Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night


I had been in love with my little sister Ashley for as long as I can remember.
Ashley was perfect.
In every way.
She still is.
I wanted so many times to tell her but I was scared to lose her.
One Friday night after school I was jerking off to pictures of Ashley and her friends.
Mom and Dad were both asleep.
“What are you doing, Dylan?” Ashley suddenly said.
I jumped and turned and Ashley stared at me with my dick in my hand.
I was speechless.
“Are you looking at my friends?” she asked innocently.
I was speechless.
Ashley sat down next to me on my left.
“Don’t stop. I like watching,” she said.
I started jerking my dick slowly.
Ashley smiled.
“Wow! You’re really… long,” she said.
Ashley was wearing her old Hello Kitty nightgown.
I tried not to since her old nightgown was tight and her little brown nipples were showing through the fabric.
“Which of my friends were you looking at Peyton, Morgan, Sydney?” she asked.
I pointed to the left.
Where Ashley was standing in the picture.
Ashley looked up at me quick.
“OMG! Really?!” Ashley asked in shock.
We stared at each other for a a while.
The silence was weird.
I leaned over and kissed my sister on the lips.
Ashley blushed and licked her lips.
She looked down at my hard, throbbing young dick.
Hesitantly Ashley reached in front of me and touched my dick.
“It’s so… hard.
Do you really like me that much?” she asked.
I lifted her nightgown up over her head baring her big, beautiful young breasts.
I touched them.
I rubbed both nipples with my fingertips.
I couldn’t stop myself.
Her left nipple looked delicious.
Ashley moaned softly and slowly stroked me as I sucked her yummy, left nipple.
Ashley pushed me back against the couch.
She bent down over my lap and looked down just as she stuck her pretty tongue out and tasted the already sticky head of my dick.
I almost lost it when she took half of me in her mouth.
I hugged her beautiful dirty blonde head for dear life.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
I pushed Ashley onto her back.
Ashley looked up at me.
“Dylan… this is my first…” Ashley started to say.
I slowly slid inside of her and her breath caught.
Ashley moaned as I pushed in and out of her.
Ashley was so tight I knew wouldn’t make it.
I wrapped my arms around her.
“Dylan!” Ashley said and I pressed my lips hard against hers.
I never stopped kissing Ashley as I came feverishly inside of her.
Ashley gushed all over me.
I looked down at my little sister both of us breathing heavy as I was still inside of her.
“I love you, Ashley… I always have.”
“I love you, Dylan,” Ashley said.
Her big brown eyes smiled up into my tired blue ones.

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