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15 year old confusion

teen girl: 5’2 36d breasts, fantasies: gangrape/rape/somno/incest hi my name is lexi, i’m 15 years old. i love attention of old perverted men. what i love most is how they can overpower me so easily. i just want them to rape me. whenever i’m out in public i try to […]

Uncle Dak

I was 10 when my Aunt married my Uncle Daksh. We called him Dak. He was from India. I knew him since I was 6 when they started dating. My dad died the year before and I saw him as a second father. My Aunt couldn’t have kids, so they […]

My dad have sexsomnia

A story with roots in reality, written from the perspective of the instigator (victim) My mom and dad have been married long before I was born. I had a lovely childhood with my big brother, daddy, and mommy. An overall average family with no needs or wants. The most weird […]