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My Brother ( Part one )

an encounter with my feminine younger brother I’m 15 years old and i have a younger brother who’s 14. My brother, connor, was always small. Throughout primary school he’d always get teased for looking like a girl and i’ll admit, the comments were pretty accurate. It’s not like he has […]

Ana Adventures-4

Another request from Ana. Her friends and family names have been replaced with emojis. We stretch a friend of hers. Ana brought me another one the next day. We’ll call her Blue. Cute thing with perky tits but kind of shy. I’ll fix that soon enough. I pulled her in […]

Ana Adventures-7

Ana brings a friend to game day at my place. Fantasy request by a Chinese girl I met online. Ana sure loves seeing nasty things done to people she knows. She brought another girl over, this time a miss Orange. A skinny little thing but obviously willing and submissive. I […]