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Walk to the convience store

Walk to the convience store takes a turn.

I’m gonna start with some introductions first. My name is Jacob I’m 15 and I’ve been an exhibitionist for around 9 months. I first discovered this “hobby” when I was walking home out of pure horny-ness I pulled my dick out and just let it sit there as I walked through back alleyways. Now for the actual story recently I invented my new ‘Penis Pants’ I made it by cutting a hole in the front of some old pants. Since it was old it was a tight fit, but it still fit well on me. The hole was big enough to show my balls but my shaft was hidden, and because the pants were tight the pants would be hugging my shaft making it point up. But with a slight pull my whole dick and balls would be revealed to the world. It was only around -15 out so it was warm enough to walk with my dick is exposed I thought. And with that in mind I put on my boots a jacket and went out. I only had 3 pieces of clothing that covered my body. My boots, my pants and my jacket. No shirt and, no underwear. I took my first steps outside. The cold wind immediately hitting me I felt my nipple harden and my dick start to rise. I felt extremly horny. I started to walk down an alley unzipping my jacket which reaced down to my upper thigh so it would hide everything. If somebody was to walk down in front of me they would see my upper body fully naked aswell as my leaking dick and balls. That single thought sent me to a frenzy. I walked from the alley to the street ahead jacket still unzipped. It was extremly cold but despite that I pushed through I kept the zipper open, Sadly I didn’t see anyone looking through the window. I kept walking until I made it to the convience store. This part I didn’t plan It was just a twisted idea. I zipped my jacket up and walked in. I saw that the person working today was some redhead teen girl. I walked past the till and went into the washroom, I quickly took a piss and pulled my jacket up slightly my balls were revealed and if I reached up my dick would fall out. The set up was perfect, just that thought alone made my dick extremly hard and hot. I walked out of the bathroom grabbed a bag of chips and some candy. I put the items on the till.
“That’s everything for today?” The girl on the counter asked.
“Yep, that’s everything” I responded.
After she ringed up all my items I paid and on my way out I said and walked towards the door which is right beside the till. I quickly turned to her and said “Have a great night” and reached my arms up pretending to yawn and stretched.
“You too.”
I saw her eyes dart down and her face turn red but before she could look back up I turned to the door and walked away. I looked down and the bottom of my jacket was sitting on top of my dick. I pulled my jacket down and walked home.
That’s everything that happened last night.
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