame.”

“Thank you Sir. I am really enjoying tonight with you Sir.”

“Oh, but with what I have planned for you this weekend…. so far this is only the beginning for you, My Pet.”

“If this is just the beginning and the rest of the weekend involves you and your incredible cock … you might have to pay me to leave.” I said half laughing and half serious.

“Well, you are actually the first man I have ever had sex with and I will still have women partners. That means, no, you won’t stay here full time.”

“I was only half serious because this is private between us and I have no intentions of making it public to friends and family so I guarantee I would not do that to you or anybody. Sir.”

“Good we agree. Now, since it is only midnight why don’t we grab our drinks, bongs and go skinny dip. It should still be quite nice out since it is Labor day weekend.”

“Okay, that sounds fun.”

With that he slapped my ass hard. “You forgot the “sir” for the first time, Pet.”

“Sorry Sir.”

“The water will cool the sting some.” He said standing up and grabbing his things for the pool.

We got out to the pool sat our stuff down at the edge and got in the water. The water was still somewhere around 90, as today was umpteenth day of 110 temps in a row. I love living in the desert! I stayed at the edge enjoying my drink and lighting up a fresh bowl. I am facing out of the pool when Daniel swims up behind me and starts pushing and pulling the butt plug I almost forgot I had in me, working it against my prostate wickedly.

After he kisses my neck a couple of times he whispers in my ear: “This is the largest plug I could find in any store today. I didn’t think you would be able to take it until you really got into my fisting you. It is 3 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches inside you in a bomb shape so it stays in good and is comfortable.”

“And Pet are you comfortable with it right now?” he asked as I start moaning and pushing back at him.

“Sir, I was until he started fucking my ass again, with it. Now I am extremely enjoying it. Sir”

He moved directly behind and started slowly working it out of me pushing my head onto the pool deck. As he got it out full the last time I felt him slip his hard again cock right up into me not letting anything escape. I was well lubed from his earlier load that had still been in me allowing him to go balls deep with more ease and did he ever! He went right into full on jack hammer mode finishing his cock abuse of my hole, that was not so tight anymore.

I was moaning almost incoherently by the time he pushed fully into breeding deeply within my pussy once again. I nearly collapsed back into the water if not for Daniel holding me from doing so and pushing the bomb plug back into place so the pool stayed clean and I stayed feeling properly fucking bred.

He stood in the pool beside me with an arm wrapped around my side holding me to him and said: “That was the fifth load you got from me tonight because I came twice while fucking your pussy, Pet. That is also a record for me… many many times women have gotten me to cum 4 times in six hours but you got me 5 times and we can possibly eke out a sixth time before i let you fall asleep.”

“That would be a perfect ending for tonight if you did fuck me again, Sir.”

“Good. What do you say that we grab our stuff, go inside, I will make us fresh drinks, and you get the shower going in my bedroom and I join you in a few minutes?”

“Sounds like a plan to me, Sir” and I leaned over to kiss him, which he returned with gusto.

He pinches my ass telling me to get inside!

As we go inside I follow him closely, enjoying the view of his ass in the moonlight leading me inside by my leash. Once we are inside me hands the leash end to me, taking my things from me he tells me to go ahead and go to the shower.

I get to the shower, which is large and definitely designed with a purpose in mind. There is a bench along one wall at the right height for sex as well multiple body water sprays and a personal shower head on a long hose. The water heated up quick and I stepped in under the spray rinsing off and just letting the jets ease any tenseness from my muscles waiting for Daniel to join. Luckily, I didn’t have long to wait as I felt him step up in front of me with his chest not more than an inch or two from mine. As I open my eyes, I see him smiling just before he leans forward and places his lips on mine.

Once we start kissing all I can think is that this man puts me at ease and arouses me more than anyone ever has, before I completely got lost in our embrace. I slowly notice his hands sliding up and down my back holding me to him. One of his hands is holding me to him while the other grabs the base of the plug in my ass and starts twirling it and moving it in and out some causing me to moan into our kiss. As he moves the plug he mimics the movements with his tongue twirling and pumping it in and around my mouth driving my arousal even more.

I come to notice that while all this is going on he has his hard cock between my thighs and he is rocking back and forth so I squeeze my thighs together making him moan now. He breaks off our kiss and Grabbing the plug base more firmly he turns me around to face the wall and with one hand bends me at the waist. I reach out to grab the wall and find he has a grab bar in place for presumably just this reason.

I feel the plug slip out of me causing an empty feeling inside me and I could feel his previous loads starting to dribble out. Before much runs out he slides right back into me with an easy going pace I am now being fucked once more. I had to grip the bar to keep him from banging my head into the wall as he settles into pumping his cock in and out of me. After a little bit I was almost delirious from his seemingly limitless stamina.

He slowed down his movements and then all of a sudden pulls me tight against him and I feel his cock start pumping a fresh new load deep into me making me smile from ear to ear. As he pulls back out he tells me to “stay right like that so he can clean me out”. I feel him slide a tube/hose inside my hole and saw him reach over and change the valve diverter position as warm water starts gushing into me rinsing out my well used ass pussy. Looking down I see the water falling out of me starts running clear and feel the tube being removed.

“Now, My Pet, you are to kneel facing me and let your body empty back out.” Once I do so he grabs his slowly softening cock and pushes it in between my lips which i greedily start sucking and licking clean as I finally notice that it keeps softening instead of getting hard again. A few minutes later he grabs my shoulders pulling me back to my feet and we start soaping each other clean.

We finish up in the shower, turning the water off as we step out and grab towels to dry off. I take the towel I am holding and start drying him off before he can start. This elicits a “Thank you Pet.” from Daniel.

“My pleasure Sir!” I say while finishing him dry before taking the other towel and start drying myself off.

I hung up the towels and followed him into the bedroom. As we got to the bed he told me which side was mine and we crawled in under the blankets. He switched the lights off and crawled in behind me spooning me from behind nestling his soft cock into the crack of my ass. He kissed my shoulder and told me to get some sleep as tomorrow holds even more in store for you to enjoy.

With that I fell asleep smiling in wonder what the next couple of days held in store for me.

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