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Going on vacation with mom part 3

Getting back at mom has her very pissed off with me but I don’t care

I was really upset with mom for screwing around on dad and with a small group of men at the same time, so I got back at her by having sex with a pair of teenagers.
I stood ten feet from the bed she was still in after screwing a group of men most of the night and making me wait outside the room in the hallway hearing her screams and yells. Now here she is screaming at me thinking I was raped then from the smile on my face knowing I wasn’t raped but I had been fucked completely. I was hoping it showed her just what it like to see me with whose guys stuff running down my legs like I saw on her. I hoped it hurt her the way it hurt me, but she just started calling me names like slut and whore. Hell if I was a slut and a whore then what the fuck was she then, a fucking NUN. I don’t think so.
After what seemed to be a hour of screaming she got up still fucking naked , grabbed my arm and forced me into the shower which she turned on full blast on cold only. Now we both were screaming at each other. I won’t go into all that was said but it wasn’t a fight a normal mother, daughter would have I can tell you that much.
For 3 days mom wouldn’t leave the room and she made me stay in the room with her. Room service only, no maids for clean sheets or towels. On the second day we ran out of toilet paper and mom said to just wash myself in the shower or sink.
She was wanting to see Jack I could tell by the way she couldn’t keep her hands off herself and on our 5th day of being at the resort she said ” I’m going to town today and YOU are staying in this room BY yourself! I’m I making myself clear? Your not going to leave this room until we are packed to go home. I can’t believe what a little bitch you turned out to be, I’m ashamed to call you my daughter. Your dad will be very upset with what you did I can tell you that!”
Dad was going to be upset with what I did, Well I don’t think he knows just what mom has been doing down here but he will and I bet mom will be looking for a new sugar daddy won’t she when I’m done.
After mom left telling at least 20 times that I wasn’t to leave the room, I started checking the room for the phone number I seen mom trying to hide from me. I found it in her suitcase and give it a call. A male voice answered saying “Helen I was wondering what happened to you. We did really give you one hell of a ride didn’t we but we didn’t hurt you I hope?”
I corrected him by saying “This isn’t Helen, Helen is my mom but she went into town for the day and she said that you would like to try me out. I know from what I heard the other night I think I could learn a lot from you Jack.”
Jack came back with “Didn’t your mom say that your not ready just yet, or did I misunderstand what she was saying?”
I said “Listen Jack I’m here in your room all by myself, wanting you to make me feel what mom felt a few days ago. So if you don’t want too, then I’m sure I can find someone who will.”
After maybe half a minute Jack said “Give me 15 minutes and I will be there, ok?”
I replied “Sure that will be ok, I will leave the door unlocked so just walk in. I think I will be in the bath cause I want to be clean for you.” All I heard was a groan and then a click as he hung up the phone.
I had just began to relax in a nice warm bath, when I heard the door close with Jack looking around the door jam. I said “Do you want to join me or should I join you?” Jack didn’t say a word just undressed, not that he was wearing much and walked towards me. I guess my eyes must of been popping out of my head cause Jack took a hold of what has to be the largest penis in the whole world.
He smiled and said ” So you think your ready for this, Well I guess we will see. Your mom always has problem at first but she opens up and takes it all and loves it in every opening.” Well I wasn’t so sure that it would fit in any of my openings. I mean if it went down my throat it wouldn’t stop until it bottomed out in my belly and if he pushed his thing in me down there it wouldn’t stop until it was in my throat from wrong direction.
He washed my whole body making me feel like I was the only thing important to him and my whole body was responding to his touch. He picked me up out of the bath and after drying me he carried me to mom’s bed. He kissed me with a lot of passion and I allowed every inch of his tongue in my mouth. He took his time and by the time he got to my nipples they were hard little bullets for him to pleasure the both of us with. He made my day by said how he loves firm tiny tits like mine. I was becoming jell-o in his arms. It had to have been a good half hour before he got to where I seen him with mom on the beach that first day. The things he did between my thighs was total magic. He had me seeing the whole 4th of July in my head without anything inside of me. He said “Dam girl, I didn’t think someone your age could squirt, but you almost drowned me with all that cum you were squirting in my mouth. But girl you are the most sweetest girl I have ever tasted.” I felt so proud that he liked what was coming out of me. He moved up saying ” Don’t worried I will go slow with you little one, but when I’m done I’m sure you will be in love with me just like your mom is.”
It was to bad that he had to remind me of my mother cause all I wanted to think about was what was about to happen. He rubbed his huge thing against me then pushed what felt like his whole hand inside of me. He is just so big around that I didn’t know if I could open up that wide. He is a man of his word cause he took his time and after he had over half of his thing inside of me he started making love to me. What I did the other day was fucking, but this had to be making love cause I felt so loved by him and his body. He had me in much a high on his love making I didn’t think I could ever come down, it was just I guess what they call a orgasm but it never stopped, it was like the waves of the ocean. He finally said “I’m about to cum little one, I’m going to fill you like you have never been filled before.”
When he came I felt it hitting my insides making me cum with him that much harder if that was even possible. His stuff was spraying out from around his thing and down my thighs.
Once he was done that’s when I realized that he had all of his monster size thing all the way inside of me. He put a arm under me rolling both of us over so I was on top of him. I then fell asleep with him still inside of me.
When I woke up he was on his side rubbing me between my legs then up to my still hard nipples and back again. I looked at him and slipped down in the bed taking his half hard thing in my mouth. I wanted to make him feel what I had ben feeling from him. When he hit the back of my mouth I swallowed like I had learned. It took me a lot of tries but I was able to get his thing into my throat. I heard him say ” Oh fuck little one, your mother can’t even do that.” Once again I was so proud that I could do something that bitch of a mother couldn’t do as I pushed even more of him down my throat.
I pulled him out of my mouth saying “Please put it back in me again Jack, I want all of you inside of me.”
He rolled on his back and lifted me above him saying “Ok little one, You take as much as you want sweetheart.” He called me sweetheart, I think he’s falling in love with me. I placed the end of his thing against my leaking hole and pushed down. I felt so full, so complete as I lifted myself and slid back down his wonderful hard thing. I had just began to squirt on him again when I heard from the doorway

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