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Mom gets teen crossdresser laid

I had woken up late in the morning an went to the kitchen. Mom said after I ate and showered that we were going somewhere. I said where? She said that it was a surprise. Well I said okay she said that she was going to do my makeup and lipstick and hair and have everything picked out for me to wear. I said ok . After I ate , went an douched my gurly-boi-pussi and took a bubble bath and washed and dried my hair.
I glued on my silicone d–cup breast an then went to her room. She had everything picked out laying on the bed. First thing was a black full corset with garter straps I put on and she tied it up in the back. Then she handed me seamed suntan thigh high stockings to put on and hook up to the garter straps. After that she did my makeup and lipstick and styled my hair so my neck was exposed on the sides. Then gave me a leather micro mini skirt and leather zip up woman’s sleeveless vest. Then very tiny g-string which she said your package is tiny enough that it will cover it completely. I put on a chocker necklace and long dangling earrings and bracelets and rings. A pair of 5.5″ open toe stiletto high heels. She said that I don’t look like a 13 yr old girly boy but a 20 yr old woman. Then she changed into a sexy tight dress and higher heels.
After a while she made a call and then she told me to get my purse. I said that I don’t know where we are going to but shouldn’t I have a better shirt she said don’t worry about it and don’t bend over. I asked her again what the surprise was. She said that it was something that I asked for a month ago. I couldn’t think of want it was. We drove for a hour or so. Then pulled into a small motel. She told me to stay in the car and went an knock on a room door and went in . Then she opened the door and motioned me to come in.
I went in there was a older man in his 60’s she whispered in my now do you remember what you asked me for a month ago. I nodded yes. She told me his name and he knew mine. He asked me to come over and sit on the bed beside him . I sat beside him he talked to an rubbed my legs and my back. Then mom asked him if he was interested and asked me if was . Without hesitation I said yes I was. She said good then told him to come out to the car with her . Before she went out the door she told me to take my skirt and vest off an lay on the bed. I was waiting for him on the bed when he came back in and shut and locked the door.
He came over an sat down on the bed beside me talking to me as he was rubbing me. Then he asked me if I was very sure about this. I said that I was as he started to slip my g-string down an off. He put his hand between my legs and started rubbing my gurly-boi-pussi and I started feeling the crotch of his pants. He started to kiss my red lipstick lips and then my neck. I moved my hand inside his shirt and rubbed his hairy chest. He said that he would be right back and went in the bathroom for a couple of minutes. He came back out completely nude I was completely amazed seeing him nude. I loved seeing his cock and I couldn’t wait to feel it. Then he laid down on the bed beside me.
He kissed me passionately and then let me feel his body and explore it with my lips and tongue. I finally got down to his cock and balls. I licked an kiss his balls the licked and kissed every inch of his hard 8″” cock. Then I took his cock in my mouth and throat it was much better and thicker than Duke’s cock. As I was sucking him and deep throating him he said that I was so great at it if he didn’t know that I was 13 he would swear I was so much older. His cock tasted and felt so good and amazing in my mouth. After a good 20 minutes of me sucking him he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my mouth and throat. I never came off his cock. Then he said that he was going to cum. He tensed up and I went completely down on his cock and he shot his hot load down my throat and in my mouth. I swallowed every single drop of his delicious creamy hot load.
When I was done I laid back down on the beside him he immediately was over top of me kissing me very passionately and whispering sweet things in my ear and kissing and sucking on my neck. We kissed passionately and made out. Then he kissed his way down my body he gave my boi-clitty a couple of licks. Before he started licking my gurly-boi-pussi and burying his tongue inside of me. For the next half hour he had me moaning and begging for him to stop but he wouldn’t. So I finally just got my legs behind my head and shoulders and let him have full access to it. Finally he came up lubed up his cock. He kissed my lipstick lips and then I felt his thick cock stretch open my gurly-boi-pussi and I was amazed how good a man’s cock felt. He slowly fucked me and kissing as he did. I was on cloud nine and honestly I thought I was dreaming. I moaned loudly in pleasure and felt so amazing and wonderful and didn’t want it to stop. He shot his load deep into my gurly-boi-pussi after a good 45 minutes of fucking me.
He fucked me in different positions and always came in me or down my throat. He kissed an cuddled me also. I had been there with him for a few hours. When there was a knock on the door he got up and answered still nude. It was my mom she came in I was still laying in the bed. She asked me if I was ready to go. I said not really. Well I got dressed and ready to leave he kissed me passionately and we left.

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