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Allison Is Working Overtime

Every character in this story is 18
“Maybe Allison should give everyone blowjobs!”

Allison’s eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. This was the most offensive thing she had ever heard and she wasn’t standing in a bar with drunk perverts; this was the meeting room of a respectable company. She was a talented software engineer, inexperienced sure, but ambitious, which is why she had volunteered to be part of the social committee. Today they were meeting to discuss what they could do for an office of about 70 people for Valentine’s Day.

Allison’s tight jeans unintentional did showcase the bubbliness of her buttocks, and her form-fitting polo shirt betrayed the unusual largeness of her breasts for her short stature. But, as far as she could tell, she had been dressing and acting in a professional manner and that joke felt completely out of place. She was ready to escalate a formal complaint all the way to head office… until everyone laughed. Even the only two other woman in the whole office didn’t share her disgust but joined in the laughter. One of them jokingly wrote that suggestion on the board. Next to “Give chocolates” was “Blowjobs from Allison”, which also found itself in the meeting minutes and it spiraled out of control from there as the site manager approved the idea and Allison’s own manager approved her time off from her current tasks.

This dumb joke wouldn’t die and was ruining her entire reputation. People were thanking her for her initiative in the hallways, and looked at her with creepy smiles. Were they seriously expecting this to happen? What a bunch of sad old perverts, Allison kept thinking as she tried to get her work done.

When February 14 finally arrived, Allison wanted to spend the day at her desk avoiding any human interaction. Everyone in the office had received an email the day before about her visiting their cubicle at some point during the day for a ‘Valentine blowie.’ It even said not to worry about the mess because she would swallow everything. Just eight more hours of this nightmare…

Marianne, the head of the social committee, barging into her cubicle asking why she hadn’t started yet is when Allison fully realized this had never been a joke. Marianne’s big fat face was completely serious.

“Look I’m not really going to do this. It’s completely…”

“If you didn’t want to do this you should have said something two weeks ago! What is wrong with you, Allison? You’re going to let me down, the social committee down, the whole office down?! And I’m going to be blamed for this. No, you’re doing this!”

It felt surreal to be dragged by the arm down a row of cubicles. If this was a joke, nobody had told Sanjesh, the lucky first participant who casually took his dick out of his pants. Allison was pushed to her knees in front of it. Running away screaming… punching Marianne in her triple-chin… all alternatives seemed equally humiliating and career-ending so she swallowed her pride and swallowed a dick.

Allison felt completely out of her element. She just closed her eyes and opened her mouth until a warm flesh slug was placed on her tongue. The taste of extra saline sweat was almost enough to make her throw up. She closed her lips around the base only because she thought that was the last action she’d had to perform to fulfill her obligation. The dick then expanded in her mouth until it tickled the back of her throat and made her gag and reel back a few inches.

“Jesus, didn’t you ever give a blowjob before?” Marianne asked obnoxiously.

She hadn’t. Until a month ago she had been focused solely on her studies.

Marianne sighed and grabbed Allison’s ponytail. “You suck, I’ll bob.”

Without any time to reply, Allison’s face was shoved down on Sanjesh’s crotch and painfully yanked back by a tug of her hair over and over to the sound of the *glug* she made when the cock’s head poked at her tonsils.

She was doing a terrible job, even with Marianne’s “help” but having the cute new girl’s mouth as a warm cockhole was more than enough for Sanjesh, and subsequently everyone else in the office, to blow their loads in just a few minutes. Some of the guys had better hygiene than others, but the absolute worst part was always swallowing. She never got used to the slimy texture and salty bitterness. Even with the lingering taste in her mouth and lingering texture in her throat, a fresh new batch was always unpleasant. She didn’t take a lunch break that day. There was no time with 70 employees to service and she was pretty much constantly on the verge of throwing up anyway.

She did the managers offices last. Every one of them had stayed late for the occasion. Two of them gave her shit for not doing the managers first. She couldn’t believe she was getting reprimanded after everything she’d done today, which was completely outside of her job de***********ion. Was she even paid for this?

It was a long day she’d never forget. Her knees and jaw were sore and she would never be able to look anyone at work in the eye again, but she was ready to just focus on her coding, quit the social committee, and always nip things like that in the bud next time. It was all behind her now, at least.

Unfortunately, her resolutions didn’t last long. The next morning, Allison was called in to a manager meeting. They produce some bullshit bar-graph about yesterday’s work efficiency. 4% increase in coding lines when comparing February 14 to February 13 while she personally only output 3% of February 13th’s lines. They were promoting Marianne to head of the Software Growth Initiative and Allison was to report to her from now on.

Before leaving the meeting room Allison was asked to pull down her pants and bend over the edge of conference room table. Seeing all their serious faces surrounding her, getting impatient… her trembling hands obeyed even before her brain had made up its mind. Fight, flee or freeze, her dumb body chose freeze. The next hour was spent giving her usual unenthusiastic blowjobs while getting her ass groped and pussy fucked. She tried to look strong and professional but was betrayed by the tears were roiling down her cheeks. 5 years of higher education for this?

Once the meeting was over, she wanted to head straight to her car, drive home and never look back, but got intercepted by her new boss Marianne.

“Where are you going? There’s so much to do today. Start a round right away I’ll come along and give you pointers. We want to be able to do two rounds a day starting tomorrow.”

“Use your tongue”, “Take it deeper”, “Fondle his balls”, “Are you even sucking?”, “Is she sucking?” Marianne never stopped yapping the whole time while Allison tried her best. That annoying bitch quickly became the worst part of her horrible days.

Two weeks later, Allison now took some pride in the fact that she had improved even if it was for skills outside her field of study. Her 12-hour days included one morning and afternoon blowie round and morning and lunch “meetings” where the managers and their various guests penetrate her every which way for 2 hours.

However, Marianne, trying to justify her role in the program, was constantly coming up with initiatives that just made Allison’s life harder and her days busier. She had to spend 30 minutes with each of the most prolific coders of the previous day. They were told they could do “anything they want to her”, which, for some of these jerks, involve slapping her and roughly handling her breasts. If Allison saw Jerome’s name on the list, she knew she had to do him last because he was going to plug her throat and pinch her nose until she passed out.

She was also forced to wear a “uniform” which consisted of a business skirt cut so short, her pussy and ass are completely exposed. Same with her breast as her white blouse was missing an convenient section of fabric in the front. Her mandatory name tag had its picture updated to one where her face is covered in cum. It was now pinned to her nipple. Marianne insists on attaching it herself each day, probably as a power play to assert her dominance.

Today. 6 months later…

Allison’s hasn’t been to her apartment in a while. She’s probably been evicted but rarely has a chance to think about where her things might have ended up. There is round-the-clock work to be done. Even on weekends she’s either the prize of some raffle or tied up in one of the managers’ basement getting her holes plowed by various instruments. Any spare minute she has is spent online looking for another job. No one is replying to her applications though. Is Marianne giving her bad references?

That ogre is all about efficiency now. Inter-officer deliveries is Marianne’s latest dumb idea. Does someone want to borrow your stapler? Stick it in Allison’s ass while she’s giving you a blowjob and it’ll get delivered at the speed of a dead-eyed crawling girl. The delivery system also includes office memos: employees are encouraged not to “waste resources on emails” and simply roll your documents individually in a standard shipping cylinders that conveniently fits (barely) into Allison’s ass, which by now is so stretched it cannot serve other purposes.

Considering everyone now has a calling buzzer linked to a Bluetooth-activated vibrator attached to her pussy, Allison doesn’t understand how the company is saving any money on this. For the first couple weeks after Marianne painfully clipped the vibrator to her clitoris, Allison couldn’t make any sense of the constant buzzing that was supposed to tell her where to go in binary. All that thing did was slow down her rounds with rolling, shameful orgasms at the most awkward time… But she stuck with it and now it’s like a second language to her: Cubicle 3a wants to deliver 4 tubes to office #6. Cubicle 5d needs to pee.

It’s a living.

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