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Fun with family and friends part 2

From part 1:

I watched Johanna’s ass walk away. Dreaming of the day I will penetrate it and her cute pussy. She walked away with her head in the clouds. All her fantasies about me coming true. I heard Johanna giggling to my sister. “He did what?”, Jen exclaimed

Part 2:

Jen came storming into my room. “You are an asshole! You stole my pajamas and underwear! Sicko!”, she said.

I laughed. “You did that in your sleep.”, I said. She hit me. I spanked her ass and lifted her and threw her on the bed. “I showed you mine. Now let me see yours.”, I said

She said, “No! After you just did this crap with my friend? Plus you saw it when you stole my pajamas!”

“Oh shush! Let me see it!”, I said. Johanna came back into the room all smiles.

“I am good for a round 2. If she is doesn’t want to.”, Johanna said

I picked her up and kissed her and set her down. She giggled. She pulled down my pajamas and started sucking my dick. My step sister was appalled.

“Ew that is gross!”, Jen said.

Johanna giggled with my dick in her mouth. She took it out. “It is!”, she said. “Tastes real nasty.”, she said and giggled

“Then why are you doing it?”, Jen asked.

“Because he is sooo cute!”, Johanna said.

“I wanna try it now.”, Jen said

“You said it was gross!”, Jen said speeding up trying to get me to cum.

Jen said, “Yeah but you like it!”

Johanna said, “After I am done. Ok?”

Johanna started sucking hard on my dick. Sucking hard going back down and sucking hard again. She told me to cum on her face so Jen could see what it does. When I got to where I was about to finish and I started jacking off. “Aw mmmmm awww”, I said, aw ah ah ah”, as I shot my load on her face.

Jen just gasped. “Oh my! What is that?”, she asked

“Just a tasty treat.”, Johanna said giggling and put my dick back in her mouth. I sat down on the bed and Johanna went and got ready to shower.

Jen comes up to me. “Can I try it?”

“Uh…I don’t know…I think it is gross.”, I said

She slapped me and reached for my cock. I turned away teasing her. I got up and she chased me. I stopped and she stood in front of me. I tapped on the head with my dick. “The only reason you want to now is because she likes it. Ain’t it?”, she looked at me

“Jen?”, I said

She looked away, “Well, I just….”

I kissed her head. She touched it. Examined it and closed her eyes as she put the head in her mouth. I sat down again on the bed.

“Yeah closing your eyes kills the taste!”, I said jokingly. She slapped my hip.

I told her what to do. She tried deep throating and gagged. She figured it out. Succeeding to make me come on her first try. Her head was bobbing up and down and then she sucked as hard as she could. She kept doing this until my head went back and body clenched as I held her head and shot my load into her mouth.

“Rassrole!”, she said with a mouthful of sperm. She spit on to me. I kissed her head and told her to go brush her teeth. She looked at me angrily.

“Quit looking at me like that!”, I said

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Time for some discipline.”, I thought. I had become too soft with her. She no longer respected my brotherly authority. I thought I would tongue rape her. I spanked her ass and picked her up and brought her to the bed. She was kicking and fighting me playfully. I slammed her on the bed and pulled down her pants.

“No. No. No!”, she said. I pretended I was going to do the real thing. I rubbed my cock head along her slit. “No! I am going to tell mom and dad!”, I laughed. I held her legs apart and as my head went in and licked her pussy. She fought me at first. Twisting and fighting. Her legs locked around my head and squirming to get free.

“Stop it!”, I said, I looked at her affectionately, “Stop I am not going to hurt you!”

It was uncomfortable for her at first. Feeling all these new feelings she wasn’t used to. After a while, she finally got used to it. She spread her lips for me as I licked her little clit. She was moaning now getting into it. Johanna came back after her shower.

“I wanna go next! Do you like it?”, Johanna asked Jen and Jen nodded.

I told Johanna to lie down. I entered her with my finger as my thumb brushed hard against her clit. She started to moan as she held her best friend’s hand as I worked on them both. I entered into Jen with my index finger as I dined on her clit. Their hands clenched together as Johanna’s legs tightened and relaxed. Jen to was reaching her orgasm as she twisted slightly away from her friend her face clenched. Both girls came at the same time. They both moaned as Jen’s legs clamped down on my head. Johanna’s did the same. They twisted towards each other and then released.

The next day I hear giggling going on in Jen’s room. Our parents were out so we had the house to ourselves. I open the door and Jen is lying on the bed and Johanna is munching away on Jen’s pussy. “Ok glad to see you two don’t need me anymore.”, I said. Johanna laughed.

“I wanted to try it.”, Johanna said

“I thought we were boyfriend-girlfriend! You are cheating on me with my sister!”, I said jokingly.

“You do shit with her too! You are cheating on me!”, she said and gave me the finger.

I pulled down her shorts and revealed her beautiful ass. Even at her young age it was beautiful. I reached between her legs and rubbed her slit. She spread her legs for me as she licked and fingered my sister.

I watched her ass. Just contemplating. I propped her hips up a little and lined my dick up. “No! No! Wait!”, Johanna said. I pushed my dick into her. “Ow ow!”, she said. It went in a little. I pulled back and pushed again and again until it was totally inside her. “Ow! No! Please stop!”, she said. I moved slowly in and out not wanting to hurt her more. I did this until her hymen broke and she went silent and accepted what was happening. I started pumping her harder now. My sister getting up and telling me stop. Hitting me and kicking me. I slammed her harder and harder now. Her tight pussy like a vice around my dick. Blood on my penis from breaking her hymen. Watching my dick slide in and out as her pussy lips looked like they were gobbling up my dick. I came. In my fantasy I came inside her. Unloaded my nuts into her virgin pussy.

In reality I had been masturbating. My head went back as I came all over Johanna’s ass. I watched my cum ooze down to her slit. My sisters legs locked around Johanna’s head as she came as well. “Mmmmmm”, her body twisting.

Johanna said, “Did you really have to shoot your shit on my ass? If you would’ve waited, I would’ve given you a blow job.”.

“Tell you what I would be happy to live out the fantasy I just had.”, I said

She laughed nervously when I told her. I longed for that moment. When the fantasy would come true and I took her virginity. Time will only tell.

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