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The play date

My young daughter had a best friend who was black. She and her mom came over so the children could play. We also played. Fiction, MF, Intr, oral. My 3 year old daughter, Donna has been going to pre-school for a little over a year and she really looks forward […]

Behind the Mirror

I’m Sam. I am a mum of one daughter Kayla whom we both live together. Both me and my daughter are nymphomaniacs, Kayla was diagnosed of it when she became a teenager same time as me. She is now 20 years old and finds it extremely hard to control her […]

On the Prowl (Cont 1)

Continueing adventures with Mark and Maureen All of a sudden Maureen shouts Eureka!!! “We should have a dog! a big dog!” “and a nice married couple! Not at the same time of course that would be greedy! So time was spent argueing and planning, and it was agreed that I […]