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I slept with my stepmom

Hi, I’m Adam a 17 year old living with my father and his girlfriend, so my stepmom’s name is Alex, she’s 24, a blonde and is very sweet.

So when this story starts is when she started to live with us, she is awesome, even though she’s technically my stepmom, we were both very young so it was more like sibling love, but it did feel a little bit motherly. But, I would lying if I didn’t think she was hot, she was beautiful, and had really nice breasts and a great looking ass. Although at that point I didn’t think much of it, until one night watching porn like any teenage I thought about Alex and I stopped jerking off and just went to bed feeling a bit strange but also turned on.

A few days past and I couldn’t stop thinking about her or when I jacked off to her, late that afternoon my dad left telling me that he would be out for a few days, and that I was in charge for the time. That evening I as still thinking about her and may have thought about her more since she was taking a shower across the hall by my room. She asked that I stay near it to pass her clothes, when she came out she was only wearing a towel, and I stared at her and blushed hard, I think she noticed because she then said,”Do you like what you see”. She probably didn’t think much of it but then with thinking I grabbed her and I put on my bed and held her there by holding her arms down. We just stared at each other both blushing probably for different reasons, I could smell the shampoo she used and it was cherry flavoured. And her towel came a little undone and I could see her cleavage, making me a little hard.
I when moved closer to her and kiss her on her lips, it tasted like strawberries, she didn’t back at all and when I stopped we just stared at each other, after a while I stopped holding her and we looked away from each other probably embarrassed, and then she ran out the room not shouting or anger or anything.

So after I just laid there wondering what I just did and thought I would be dead the moment dad got home.

So that was only part 1 of the story so if you do want more about it just say and we could continue with my story.

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