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Maddie and Me – Part 1

Taking sexual advantage of my little sister while she was sleeping.

My 8 year old sister, Maddie, still uses a dummy (or pacifier depending on where you’re from), mom has tried to get her to stop using it because she’s too old for them now, but she won’t give it up, and she sleeps with it every night, I’m her brother Karl, and I’m 13 next month.

Last Saturday night Maddie and I were downstairs watching cartoon movies, mom went to bed early because she had a migraine, so it was just Maddie and I downstairs.

She was curled up on the couch in her jammies, hugging her teddy bear, she fell asleep at around 9pm after watching both frozen movies, she had her dummy her mouth, and I was sitting in the chair and watching a Marvel movie when I heard a noise and a whimper.

I looked across to the couch and then I noticed Maddie’s dummy was on the floor, she’d dropped it out of her mouth, she was making sad sounds in her sleep and it was distracting me, so I picked up her dummy, blew off a bit of dust that got stuck to it, then pressed it to her lips, she immediately opened her mouth and it slipped inside, she was quiet again and suckling on the dummy.

When I saw how wet the inside of her mouth was, I began to feel strange, my heart rate increased and my eyes drifted, looking at the curves of her body as she lay there, and my eyes fixed on to her crotch, then I felt my cock hardening and throbbing in my pants, sticking the dummy in to her mouth had aroused me.

I ran back and sat in the chair trying to ignore what was happening to me, but I couldn’t, my cock wouldn’t go soft and it was aching, so I pulled it out of my pants and stroked it, I was jerking off in the chair when I heard the noise, she’d dropped her dummy on the floor again.

I didn’t want her to wake up, or wake mom up with her unconscious whimpering sounds, so I got up and picked up the dummy off the floor again, I placed it to her lips and she immediately opened her mouth for it, but as I pushed it in to her mouth I suddenly stopped and pulled it out, my brain was telling me to put something else in to her mouth…. my cock.

So I squatted down a little, took hold of my cock and guided it to her lips, she opened her mouth again and I just slipped it inside, it was very warm and really slippery inside her mouth, I gasped losing my breath when her soft tongue caressed the underside of my cock, she sealed her lips around it and began to suckle on it on the tip of my cock thinking it was her dummy.

It was the most pleasurable feeling I’d ever experienced in my life, my legs were shaking and a feeling of happiness and joy spread over me, it was intense.

I swayed my hips gently, moving the tip of my cock over her tongue, back and forth while she suckled on it, then my hands took on a mind of their own and I was rubbing her firm little butt over the fabric of her bottoms, she moved her legs and kind of gave me clear access to her crotch, so I took it.

I pushed my hand down the front of her bottom and her panties, I have no idea what a pussy looks like in real life, I’ve never seen one, still haven’t, I couldn’t see her pussy but I could feel it with my hand and fingers, it was very warm, soft and wet, and I sort of built a picture of it in my mind like a blind person would do.

Maddie suckling on my cock was so good I didn’t want it to end, but I’m only 13, and I have a very sensitive cock, it didn’t take long at all for me to ejaculate, which I did, very hard straight in to her mouth, I felt it shoot out and I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop me groaning out loudly when I came.

Her lips loosened from around my cock and she started to cough, so I quickly pulled it out and ran back to sit in the chair, I made it just as she opened her eyes and listed her head up coughing on my sperm, I could hear it bubbling in her throat like she had a chest cold, “You alright?” I asked.

When she finally stopped coughing, she nodded, then looked around for her dummy, “You dropped it on the floor.” I said to her, pointing to it.

She leaned down and picked it up, placed it in to her mouth and then laid back down and went to sleep and I was relieved she didn’t suspect anything.

I went back to watching the movie but couldn’t concentrate on it, all I could think about was what just happened and how good it felt, that was my first blowjob, my first sexual experience with a girl for that matter, and I liked it.

But that’s not the end of the story, I’ll tell you more later.

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