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Step Daughter #4 – Part 3 (Tropical Resort Adventure)

Same Step Daughter as in previous stories, continued adventure.
We had decided to do a family trip to a warm tropical destination, so we picked the Dominican republic. We were using travel vouchers, so the easiest way to travel was I was going to head first with the oldest stepdaughter and her daughter that was five years old and three days later, my wife will travel with the stepdaughter’s husband, who had work obligations. The general travel to the Dominican was pretty easy and we arrived at the hotel at about 7pm.

The stepdaughter I was travelling with was 32 years old, and her room was about 10 doors down from my suite and she was putting down the kid for 9 o’clock and then she was going to come for drinks to my room as she had a monitor on her Samsung phone and being 10 rooms down she could easily go check on the kid if needed.

She arrived to my room at about 10 o’clock with a knock at the door. She was wearing a short gray T-shirt as a dress. She looked amazing but of course this was a stepdaughter, adult or not, and she was already pretty lit from the welcome drinks and I had open a bottle of wine for her. She straight away wanted a couple shots of tequila and I knew she was into doing a drinking shift which would be my first time with her and very exciting.

I’ve done this with my wife before, and I had the idea of spiking her drink with a couple of Ativan and an Ambien kills the memory and almost hypnotic to do whatever the hell you want them to.

The kid stirred so she had to go and deal with that which was my opportunity to go to my suitcase and get some of my cocktail. I already had them broken down into simple Advil capsules, so I could just dump and stir, so I grabbed her tequila knowing that I myself don’t drink tequila and I put two Ambien in each with two Ativan in each they were already ground up.

I mixed and shook them and simply waited. She returned to the room, got into her wine, and after about two glasses of wine was buzzed enough and pounded back both shots of tequila.

She was on the couch and after 15 minutes, her head nodding and her words were slurring. As I looked at her when I walked by I noticed that her short gray T-shirt dress only had a pair of thong panties underneath, and after about 15 minutes , as I was hanging up my clothes, I went back out to the living room and she was completely out.

I took some photos of her in the most sexiest of poses.

I went over to her and shook her and called her name to no avail so I sat down beside her, and I opened up her legs as far as they would go, taking a look at this beautiful, tanned goddess in front of me, and completely out , I started caressing her legs and letting my finger slowly stroke the trim of her thong.

I continued this, slipping a finger underneath the hem and slowly finger fucking her. She was soaked and because I knew she had so much of my cocktail in her system, I knew that she would not be stirring, so I opened up her mouth with my hands and start kissing her while finger fucking her.

I stood up and I remove my shorts, leaned up on the couch, and I put my cock directly in her mouth that I had opened and grabbed her hair from behind, and I started pulling her head towards my pubic area while forcibly fucking her throat , I knew I was going to be fucking this little bitches ass tonight and I did not care about anything. After about five minutes of face fucking her I got off the couch and I slipped her panties off pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, put her feet over my shoulders, and I started to fuck her sweet, wet pussy. It felt fantastic and she was completely not responsive. I pounded away like this for about 10 minutes and I wanted something tighter and more abrasive so I pulled out my soaked cock out of her pussy and I put it at the tip of her anus, and slowly push myself into her drug-induced ass. It was tight and amazing as I fucked her watching her tits bounce through her T-shirt dress, and her face motionless, eyes closed head to the side cause she was in my drug coma.

I was getting close to orgasm at this point and I didn’t really care, so I exploded my nut in her ass , I let myself get a bit soft before pulling out and I cleaned her up. Waited for about 10 minutes and went to clean up the additional draining of my cum out of her ass.

I put her back together as to make sure there was no sweaty evidence of what I had just done to her, and then I left the couch area finished putting away my clothes and luggage to return and sit on the chair across from where she was sleeping.

I had a beer and I gazed upon her perfect legs T-shirt riding up to her waist. Panties expose legs apart, and I want to just fuck her again, so I went over this time leaving the panties on. I just push them off to the side, guided my rock hard cock inside her still wet pussy and I fucked her hard again this way I continued fucking her then I decided to turn her around on all fours knees on the ground, bent over on this couch, and I fucked her doggy style this way until I was ready to come , I pulled out and I shot my load on the floor. I leaned over and I tongue fucked her ass again then cleaned everything up. I needed somehow to get her to her room so that she would wake up in her own bed.

It was important she awake in her own room and she was dead weight, so I put her on the office wheely chair, opened the door and took her to her room. Used her key to open the door, quietly put her in her bed, not waking the kid, and returned to my room.

I was curious how the morning would go as I was to be there at 9am for breakfast before hitting the pool.

At 9AM, I went over, and she opened the door and the kid was watching TV, and she was in a great mood. She apologized for being super drunk, and I said it was ok and that she was loud when she walked to her room last night (testing the response) and she said ya I know. She then said that the hotel has a night club and maybe we should go there tonight as she could monitor the kid via the Samsung. I told her it was a dress up kind of place and she said she was excited about trying out a new dress she got.

So we made the plan to meet in my room at 9pm, and hit the hotel club for a bit. We spent the day at the pool, did a nice dinner together where she polished off several tequila and a bottle of wine, and returned to our individual rooms at 7pm. I had a couple of beers and by 9pm, she arrived at my room, dressed in a very short black dress, low cut on the top showing off her breasts, and high heels.

She looked absolutely amazing. I had already set up two tequilas but changed the cocktail to 3 Ambien and 1 Ativan. This was more of an inducer to hypnotic state while killing all memory, so I was going to test different waters tonight.

She had a glass of wine, and pounded both shots and told me to lets go. She grabbed my arm in a fun way and we left to go down stairs. I got a VIP table for the club, by the dance floor with a bottle of Champagne, and we sat in the booth had a glass and people watched. I gave it about 30 min before I tested the waters on this next level by putting my hand on her leg while we talked. No response, no pulling away and so I started to stroke her leg riding up under her dress, almost to her panty line, and instead of expecting hesitance or resistance, she opened her legs as I ran up and started playing with her pussy through her thong. I knew she was in her drug state because she was slurring, relaxed and very horny, leaning into me and putting her hand atop my hand which was exploring her. She leaned into my neck, and I knew this was going to be a fun night.

After we finished the champagne, I suggested we have a drink in the room and get ready for the pool the next day. She grabbed my arm and we returned to my room. Once in the door, we went to the couch and I put music on and she wanted another glass of wine. She was so fucked her head was bobbing. I told her to go lay on the bed and put tv on, while I used the bathroom, and she did. When I got back to the bedroom, she was propped up leaning against the pillows on the headboard, head to the side, legs apart, exposing through her black dress her pink thong, still high heels on. I sat next to her, leaned over and started kissing her while stroking her legs, up to full fingering her. She sloppily kissed me back, and I knew I was going to fuck her drugged but conscious self. I leaned up and took my pants off, telling her to suck me, as she took me in her mouth stoking my cock with her hands.

I pulled away and crawled down to the foot of the bed, laying down between her legs, I pulled her panties off, and face fucked her wet perfect pussy. I fingered her ass at the same time, and explored her legs and breasts and she pulled my head into her inner thighs. She came so many times, and I was ready to fuck her. I crawled on missionary, legs over my shoulders, fucking her and kissing her as she grabbed on to me. I was fucking the step daughter hard, with passion, and she was responding with hunger.

I told her to turn around on all fours, as I slid my wet pussy juice covered cock to the tip of her ass. She protested she never done that before (not knowing I fucked it so hard the night before), and I slowly let her body naturally suck me in. She forced herself against me, shoving full force the rest of my cock into her ass. She came and spasmed and kept cumming. I held onto her and fucked with vigor, as I pent up and exploded my cum deep into her ass.

I pulled out, cleaned up, and she lay on the bed, eyes closed with a smile. I walked her back to her room, and helped her into bed, quietly, and again, planned for the 9am to see the next day.

I got there about 9:20am, and she opened the door with a big smile, the kid watching tv ready for the pool. I asked her how she was feeling, and she said about how drunk she got, and remembered the club and intense dreams, and again I said I had to walk her to her room after the club and she was apologetic for being so drunk. She had zero recollection under the hypnotics, about the sex. It was good to validate the storyline so if she did have flashbacks it would be tied to her weird dreams, not the fact I drug fucked her two nights in a row.

She said the club was a blast and wanted to go back that night. This was my last night without the spouses, so I really wanted to make it memorable. I had to really think how can I make this as wild as possible, and I came up with the idea of trolling the resort for a couple of guys to add to this scenario. I had done this so many times with my wife, and the idea of using the step daughter as a complete whore, excited me further. The near impossibility here is that most resorts in the tropics are couples or families, not a lot of ‘guys’ ready to go unless you pick a swinger resort.

Anyhow, I left her at the pool with the kid and went for a walk for a couple hours. About lunch time, I went to the sports bar, sat at the bar and started chatting up with 2 guys at the bar. I overheard this was their last day at the resort, leaving at 1am for a red eye home. They were there for a week with a buddy for a stag, and this seemed like a good fit. They chatted the same thing I thought, no singles to find at resorts like this. Both guys were massive, like 6’4” and in very good shape, one was black and one was from Amsterdam. Both good looking. I told them a scenario, and then told them my plan. I said I am down here with Step Daughter, 32 and her 5 year old, and my Ativan/Ambien cocktail makes her completely available with no memory. I said I wanted to have them meet me at the club earlier tonight, and we would go to the room with her and fuck her three ways. They were blown away by the idea, and I showed them her pictures I took the first night. I said condoms a must, no marks, no photos, and to be ready to leave the club early so we could have more room time, before they left.

I returned to the pool spent the rest of the day there while she enjoyed margharitas and other drinks. We did a quick supper and her routine of putting the kid down, and being at my room was in play. I had two shots of tequila loaded with the Ativan/Ambien cocktails, and I also loaded her glass of wine with the same.

She arrived at 8:45 wearing the shortest denim mini skirt, white heels, and a low cut white blouse. Her tanned body, she was so fucking gorgeous. I was horny looking at her. We went down to the club, to our VIP table and it was not 10 minutes later the 2 guys came by said hi. I asked her if they could join us as I met them in the gym etc…. and she said of course. She went to the bathroom, and when she returned I could tell her walk was already fucked. I got out to let her in the booth and as she passed by I put my hand up her skirt and squeezed her pussy. No blow back and I knew she was going to be all of our slut tonight.

Each of the guys sat on either side of her, and She was nodding a bit, so I told her I wanted them to feel her legs, and to open up, and she did. They obviously started exploring her under the table because she lay her head back, saying oh my god. I looked under the table and saw a finger of both them working her pussy. It was time to get this to the room.

I said we should all go for a drink to the room, and she got up, grabbed my arm and we went up to the room. She leaned into me and I said to her I want to see her get mega fucked tonight and if she was ok with that, and she said fuck ya.

We got back to the room. I put some music on real quick and I had her sit on the couch. She had a glass of wine. The boys grabbed a beer sat on either side. We’re on the couch and I told them it was time to start this fun without any hesitation whatsoever they turned around both a hand up her skirt again as they groped and fingered her. They removed her top and started sucking on her breasts.

I sat in my chair, and I was watching this these two Titans, groping, kissing and fingering the stepdaughter.

I told the black guy to stand up take a shorts off and pull his cock out and I told her I wanted her to suck it, he pulled the most massive cock I’ve ever seen out 11 inches spring forth, rockhard and veiny, and she immediately grabbed it with her hand the girth not even making her fingers able to touch she put it in her mouth and started sucking on this thing, the other fellow, I told him he needs to stand up and do the same, and he sprang forth almost as large a cock. Right now she was in the middle, sitting on the couch with a combined 20 some inches of cock in each hand swapping them in and out of her mouth, I kneeled down between them on the floor, and I started sucking on her pussy and fingering her. This was one of the most erotic sexual experiences I have ever had. but I’ve had this many times with my wife so I don’t know what made this so hot probably because it was forbidden and wrong and she would really never know. After about 10 minutes of the cock swapping and orgasms from my tongue the big black guy bent her over the edge of the couch, and he started fucking her with vigour . The other fellow lay on the couch and put his cock in her mouth and I went to the side, grabbing her breasts and sticking my finger in her ass.

We continued this way for some time just swapping our positions in our rules and I eventually said it’s time to go take this to the bed. I had the black guy lay down on the bed, I had her ride him as he slid his 11 inches inside her wet willing pussy.

I told the other fellow to go behind, and I wanted to put him in her ass. She was so high and so out of it you could do anything she was so relaxed.

After about five minutes, both of these monster cocks were fully impaled inside my stepdaughter her 32 year old body took this abuse like a champion. Their magnum covered cocks pounding into her was a beautiful sight to see as I stood in front of her, shoving my cock in her throat, watching the abuse. It wasn’t long before everybody was ready to come and I instructed her to sit at the edge of the bed and each person was to unload in her mouth. She started with the black guy, and after about two minutes of him stroking and her helping he dumped a gallon of his cum into her mouth straight into her throat, as he pulled out you could hear her choke and gag. It was awesome. She swallowed because she was clean for the next.

The white guy stood up and shoved his monster 10 inch cock into her mouth and it took about a minute for him to work his load down her throat. I stepped up and I put my 7 inch cock in her mouth and it took me about three minutes. I pulled out, and I rub my load all over her face , the boys left and I cleaned her up got her back on the couch.

Panties back on, her denim skirt on, her top back on, her heels back on, and she lay back having a glass of wine and another tequila. Almost to the point of passing out after about 30 minutes of sort of talking, she was on the complete nod and I decided I should have her one more time before the spouses arrive.

I guided her up to the edge of the bed at the foot and I’ve been her over it facedown I could see her denim skirt riding right up to her ass and her white panties , I just stroke my cock got my self hard spit on her ass, and I entered her with ease as I fucked her ass again she moaned and came and moaned and came and I pounded away for about 10 minutes before exploding in her ass one last time.

She cleaned up and I got her back to her room into her bed without waking up the kid. I was still horny but sore from all the fucking and I ended up rubbing another one out before going to sleep at 9 AM.

I went back to the room with a routine breakfast, knowing that the spouses were coming tonight at 5 o’clock she was cheerful and bubbly acknowledge that she can’t drink as much as she has been while they’re here and said how much fun she had with me she had no clue so I lead the conversation that I had some weird dreams last night, and I too must’ve drank too much.

She said what did you dream about and I said sexually inappropriate dreams with people that I shouldn’t have sex with, and she said Me Too!

I said we’ll leave our stories and dreams to ourselves and our drinking to ourselves and we were ready to do another day at the pool and await our spouses.

Every time I look at her now I can only think about how many times I was in her ass and how many times I had these two strangers fucking her over the course of an evening , there was nothing I didn’t do to her and it made me extremely excited every time I think about it. I cant wait to do this again.

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