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The DJ Catches Her Girl. The Conclusion.

Dawn and Dina get married. Helen appears on the scene.
This is really the story of Helen when Dawn and Dina are to be married.


Helen knew that she loved Dina, it wasn’t a deep heart-wrenching kind of love but nonetheless, it was love. In her heart, she knew that she had loved her since the first two weeks that they had spent together in Portugal. It was her university studies and her athletics that had been important enough to prevent them from ever having got together but she had still sort of felt that it would happen one day.

Then along had come Dawn, she loved Dawn as well but more in a sisterly way. Okay, they had shared Dina’s bed a few times, they had even made love to each other a couple of times but she still thought of her as something between a sister and a best friend.

Now that Dina and Dawn were married though, things were different, at least she felt they were. They would, without doubt, have still welcomed her in their bed but it didn’t any longer feel right to her. They were quite obviously so very deeply in love and she knew she would feel like an intruder.

The wedding had been a remarkable occasion. Nothing was hidden from the fans, all open for the world to see. Their recording company had even liked that they themselves were seen to be totally supportive of the marriage, that they presented an image of being up with the times.

Romero had been the best man and he had been over the moon to have been asked and he had truly risen to the occasion, he’d absolutely loved every minute of it. I, of course, was the maid of honour.

The fans had been fantastic, between us we had wondered if the marriage might upset some of them and it did but it seemed to be a minority. Most were supportive. What did surprise us though, was the obvious lesbian element. Oh, not placard-waving types trying to turn the event into a statement of some sort but genuine country fans who just happened to be lesbian and there were a lot of them.

After the ceremony, I had vaguely been aware of a girl who a number of times seemed to be about to approach me. Each time though, I had been called to attend to something or other and I hadn’t given it further thought.

It was at the reception when I saw her again. Everyone was still on the lawn, the photographer busy organising the various groups to his satisfaction. She was sort of drifting around trying to look inconspicuous.

I tapped her on the shoulder, “Excuse me, should you be here? It is a private function you know.”

She turned to me and blushed furiously, “Yes, I know it is and yes, I am an official guest. Well, sort of anyway.”

I looked closer at her, I didn’t know her but then there were a lot of official guests that I didn’t know, so that didn’t mean much. She was quite pretty but also obviously shy. There was something about her that I liked. “I think you ought to explain what ‘sort of official’ means.”

She looked a bit worried, “I work at their recording company, I’m on their PR team. My boss couldn’t come, so he gave me his invite as he knew I would desperately love to come. I hope that’s all right.”

Now I smiled at her, “Of course it is, it’s fine.” I told her, “I thought you wanted to talk to me earlier but it was a bit hectic for me, was it anything important?”

Now she appeared a little more relaxed, her smile was enchanting. “No not really, it was just that I wondered if it might be possible for you to get them both to autograph their album for me, I didn’t want to trouble them but I felt you might, you being so close to them.”

She took the album ‘Double Dynamite’ from her handbag, then added, “But I wouldn’t want to be a nuisance or anything, Helen.”

So, she did know who I was, I was impressed, “What’s your name, sweetie?”

She blushed again, I supposed it was because I had called her sweetie. “My name is Sylvia.”

I reached and took her hand in mine, “Well, come with me Sylvia, I think I can do better than just get their autograph.”

Dina saw me approaching with Sylvia in tow. “Who’s the pretty girl, Helen? I didn’t know you’d brought a girlfriend with you.”

Now Sylvia went bright red, I could see she didn’t know where to look, the implication of Dina’s question had obviously embarrassed her. But she was a fan and she was now standing in front of her two idols, something she had never expected.

This is Sylvia, she works for you in a roundabout way and she wanted your autographs but she didn’t want to intrude. Oh, and she’s not my girlfriend but it’s a nice thought though.” I gave her hand a gentle squeeze, she glanced at me with a confused look on her face.

Dawn reached and took Sylvia’s hand from mine, “It’s not an intrusion, if Helen thought it was okay then it is, don’t you think so, Dina?”

Dina was smiling. Actually, she hadn’t stopped smiling all day. I doubt that anything could dent her so obvious happiness. “At this very moment, I’m afraid we don’t have a suitable pen to sign that album for you but don’t worry, we’ll have it sorted before we leave. Helen will, I’m quite sure, make certain for you, won’t you love? Just make sure that you stay with her.” She winked at me, it was my turn to blush.

Dawn called the photographer over and very shortly he had a number of pictures of the four of us together, Sylvia between Dawn and Dina and finally just of her and myself. She had put her arm around my waist for that one. When the photographer had gone and the newlyweds went off to mingle, Sylvia suddenly put her lips to my cheek, a quick peck was all it was but it kind of threw me for a second. I was noticing this girl. “Thank you so much, Helen, you can’t imagine how you’ve made my day. How on earth can I repay you?” That’s when I first thought that I might just think of something.

It didn’t take a great deal of difficulty before I had arranged for Sylvia to be sitting next to me. She couldn’t get over the fact that she was now sitting at the head table close to Dawn and Dina. She looked nervous, some people clearly wondering exactly who she was.

I rested my hand on her arm, “Relax, baby, you’re with me. Just enjoy yourself.”

Her hand came and covered mine, “I’m normally very shy Helen but I feel comfortable here with you, safe, you know. Now I don’t feel so shy.” Her hand moved mine to her other hand, her fingers entwined with mine, “Can I hold your hand, please?” Then both hands were resting on her lap. I suddenly had to fight the urge to press down, take it easy, I told myself. I had realised that I didn’t want to risk frightening her away.

Dina never missed a thing, she gave me a nudge, answering my glance with a wink. Her look said everything, “You’ve scored there! She’s nice.”

For the first time, I seriously studied Sylvia. She looked to be maybe nineteen or twenty. Not really beautiful but certainly pretty, although when she smiled, her face really lit up. She appeared to have a nice figure but the suit she wore hid the detail. Her legs were the only showing feature that did stand out, they were quite stunningly shaped.

She shook me from my thoughts, “Well, do I measure up? You’ve given me a good check over.” The forwardness of her own question surprised her, she was blushing deeply again, “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m saying.” Then she was looking down, her shyness back with a bang.

Romero had just finished his speech, I had missed a little but everyone was beaming. Glasses were raised and we drank the toast. I sipped at my glass but I saw Sylvia drain hers in one. Dina rose to speak. I grabbed for Sylvia’s hand and this time pulled it to my lap and held it tight. As discretely as I could, I refilled her glass. “Take your time, sweetheart, there’s a whole evening to go yet.”

Dina’s speech was absolutely wonderful, so filled with love and emotion. I wondered at how she managed not to cry, on the contrary, she was radiant.

The DJ for the evening was himself a very well-known radio personality, tonight he was on top form, he told me that he’d almost forgotten what it was like back in his first mobile days doing weddings and he was having a whale of a time.

Dina leaned towards us, “When Dawn and I have the first dance, will you two be the first to join us, please? We’d like that.”

Sylvia looked flustered, then she whispered, “But I can’t dance with you and not in front of all these people. I’m going to spoil everything now, aren’t I?”

I held both of her hands, “Sylvia look at me, you can dance with me, ask yourself, why not? And besides, I want you to, I want to dance with you. Ignore the people, you don’t even know them, so why should it worry you?”

“But I’ve never danced with a woman, I think I like you but I…” She trailed off, before adding, “I don’t know what to think.”

Dina and Dawn were already on the floor halfway through their chosen song, I saw Dina glance our way, “Sylvia, Dina is calling us, we’re not going to let them down.” I almost pulled her to her feet before taking her in my arms and leading her out.

Dawn, ever the more observant, had read the situation perfectly. She guided Dina and herself to meet us. Her hands came and cupped Sylvia’s face, “For us my little love, for Dina and me, please.” Then she gave her a quick kiss.

Sylvia looked up at me, “Will you lead me?” Then she was back in my arms. Very soon the floor was packed and I could feel her relax into me. I held her tighter with my cheek brushing lightly on hers. She gave a little jump when my lips caressed her ear but I felt her head press to me. I nibbled her earlobe, this time her hands squeezed.

The music was finishing, very slowly she released her grip on me. I let my lips just touch to hers before we parted. Her eyes were staring into mine, a puzzled look on her face. Then Dawn was at our side, “You two make a lovely couple you know. You okay, Sylvia?”

For a moment she hesitated, then she seemed to make her mind up, “Oh, yes, I’m fine, thank you.” She surprised us all by giving first Dawn, then Dina and finally me, a big tight hug.

Dawn looked at Dina, “There you go, I told you so, all one happy family now, welcome to the fold, Sylvia.” She smirked.

Sylvia had changed, now she strode from the floor holding my hand. She continued to grip my hand when we sat. One hand was holding my own, the other traced over mine with her fingers. She was watching her caress with a smile on her face.

She released her grip but not before placing my hand on her thigh, then she reached for our glasses and passed one to me. She raised her glass to me and I followed suit. As we drank I squeezed her leg, she smiled and her free hand reached for the hanging tablecloth, pulling it to cover my hand.

I raised an eyebrow at her, now she grinned. I gripped the skirt of her suit and began to ease it up her legs, Still, she grinned. My fingers found the sheer material covering her legs, I traced them upwards until I came to the top. She was wearing stockings and suspenders. Now I could feel her flesh, hot beneath my touch. Her legs were tight together but when my fingers pushed downwards to go between her thighs, I felt them move apart, easing my way. I could hear her breathing getting a little ragged, her tongue just peeping between her pursed lips.

She gave a noticeable jump when my fingers touched the front of her panties. But her legs opened that bit wider and her hips eased forward on her chair. I pressed into her, feeling her slit through the thin material, then traced downwards to the bottom. As my fingers came back up, I pressed harder, pushing slightly into her lips until I reached the top. Here I rubbed my fingers in a circle, I heard her gasp when I found my target. Her hand came to mine, pressing it to her.

Her face was by now showing her arousal, “Do you think we should go for a walk?” I asked her.

She barely nodded her head, before pulling her skirt back down. I grabbed a bottle of bubbly then pulled her to her feet. “Give Dawn a wave, my love, she’s watching us.”

Shyly again, she looked over at Dawn who, with a big smile, gave her a wink and a wave. For a second, she once again looked flustered but then one arm went around my waist and with the other, she waved back.

We hadn’t got very far outside, just to a sufficiently secluded spot when she stopped me, “I think that I’d like you to kiss me please, Helen.” She added, “I’m not sure about this but you’ve made me want to try.”

I lifted her chin with a finger, my other hand around her waist and brought my lips to hers as gently as I knew how, I kissed her, long and slow, letting her get used to the feel of my lips on hers. Gradually, her hands around my back tightened, then her fingers were gripping me harder.

I let my tongue come out between my lips to stroke along hers. Gently I teased her until her lips began to open. I pushed into her mouth, my tongue met hers, I caressed it and slowly she responded. Then she let go, her tongue pushing to meet me, her lips now crushed harder to mine.

My hand behind her, reached beneath her suit top, exploring the smoothness of her skin. The rate of her breathing was now much more rapid, she was almost gasping for breath. I reached between our bodies, finding the buttons of her top. She didn’t offer a protest as I began to unfasten them. Then my hand reached inside to her breast. She was wearing the flimsiest of bras, the material so thin, it was almost like feeling her bare flesh.

Her nipple was growing, stiffening under the pull of my fingers. She moaned into my mouth, leaning back against the tree behind her. My other hand dropped down her back until I cupped a cheek of her ass. It was quite firm to my feel when I squeezed. Once again there was no protest as I gripped her skirt, pulling it upwards. Now, the back of her panties was under the palm of my hand. I wanted to see her ass but for now, I had to be content with the feel.

I pulled at the waistband, easing it down so my hand was now on her bare cheek. Feeling, squeezing and dipping into the valley between.

Her bra easily pushed up to free her breasts. My mouth dropped to kiss them, first one and then the other, I kissed all over. My lips found a nipple and I sucked it in. Her fingers clutched my hair, I felt her lips kissing the top of my head.

The hand I had at her ass, moved to feel her hip and then her stomach, my fingers dancing on her skin. Then I felt the small patch of hair on her mound. Once more, I pushed down into her panties until I was at her slit. I teased the lips with gentle strokes and now she groaned.

I let my lips and tongue wander down across her stomach. My need became more urgent. I pulled the front of her skirt higher, my knees dropping to the ground, my lips now at the hairs I had felt. I pulled her panties down lower to give my mouth access to her. They fell down to her ankles.

I breathed in her scent, it was everything I had hoped for. A glorious musky aroma coming from within. My fingers parted her lips, holding them wide as my tongue sought her. Her hips came to meet my touch, her pussy pressing to my probing tongue. Now I knew that she was wet, her juices were running from the need within her.

She gave a squeal that was suddenly stifled, I sensed rather than saw, she had raised a hand to her mouth to quieten her noise. My tongue had found the bump of her clit. Gently I sucked her, then teased with my tongue. My fingers at the same time easing up and into her warmth, where I probed and caressed.

I felt her legs trembling, her fingers entwined in my hair were pulling me harder to her. Then I felt her convulse and she began to shake. I worked my fingers and tongue faster. A long moan escaped her mouth, then she called my name, “Helen.” She shook more violently, “Helen, Oh, God!”

For a moment, she was tensed, her heels raised up, her body now quite still, Then she relaxed and her hands tried to pull me up. When I got to my feet, she fell into my arms, hugging me tight to her, her head resting on my shoulder. I kissed her forehead as slowly her breathing settled.

It was Dawn’s voice that broke our embrace, “Sylvia, your panties are on the ground,” she giggled when she reached us, “you must have been having fun.”

Sylvia looked embarrassed but Dawn reached to embrace us both, then kissed Sylvia on the cheek, “Don’t be shy, love, not amongst us, Helen’s looked after both Dina and me before, we’ve been special friends for a long time.” Then she kissed me also.

It was then that Dina arrived, “Here you all are. Sylvia, did you know that your panties are on the ground? What’s Helen been up to?” Dina, Dawn and I burst out laughing, then Sylvia joined in.

I reached down and lifted Sylvia’s feet out of her panties and stuffed them in my pocket, “I don’t think you need those anymore.” Then I opened the bottle of champagne, before passing it to Sylvia first. We all had a drink.

Dawn then said, “I wasn’t snooping you know but I saw enough to know you both enjoyed that and you know what? It’s made me so very horny!

It didn’t shock me, I knew them too well but it certainly shocked Sylvia, when Dawn pulled Dina towards her, “Come on Dina, it’s time you did your duty to your wife,” she looked at Sylvia, “maybe you should do the same for Helen, there’s a good girl.”

Sylvia looked at me, “But in front of…” I put a finger to her lips, silencing her words.

“We’re all family here, my lover, either you’re in or you’re n…” This time it was Sylvia’s finger silencing me. She reached to pull me to her, her lips seeking mine, as her hand went to my breast.

Her head pulled back from the kiss, “You three have corrupted a young girl but you know what? I’ve never felt so happy. I’m not sure what you’ve done to me, Helen, but I love it!”

I smiled at her, “I have a room if you’d prefer some privacy.”

“That’d be nice but later. Will you show me what to do?” She was already undoing my buttons, with one hand reaching inside. She kept on taking sneak peeks at the other two though. It wasn’t as if Dina could unfasten a wedding dress out in the gardens but she could lift the bottom up, baring Dawn’s legs and thighs.

“You’re doing just fine, lover. I don’t think you’ll need me to show you. Now forget those two are here and kiss me again.”

It wasn’t too long before her mouth was exploring my breasts. Then it was the first time that she’d had a nipple between her lips since she was a baby. I would never have known though, her sucking and nibbling were quickly driving me crazy. Her other hand was hoisting my skirt up to my waist. I felt her tucking it in the top of my panties before her fingers pressed the front of them, feeling the lips of my pussy.

She almost snatched the crotch aside, her fingers instantly pushing inside. It wasn’t very gentle, no caresses first, she just went for it. She had several fingers crammed up me which she then began to wank in and out very fast. She seemed to realise that she had forgotten my clit, I heard an “Ah, yes,” uttered, then her thumb found me. Rubbing a bit too hard but by now, I didn’t care.

It was my turn to have a leg tremble, I could feel the pressure rising. I snatched at her head and pushed it down, for a moment, she resisted, then suddenly her lips replaced her thumb.

It was a tentative touch at first, a little kiss followed by the touch of her tongue. The merest lick, a momentary gap, I knew she was tasting. Now she lunged into me, her lips fully accepting my clit into her mouth. She sucked as hard as she had done to my nipples and I was flying, reaching higher and higher.

It had been more than a while since the last time a girl had fucked me, I was well overdue. The orgasm when it came, even surprised me. I could hardly keep my feet, I trembled so much. Her fingers fucking my cunt were still going like an express train. One orgasm rolled into another, fuck! She’d done well. Me, I was well and truly done!

At last, she stopped, just as I was about to beg her to. I dropped to my knees, my legs had turned to jelly. She was gazing at me with a questioning look on her face. “That, my love, was just completely earth-shattering. It was so very good.”

Now she smiled, then grabbed my face and kissed me, this time a little more tenderly. She looked at me again, “I didn’t know how good you would taste, I was a bit frightened. But now I know and I loved it. I want to taste you again and again. I’ll try and be a bit slower next time though I think.”

We both heard Dawn moaning and were just in time to see her climax. We couldn’t see Dina’s head, as the wedding dress had been lowered again and she was completely hidden inside.

Sylvia turned to me. Then with awe in her voice, “You know what Helen, not only have I got to meet my favourite country singers today but I’ve watched them making love, well sort of anyway. And, on top of that, I’ve been fucked for the first time. I must be in bloody heaven!” Whatever happened to the shy girl I met this morning, I wondered?

Dina brought things back to reality, “I think we should go and freshen up girls, then we need to get back to our guests.”

Dawn had now changed out of her wedding dress. I watched them as she and Dina danced, they looked the happiest I had ever seen them. Sylvia now positively dragged me onto the floor to join them. I like this girl I thought, we go well together, who knows? But I could hope.

Some big shot from the recording company called for quiet. He spoke of Dawn’s early time with them and how they had failed originally in only seeing the solo star. Then how at Wembley they had recognised their mistake. The duo was born, now the biggest act on their books. He also told how the pair had received offers from other companies but how grateful they were that they had decided to stay with them. Finally, how happy they were to be part of today’s joyous celebration of two people’s obvious love.

Dina had earlier said, that no way did they intend singing tonight. The applause they received, I think stunned them. I saw Dina look at Dawn and she simply nodded. The DJ being a clever sod had anticipated just such an event, he had the backing tracks all ready.

They conferred for a little while, ***********ed the songs and the order, then they sang. They sang like two angels, never had I heard them so good. I realised that they were singing to each other, not us. We might as well not have been there. It was just incredibly beautiful.

I glanced at Sylvia as she grabbed my arm, tears were rolling down from her eyes but she was smiling. I put my arm around her shoulder and hugged her as I fought back my own tears.

The recording company bigwig approached Sylvia and I. “Can I have a word for a minute?” He said to her.

Soon, she was back, I could see her bursting to tell me but instead, she asked me to fetch Dawn and Dina. Once we were gathered together, it came bursting out. “You’ve been invited to appear at Alan Jackson’s Good Time Bar in Nashville and, if you accept, I’m to go with you as your PR. You will accept, won’t you? And say that you’ll come as well Helen, you and me together,” then she blushed, “if you want, that is?” At last, she paused for breath, staring intently at them, then me.

Well, Dawn and Dina both being Alan Jackson fans were over the moon, “My God, Dina, Nashville!” They were jumping up and down like little girls.

I was looking at Sylvia though, my heart had skipped a beat. “You just said, you and me together. Did you really mean that the way it sounded?”

Sylvia took my hands, “Yes I did if you want me.”

“Shall we go to my room now, lover?”

The end.

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