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Sister desired

It is with my Sister who forced me to fuck n Her

My sister is two years younger than me I was ,20 years st the time it happened. She is good looking good boobs. I had no intention to have sex at this age .I had ,,7 inches cock.I used to masterbate occasionally.. And day my parents went out leaving both of us at night I was sleeping in my room..but I noticed in night that my sister is sleeping next to me..her hips were facing me .she kept on pressing her hips to my body .she turned around me and put her hand on my cock I was shocked . I removed her hand .but she again held .now it started to grow bigger..she was playing with it until it was fully erect..she took my hand and put it on her breast..over the cloths .she was not bearing bra .I could feel her boob she turned around her hips facing me .I also turned closer to her hips .my cock was erect and touching her butts.she removed her undergarment and pushed back to my cock .she removed my nicker and took out my she put my cock on her hole .and pushed back slightly my cock went in slightly .now I got excited and I gave a push half cock went in she cried. .I remained in that position but I stated playing with her boobs. Her nipple became hard ..after some time she herself gave another push my remaining cock was in now .she remained still for some time .and stated pushing and tucking .I also started fucking in speed she is pushing back .and we both fucking I came in her .and withdrew my cock ..she turned around me. And she kissed me .she said I love you.I did not say any word. But I stated playing with her boobs I removed her top.and her breasts now in front of me I sucked them one by one .she moaned .after 15 minutes my cock became erect .so I jumped on her and spread her legs to fuck her in missionary position. I fuckrd her she cooperated .because it was her desired as she told me that she needed fuck

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