Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

Beach Vacation 1

After her divorce, Jen needs a vacation and David lives at the beach. Her vacation quickly heats up as she learns to enjoy showing off her body. Jenn had just started her trip for a weekend at the beach. As she cruised down the interstate, she called me to confirm […]

Sharing Donna

This is about the first time sharing my wife. Please comment so that I can improve my writing. All this happened a long time ago when we were young, dumb and thought we were indestructible. It started like many another Saturday night. Donna and I were kicked back on the […]

Bad Seed 12

Brothers are as pain Wren looked at Rena, this was really turning out to be a surprising day. She started to run checks over the system, seeing that the trans-warp system was repaired. She then noticed that Rena was doing far better than she had. “Trigon, I need a detailed […]