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Train my little sister part 4

We ended up going to the car wash and cleaning the car. After that, we went straight home.

“Remember the house rules?” I asked looking at faith

“Yup!” She replied as she immediately started taking off her clothes.

We both got undressed, and I was overjoyed that I had trained her little mind to get naked and stay naked at my house.

After a few minutes, she was fast asleep in “our” bedroom. Her sexy body was all laid out before me. Sadly, at this point, I had some work to do and it was getting late. So I jumped on my laptop to do some work. I sent some emails and checked the stock market. After that, I figured I would jump on over to the websites of some preteen porn stories. I know most of them are fictional, but I wanted to see if I came across any fun ideas or new training methods.

After about an hour, I had tons of new ideas. But I came across one with a story of a man drugging his sister. It had the name of the drug, so I reached out to a friend of mine (whose name I can’t say, so let’s call him Willy).

I texted and asked him if he could get me some of these drugs. He was hesitant at first, but I offered a large sum of money. He agreed, and I paid extra for him to run some by. About an hour passed, and he left them at my door in a box so as not to be suspicious. Now, I knew I couldn’t do like the story and just drug and fuck her, and no one ever figured it out. I wanted to keep her mind in a drugged, foggy state. More of a brainwashing state. My plan as of right now is to drug her and keep her drugged and intoxicated for a while, and when I stop, whatever I did to her would at that point feel normal. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

I went and got the drugs and put them under my bed for easy access. Then I took one of the shots and made sure Faith was sound asleep. I shook her gently, and she just moved around a little before going back to a soundless sleep. I froze in shock. Sticking out of her 10-year-old pussy was the lush. She fell asleep with it in! Oh, what a beautiful site it was. I took her left arm, being careful not to move too fast, and injected the drug. I then turned her lush on low and went to sleep. I was exhausted and tried myself, but even being horny, I couldn’t stay awake.

At about 1 a.m. in the morning, Faith woke me up when she was getting up.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked as I sat up.

“Yeah, I need to go pee really bad though.”

“Oh okay”

“Can you come with me?” “It’s dark,” she said, looking over at me with her blue eyes.

It was working. I could see the fog in her eyes, like when you’re high. I smiled very broadly and was pleased.

We got up and went to the bathroom, where she sat down on the toilet.

“I feel weird; I feel like I’m in a cloud,” she said as she laid her back on the toilet lid, sliding it down a little.

“I will look into love; just relax and pee,” I told her as I pushed the button on the lush to turn up the speed.

She opened her legs wide, looking straight at it, and giggled.

“I have to pee, but I’m not peeing,” she giggled at her drowsiness.

“Hey, I know a trick that will help; just rub your pussy like this,” I said, as I ran a finger up and down her pussy.

She smiled and giggled, and then she started to do it. I started to rub my cock right next to her face, which I was turned on by this whole situation.

“Oohhhh,” she moaned, her legs starting to shake as she continued gaining speed.

I put my hand on her little nips and started playing with them. As I did, her body started to jump everyone a few seconds, and we both continued.

She twisted her body here and there, then laid back her head. When she did, I leaned down and started making out with her, giving her plenty of tongue in the process. She started to bend her back as usual, which, as I learned, means she is about to cum. I stopped rubbing her nips and grabbed the lush. I started slamming in and out very quickly and making it go in and out while slamming the back of her pussy. She grabbed the side of the toilet, moaning and shaking as she orgasmed, squirting everywhere.

“Good girl!” “I love you, especially when you’re a good girl!” I told her to kiss her again.

She sat there just smiling, trying to take everything in with her drugged mind.

“You said you promised to milk my dick, remember? “After you pee.” I told her, moving my dick to her face.

“I did?” She asked, making a face as she tried to recall if she did or not.

” Yup. “You didn’t lie to your brother, did you?” I asked, making a big face.

She just giggled and shook her head, then lazily sat up to give me a hand. She grabbed it with her little hands while her cum was running down her little, toned preteen legs. I grabbed her head, slowly guiding her face to my dick. I popped my dick right in her mouth without any resistance. She giggled again and sucked it without even thinking. The drugs worked better than I thought! So I grabbed her hair with both hands and started to slowly face-fuck her. Her little tongue warped around my cock, hitting every nerve I had. Her little lips felt perfect! Her month was so small that it felt tight but was just right for my dick. I made her go as far as she could without gagging. I wanted to go harder, but right now I wanted to teach her how to give me a blowout. I stood there, enjoying everything. I knew this was dark and twisted. I was ruining her life if anything ever happened to me. That just turned me on. With these drugs, I could do anything, and she would never question it! I started getting close to cumming, so I picked up the speed, loving the sound her throat was making with my dick in it. I busted out and stood there, making her drink it all. I pulled it out, and she gagged a little and then smiled.

“I got your milk,” she said, smiling, with a little cum leaking out of her mouth.

“You did!! That’s my good girl! I said I was kissing her forehead.

“Hey, I’ve got something fun for you! Let’s open it and then go back to bed.

Realizing how much effect the drug I had given her had, I wanted to use these opportunities whenever she was experiencing this fog, where she was quite literally my slave.

I led her to the living room with my hand on the back of her neck. I opened a few bags and pulled out a choke collar and a tail with small anal beads.

“This neckless shows everyone you’re my GF!”

“It looks like it’s for a puppy, though,” she said, squinting at it.

“Well, you can be my sexy girlfriend puppy,” I said, putting it on her and locking it.

“Look, I’ve got a tail for you too!” “You would look beautiful with it on.” I said gently putting in her butt

She was startled and jumped back, standing straight up. God, she was so sexy! I loved her preteen, petite body. Her face glowed bright red as she grabbed the end of it, rubbing it.

“Y-you like it?” “Am I cute?” She asked, hiding her face in her hair. Unsure of what was going on and trying to please the only person who showed her any attention in life,

“I love it and I love you,” I said, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her.

We laid in bed, and sure enough, my sweet sister was fast asleep. I reached over to my phone, realizing the lus was on high still. She must be getting used to it. I changed the settings so it would go up and down so she wouldn’t adjust to it as fast as possible. Then turned on the tail. She rolled around, moaning in her sleep. Very soon, I would put my cock in her. I just needed to tell her Mom and Dad weren’t coming back. That would eliminate anyone in her life with whom she might feel safe other than me. I lay there and enjoyed the sound of my sister moaning and moving around in her sleep, unaware of what was happening to her.


I am going to take a short break from this story to work on another one about raping and turning a daughter into a sex dog. What can you come up with for a story? I’d love to hear about it!

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