Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

Happily Tricked

I was in between my summer college classes when I got a text from my girlfriend, Felicia, that read “Can you come see me?” Me: When? Felicia: Now Me: Everything OK? Felicia: Yeah.. I want you! Me and Felicia have been dating for a year. I was a senior in […]

On the train

This is a story with a disturbing theme so if this is not for you then dont read this. All characters are over 18. recommend for adults only. Enjoy It was late. Just managed to get on the last train home, and the train was packed. As I walked down […]

The new neighbors

Well I had new neighbors move in the house next to mine. They were older married couple in there 60’s. Well I was very open to them about when we met. After a couple of weeks they had got moved in completely and settled. John came over almost every day […]

Alex’s Vacation

13 year old Alex goes on a family vacation with her mother. Well traveling things quickly end up going wrong. This is just part one so read through This is a work of fiction and I do not condone any actions committed in this story. Enjoy! Alex sat slouched in […]