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Niki Comes of Age – Part 3 of 4

A lonely man and a teenage girl teach each other about lust, love, and loss.
[Part 3 picks up roughly a week after Niki and I went a bit too far with our sex play.]

The next days passed with some semblance of normality. Niki recovered from our misguided anal adventure and she had a whirlwind week of study prep and soccer practice. I had stumbled onto some consulting work for an old friend and hardly had any free time. Our nightly foot massages resumed and life was good. Niki had spoken with Heather midweek and reported that her grandma was not doing well and her mom still didn’t know what was going to happen.

It was Friday evening and I was making dinner when Niki burst through the door in a whirlwind of excitement. She had come from soccer practice and I expected her to be tired. So this burst of energy was unexpected.

“I got invited!” she yelled. “I got invited to the prom! I didn’t think it would happen since our school doesn’t do prom and I’m only a sophomore but Jason picked me as his date! I have to call my mom!”

“Jason who…?” I called. But she had already disappeared into her bedroom and I was talking to myself. Prom? Jason? What the heck? I’ll be totally honest, for a brief moment, it felt like a knife stabbed my heart. How could she? What about us?

But as quickly as the pain flared it dissipated as my rational side took control. Of course she should be dating boys her age. What the fuck was I thinking? Yeah, but part of you is in love and wants to own this child, sick as that may be. I shook my head to knock some sense into it. I was happy for her. This was a good thing. She needed to have complete emotional growth during her teenage years and this was how it starts. Yeah but still…

Eventually, I called her for dinner and asked to hear all about her prom date.

“His name is Jason Beck and he’s a junior at the public high school,” she said before stuffing a forkful of salad in her mouth and chewing rapidly. “He’s on the honor roll and plays Varsity baseball. Jason’s school is throwing the junior prom. He lives next door to my friend Ashley and has seen me around the neighborhood. During my soccer practice today he came by and asked me to be his date.” She spoke so rapidly that the words were almost a continuous flow.

“Wow! How exciting,” I managed to say almost enthusiastically.

She forked a cube of beef stew and almost made it to her mouth before she froze with eyes wide looking almost panic-stricken.

“Oh no! I need to buy a dress and shoes and find a place to do my hair and makeup and nails and a million other things! I’ve never been to a formal before and my mom isn’t here and, and…”

I could see she was getting ready to cry so I went to her and hugged her tightly. She buried her face in my neck and I could feel warm tears.

“Don’t worry at all. I’ll take you anywhere you need to go and help you with the dress and everything else. We can have your mom with us on video chat so she doesn’t miss a thing. It’s all going to be just perfect, I promise.”

“Really?” she said through tear-stained eyes. “That would be so wonderful!”

She jumped up and wrapped me in a bear hug and smothered my face with kisses before giving me one full deep kiss on the lips. Dinner forgotten, she scurried back to her bedroom to call her girlfriends and her mom again. Replaying what just happened, I was struck by her emotional flexibility. How she managed to give me an erotic kiss all the while being excited about her date with a new boy was beyond me. Somehow I would need to figure out a way to survive this latest twist.

The next week was spent going from shop to shop with Niki and her girlfriends trying on dresses and shoes. I had a wild time sitting by the dressing room as these three lovely teens strutted and modeled every type of prom dress. It was like the old days at the mall with lots of visible bra straps, bodices clutched to naked chests, and the occasional panty flash.

Niki was a little vixen and every once in a while when no one was looking she would lift her dress to show me her undies or drop a strap and flash me her boobs. And there I would sit enjoying the show with a raging hard-on trapped in my jeans.

Niki picked a beautiful two-piece sparkly lavender floor-length gown with the skirt featuring a side-slit that ended mid-thigh and a halter-style top that exposed a lovely expanse of her toned abdomen. It fit like a glove, clinging to her slender frame and curving over her ass like a second skin. The halter top had spaghetti straps and structured cups so that no bra was needed and with Niki’s figure it looked custom made on her. Even her girlfriends looked a bit jealous.

Niki’s mom watched much of the activity through video chat and was on board with the ***********ion. She even helped Niki with footwear ***********ion picking a stylish pair of glittery sling-back open-toed pumps. Now all that was left was to choose hair and makeup and Heather already had several ideas for them.

Now that the shopping frenzy was over the next few days were routine and quiet until Niki received a call from her mom. I heard them talking in the other room and suddenly Niki cried out in anguish. I held my breath waiting to find out what happened. Soon Niki walked slowly into the living room and handed me the phone.

“Mom would like to speak with you.”

I could see Niki had tears in her eyes and I feared the worst.

“Hello, Heather?” I managed to say.

“Hi Bill, yeah it’s me. Sorry to drop this on you but my mom has been moved to hospice and doesn’t have much time left. I want Niki to fly out to visit her one last time. If I make the reservations can you get Niki to the airport?”

I of course agreed and the next day I watched as Niki disappeared through the airport security checkpoint. The airline had provided a chaperone for her so I knew she would be in good hands until Heather picked her up at the other end.

The next few days passed in a blur. Niki texted me a few times just to say she was okay but I could tell from her words that she was depressed. I tried to keep busy with my consulting stuff but it was obvious that Niki’s absence left a big void in the house and my heart. I was seeing a preview of what life would be like once Heather returned.

Finally, it was Friday and Niki was on her way back home. When I picked her up she seemed mostly okay but saddened by the experience. I tried to make conversation but got nothing back except one and two-word replies. She declined my offer to get dinner so we just went home to make do.

Niki didn’t join me for TV that night instead choosing to listen to music in her room. Around ten o’clock she poked her head out to say goodnight and that was it. I flipped aimlessly around the channels but my mind was too preoccupied to watch anything. So by midnight I gave up and headed to bed.

I was in a deep sleep around two o’clock when I felt someone shaking my arm. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t stop. As I struggled back to consciousness I heard a small voice asking me to wake up. I opened my eyes and saw Niki standing over me. She was partially illuminated by the light from the hallway and I could see she had been crying. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet making her look so very young and vulnerable.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” she said trying not to cry. “I can’t sleep because I’m sad and don’t want to be alone.”

“Of course you can baby,” I said as I sat up in bed. “Let me pull the covers down and you can climb in the other side.”

She wriggled herself under the blankets and laid close to my side. I helped her turn so that we were spooning and I could wrap my arms around her trembling body.

“Do you want to talk about it? You can tell me anything you know. Let me help.”

It took her a moment but eventually she started to speak. She poured out her heart about her grandmom and how after losing her dad she couldn’t bear to lose another close relative. She worried that her mom would be alone and have no one to love except for her. On and on she poured out her fears and all I could do was murmur useless words and hug her tightly.

At last, she had run out of words to say and fell silent. I kissed her softly on the neck and felt her body relax as she finally fell asleep. She was soft and warm and felt so good in my arms I never wanted to let her go. It took me a while but sleep finally came as my brain fretted over this young girl wondering what I could do to help.

More days passed and Niki’s mood slowly returned to normal as schoolwork and soccer consumed her attention. Niki and Heather spoke daily and I could see her gradually adjusting to her family’s reality. Prom was also on Niki’s mind with the celebration fast approaching. She’d reserved a hair and makeup appointment and as a gift, I’d rented a stretch limo for the couple and their friends. I insisted on meeting Jason before their date and did my best to put the fear of God in him about respecting Niki. I could see he thought I was being overly dramatic until something he saw in my eyes changed his mind.

Finally, the big day arrived and Niki was gone much of the afternoon getting herself primped and polished. She skipped dinner entirely and when she finally emerged from her bedroom my heart caught in my throat. She was a magnificent study in lavender and scarlet. I had forgotten how well the gown fit her svelte body.

The skirt was high-waisted starting just above her navel and extending down to the floor clinging to every curve along the way. The matching halter top exposed just a bit of bare midriff and molded itself around her breasts exposing just enough cleavage to be a little sexy. I know where Jason will be staring most of the night!

Encircling her neck was a fine silver chain with a small heart pendant nestled just above the vee between her breasts. She stood tall and slim on glittery heels almost reaching my height. The stylist had done a masterful job on her hair with twists and braids all gathered into a swirl of red on the top and back of her head. It looked very formal but was softened by two twisty curls of hair loosely falling on either side of Niki’s face. Her look was finished off with a light dusting of natural makeup and a beautiful touch of pale lavender polish on her fingers and toes. No fashion model in the world ever looked as good as Niki did at that moment.

“Niki,” I could barely whisper, “I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life. You are stunning. I can’t even form words.”

I could see her blush furiously as she murmured back, “Thank you.”

As if on cue the doorbell rang and the commotion began. Her date arrived quickly followed by the other couples. I could see the rented limo gliding down the street so I hustled everyone into the backyard for pictures. I took a few dozen photos of the couples but focused mainly on Niki.

I live-streamed the whole thing which allowed Niki’s mom and grandmom to watch it all from the hospice room. Niki was over the moon with excitement and it gladdened my heart to see her so happy. Everyone was behaving themselves and having a good time but a toot from the limo driver reminded us of the need to get moving. I herded the gang back through the house to the front yard where the limo waited.

As the kids piled into the spacious interior Niki broke free and ran over to me. We hugged each other tightly and she kissed me chastely on the cheek. I looked into her eyes and saw a maturity I hadn’t seen before.

“Thank you for this, for all this, and everything else these past months,” she said softly in my ear.

Any hope of a reply caught in my throat as she scampered to the limo and got in. Rallying my voice I walked to the limo and leaned inside the open door.

“Listen well, men,” I bellowed. “All of you are lucky enough to be going to prom with the prettiest girls on the planet. But they are only sixteen years old so remember the midnight curfew. None of you wants me or any of the fathers hunting you down if you are late. Are we clear?”

A chorus of “Yes sirs” blasted out of the interior in reply. I stepped back pushing on the door and looked once more at Niki to catch her eye. She was smiling broadly swiveling her head to meet my eyes. We held for a moment as she pursed her lips and blew me a silent kiss just as the door closed. I stood watching the limo drive away lingering a bit longer even after it had disappeared from view.

Reluctantly I dragged myself back to the house for a fretful evening of hoping Niki was having a good time and worrying that she was having too good of a good time. To help pass the hours I called Heather to see how she was faring through all this. She seemed less worried than me but she did commiserate about how fast kids grow up and how soon Niki would be going off to college. Heather feared an empty nest as I did too but for very different reasons.

I was dozing in my chair when I heard the front door open. I glanced at the clock and saw it was just past midnight, so score a point for Jason and curfews. Niki breezed into the room looking radiant and a little tired. It was a late night for her and I imagined the adrenaline rush had mostly subsided.

She was barefoot carrying her shoes in one hand and a gift bag in the other. Her hair was slightly disheveled and I could see that her makeup needed a bit of freshening. Nothing unusual for a girl who probably danced for hours and maybe even did some necking in a dark corner of the ballroom.

“How was it? Was it everything you wanted it to be?”

She laid down on the sofa in her familiar position and dropped her shoes to the floor. Pulling her long skirt up to her knees she placed both bare feet on my lap and gave me a look that said ‘you know what to do’. I smiled and started gently massaging what must have been very tender feet after so many hours in heels.

“It was amazing, wonderful, romantic, silly, funny, and a million other adjectives,” she said. “It was everything I expected and so much more. Most of the kids were older than me and my girlfriends but almost everyone was very friendly and for the few who weren’t, Jason always stood up for me.”

“He sounds like a great guy,” I said trying to sound sincere. “Boys his age are under a lot of peer pressure and it would’ve been easy for him to take the safe route and join in the joking. The fact that he stood up for you in the face of peer pressure says a lot about his character. Something to remember when dating in the future.”

“Yeah, he was great. When we danced he even asked my permission before touching certain places like my backside. He made me feel special. Later we held hands, did some kissing, and I even let him squeeze my boob once or twice. But we never went any farther and when he dropped me off he asked if he could see me again. I’m not sure I want to but I’ll think about it. He’s so much older and we hardly even like the same things!

Foot massage finished Niki headed off to text her mom about the evening and then to bed. I revisited our conversation and was happy that she was comfortable enough around me to tell me even the intimate details. I thought it was funny that a twelve-month age gap with Jason seemed insurmountable to her. And it made me realize again how fleeting and temporary this thing she and I had was.

Passion and heat like ours could not last. Eventually, it would either fade away or explode in a ball of destructive fire. As I headed off to bed I was blissfully unaware of how prophetic my words were and just how soon this fantasy would end.

For the next few days, Niki floated on a cloud of memories from her big night. Many of the girls in her class were buzzing about how lucky she was to be invited by an older boy. I had emailed her the gown pictures I took and several of her classmates said she looked super-hot.

Niki’s school even contacted me to get permission to use one of my pictures in the next yearbook. It was a heady time only dampened slightly by the Thursday playoff game which saw Niki’s soccer team get eliminated. But Niki was too happy to let it bother her for long and soon the disappointment was in her rearview mirror.

Another Friday evening had rolled around and as I was cleaning up the dinner dishes Niki popped into the room with a question.

“So I was thinking. Remember a while back we were talking about pubic hair and how some of the girls at school shave theirs?”

“Of course,” I said almost dropping the dish I held, “we talked about maybe trimming your hair a bit to be more to your liking. Have you come up with some ideas?”

“Well… I do have some ideas. But I’ll need your help so I want to make sure you don’t think I’m being silly.”

“Hey. It’s your body and your hair and you should have full choice over what happens to it. Besides, it’s only hair, right? No matter what we do it can always grow back.”

“Okay!” she said happily. “Meet me at the bathtub at eight o’clock sharp!”

The next ninety minutes took an eternity to pass. I had no idea what she wanted to do and what role I would play. I wasn’t even sure what equipment we had since all I ever used was an electric shaver. But I was about to find out as eight o’clock finally rolled around and I headed for the master bath.

I knocked on the door and opened it to see Niki dressed in her robe running warm water in the tub. Laid out on the small bench I kept in there was an assortment of girlie-looking shaving items. I saw a pink cordless trimmer and a box of those disposable razors with the lubricating strip. There was a pair of fine-pointed scissors and a can of shaving foam along with several unrecognizable items.

“Where did all this come from? Did you buy these supplies?”

“Nope, it’s all my mom’s stuff. She has a big box of gear she hardly uses anymore because she gets all her hair waxed off now. Ready to get started?”

“Ready, willing, and able my princess! But I think it might be a good idea if I undress too. This is all going to be wet and messy and my clothes might get ruined.”

“Yeah, sure,” she said in her playful sarcastic tone, “you getting naked is better for your clothes.”

I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the small stool Niki had dragged in from her room. She dropped her robe and sat completely nude on the edge of the sink spreading her legs wide. I was now eye level with her magnificent red bush and moist pink pussy. The view was heart-stopping and I gazed longingly at her young sex impressed with how comfortable she had become at exposing herself.

“Penny for your thoughts,” she said grinning at using my tired old phrase. “Though I imagine I could get a few hundred bucks on the street spreading like this.”

“Without a doubt. Most men would pay a king’s ransom for you and what’s between your legs.”

“Now,” she said, snapping me back to attention, “I’ve decided that I want to remove all of the hair except for a strip over my pussy going up a few inches.” She ran her fingers through the soft curls of her bush before continuing. “I spent the past weeks being a pervert and staring at the girls’ crotches when we showered after gym. I like the bald look but with just a bit of hair to highlight that I am a true redhead.”

It took me a moment to break my eyes free from the sight of her fingers tracing through her pubic hair. Finally, I was able to say, “Okay, that’s called a landing strip and is very popular.”

I touched her pubes tracing a line down between her legs saying, “But that means we will be removing a lot of hair including under your crotch between your thighs to your butthole. It will take some time. Are you sure you don’t want to go to a salon and have it removed professionally?”

“I have hair on my butthole? And underneath? And it didn’t bother you at all when you were, you know, down there with your mouth?”

“It doesn’t bother me or most men. Women look beautiful no matter what. Some men like the natural look, some like the bald look, and some like me love it all. And women too. Can’t forget carpet munchers come in all sexes.”

“Ha, funny. But the thought of having a stranger stare at me down there and touch me creeps me out. I’ll feel much more comfortable with your help.”

“Perfect! I’ve done this before so just lean back and relax and let me pamper you.”

Using the pink trimmer I gently outlined a boundary around where the landing strip would be. The vibration of the razor was a new sensation for her.

“Oh! Nice,” she said closing her eyes. “It makes my pussy feel all funny.”

I resumed shaving removing all of the remaining hair and reducing her bush to an eighth-inch of stubble. A sizable pile of scarlet hair had accumulated on the floor but what caught my attention was how the whole look of Niki’s pussy had changed. Handing her a small mirror she examined the results of the first pass of the razor.

“Wow! It looks so neat. I can see my lips and vagina and everything. And I can feel a coolness tickling my crotch now.”

“Now for the trickier parts,” I said. “Time to use the shaving cream and razor. But first, hop in the warm water and let’s get everything softened up.”

Niki stepped into the tub and as she lifted her leg I was rewarded with a glimpse of things to come. No longer hidden by hair, I could see her labia unfold as she stepped over the rim. She sat down in the water and used a sponge to wash. With the warm water and cool air, her nipples sprung to attention begging to be kissed. But we had work to do; my desires would have to wait.

Niki climbed out of the tub and I helped dry her while planting some kisses on her nearly bald pussy.

“Hey! Work before pleasure,” she said with a teasing tone.

Sitting back on the vanity she planted her heels firmly on the marble top stretching her legs wide. This forced her knees outward presenting me with an unobstructed view of her gorgeous pussy. Using some shaving gel I massaged her pubes with my fingers making sure to cover all of the hair with foam. With a delicate touch, I used short strokes of the razor leaving nothing but bare skin behind.

As I worked, Niki’s pussy was so close to my face that it was difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. From the caress of my fingers and the cool room air, her body was responding to the stimulation. The tiny bud of her clitoris was peeking out from its hood begging to be touched. And her labia was pink, and moist, and spread open before me like the petals of a dewy flower. Even the opening of her vagina glistened with oily wetness.

As each patch of skin was shaved smooth I used a warm washcloth to wipe away the foam. This provided me an opportunity to kiss the cleansed skin before moving to the next spot. Sometimes my kisses would linger too long as I inhaled her scent. It took all my control not to toss the razor aside and bury my tongue into her young cunt.

“You keep kissing me like that and I’m going to cum right in your face!” she said, snapping me out of my lustful daydream.

Mindful of her protestations I continued to smooth her skin making sure to gently shave around her delicate folds. Her skin was very sensitive here and I wanted no nick or burn to injure her. Delicate shaving finished I admired my work while using a warmed washcloth to wipe away the remaining foam and stray hairs. The sensation from the warm caress of the cloth was enough to make her moan softly and break my resolve. Shaving could wait a moment, there was virgin pussy to eat!

I dropped the cloth and leaned forward covering her entire pussy with my mouth. My tongue savored her taste as it licked up and down her velvet crease tickling her clit with each pass. After many wet sloppy licks, I slid my finger inside her pussy coating it with her slippery juices. Very gently my finger probed the tight opening of her vagina feeling it grip me like a warm moist latex glove. Penetrating just an inch, I finger-fucked her for several minutes before feeling her whole body tremble. While an orgasm would have been welcome, we still had much work to do.

Reluctantly I withdrew my finger and said, ”Wow, this is all looking amazing! Are you able to stand up and turn with your back to me?”

She sat for a moment very frustrated with my finger teasing and said, “Sure, I can stand. Now that you have my legs all wobbly and left me hanging in anticipation…”

Niki stood with her back to me and at my direction spread her feet wide and bent forward at the waist leaning on the vanity top. This presented me with a heavenly view of her pussy and anus. Lord, how does anyone do this work for a living and not get arrested?

Using my fingers I massaged gel foam around her butthole down between her ass cheeks and across her perineum. Niki had provided what looked to be a tiny eyebrow razor and I used it to gently remove all of the remaining hair. Given her young age, the hair in this area was quite fine and sparse and very easy to remove. The razor motion tickled her and I had to keep warning her not to squirm.

“Can’t help it, she said barely suppressing a giggle, “it feels like a million pairs of tiny lips kissing between my legs and ass cheeks.”

Once all of the hair was gone I rewarmed the washcloth and cleaned the area thoroughly. I could see her skin had reddened slightly from the razor but otherwise looked smooth and sexy as hell. Not wanting to waste the opportunity I hungrily licked between her ass cheeks before planning another kiss right on her butthole. I felt her clench her butt muscles as she laughed at the unexpected sensation.

“Okay honey, we’re almost finished. Can you stand back up and face me?”

With sensuous grace, she smoothly transitioned to standing while simultaneously pivoting on the balls of her feet to face me. Trying to maintain my concentration I used the tiny razor to remove a few stray hairs around her landing strip. I sat back, once again admiring the sexy view so close to my face. Her pussy was now completely bald save for a brilliant red strip of half-inch long hair extending upwards. I leaned forward placing a dozen kisses over every square inch while breathing in the fresh sweet aroma.

“The hard part is finished and there’s only one more step,” I said.

In the pile of shaving stuff Niki provided, I saw a bottle of unscented baby oil. I squirted some into my palm and warmed it between my hands. Starting at the top of Niki’s pussy I spread the oil all over and then used my fingertips to massage it into her skin. I made sure to spread the oil between her lips since they had felt the razor’s edge too and even used my fingertip to smear a bit into the opening of her vagina.

I poured more oil and used one hand to massage her labia and clitoris while I reached behind and under her body with my other hand smearing oil across her perineum and between her cheeks up to her anus. This combined stimulation was having a great effect on her.

“That feels so, so good,” she said so low I could barely hear. “Not enough to cum but enough to make my whole body shiver. I think we need to add shaving to our weekly routine.”

I knew what she meant as my cock had been rock hard for the past half-hour and it took immense control to not drag her to bed and have my way with her. Instead, I handed her the small mirror again so she could observe her newly naked, glistening with oil pussy.

Niki spent some time examining herself, oohing and aahing at every little detail. She used her fingers to spread open her labia and delicately poked around reveling in the new sensation. I especially liked when she found the tiny opening of her vagina and slid a finger inside. Her body shivered at the intrusion and I shivered when she popped the wet finger in her mouth and savored the taste of her pussy.

“I can see everything! It looks neat and a little naughty all at the same time. Thank you for helping me.”

“I guess the only downside,” I said trying to be serious, “is that you can’t let your mom see the change in landscape, so to speak. Might raise a few questions.”

“Yeah, I’ll need to think about that. It’s not like we normally see each other naked, at least not anymore. But there is always the possibility. And I’ll have to warn my friends not to spill the beans the next time they see my mom.”

“Your friends? How would they see your…” I stopped remembering that they all showered together at school. “That raises another question. How will you explain the new look to your girlfriends?”

She thought a moment and finally said, “Fuck ‘em. I’ll just say I watched a video online and did it myself!”

With that, she handed me back the mirror and hopped down from the sink. Standing in front of me she noticed the large bulge extending down one leg of my undershorts. A smile lit her face as she bent and wrapped her fingers around my shaft trapping my boxers in her grip. She squeezed a few times while stroking me slowly.

“Looks like someone wants to come out to play,” she said in her best little girl voice. “Did my naked pussy make your cock all stiff and horny?”

I opened my mouth to answer but never got the words out. Releasing my cock she grabbed the waistband of my shorts, bent, and yanked them to the floor. As she did my cock sprang up and smacked her in the face making us both laugh.

Grabbing my shaft she placed a wet kiss right on the tip of my glans. I could feel the warmth of her hand as she stroked me and the wetness of her tongue as it swirled over my cockhead. I was in painful need of release but it was not to be as suddenly she stopped jerking me.

I saw her pondering my crotch before she said, “You know what? I think you could use a shave too. Look at this hairy mess!” She capped her statement by grabbing a handful of hair and tugging.

“Ha, no way I’m going the bald route,” I said. “It looks great on a girl but it’s not for me.”

She looked at me like I had two heads and said, “I wasn’t thinking bald you dummy. I was thinking we just mow this lawn down to a shorter length.”

I had to admit the idea intrigued me so after absolutely zero consideration I said, “Why not? My pubic hair is in your hands.”

Niki let go of my cock and I immediately mourned the loss of contact. She pulled over the low bench and sat in front of my crotch with my rigid pole almost hitting her on the nose. It was erotic and hilarious at the same time.

“Now don’t move,” she said looking a bit worried. “I’ve never done this before.”

She picked up the pink trimmer and adjusted it to leave about an inch of hair. Placing the razor at the top of my patch she began shaving in short strokes. I watched transfixed as clumps of my hair fell to the floor. She had her face so close I could feel warm breath on my crotch and her cheeks occasionally bumped my rigid member. At one point she held my cock so she could lift it and shave the area underneath, the razor tickling me in a way I’d never felt before.

Given my heightened state, this extra stimulus caused some pre-cum to ooze out of my pee-hole and drip on her arm. Seeing this she leaned in further and slipped her warm wet lips over my cockhead and down my shaft. This caught me off guard and before I realized it Niki had swallowed three-quarters of my cock. I could feel the sensitive tip just grazing the back of her throat and it felt fantastic.

“Holy shit!” I managed to say. “When did you learn to do that?”

She smiled around my cock before slowly sliding her mouth off and saying, “Does it feel good? Becca and I have been practicing with bananas and stuff. I’m ahead of her so far in how much I can swallow.”

“Yeah, it feels really good but you better finish shaving before I end up spraying you with cum!”

So there I stood while this sixteen-year-old shaved my pubic hair leaving me with about an inch of brown curls. Like Niki, I too felt the new cool sensation and had to admit it looked pretty good. The shorter hair made my cock look longer which is always an ego boost. And of course with all of Niki’s handling during the shave, I was still sporting a raging erection.

“Are you as horny as I am?” I gasped.

“Yeah, my pussy’s so wet it’s dripping down my legs. What shall we do about it?”

“I have an idea,” I said trying to act as if I’d just thought of it, “how about a sex simulation?”

“Don’t know what that means but if I get an orgasm out of it then let’s go!”

I took Niki’s hand and led her to my bed. This would be the first time we used my room for sex stuff but it was time we moved her out of her comfort zone. We laid down on the bed facing each other and I pulled her close loving the way her warm naked body molded into mine. I began kissing her, probing her mouth with my tongue. She responded by wrapping me tightly in her arms and kissing me back.

Because she was slim, I could reach most of her body as we lay so I slid my hand down her back and massaged her smooth tight ass. Dipping my fingers into her ass crack my hand moved further south until it reached her pussy. It was a tight fit but I managed to spread her lips and felt the wet heat embracing my fingers. This stimulus caused Niki to press her hips forward into my crotch trapping my stiff cock between our bodies.

Feeling horny beyond belief I began rocking my pelvis to slide my shaft across her belly. Very quickly the pre-cum leaking from my cock and the generous amount of baby oil on her pussy combined to create a slippery tunnel between our bodies. With each upward thrust, my balls would rub against her pussy allowing us both to enjoy the sensation. I knew if I kept this up I would climax for sure so it was time to stop.

I stroked her a few more times and said, “Does this feel as good for you as it does for me?”

“Hmmm…let me think,” she said with a mocking tone. “Hard cock sliding across my belly, sweet kisses on my lips, delicate fingers rubbing my pussy. Yeah, I hate it!”

“Well get ready for the next step. Have you ever heard of the sixty-nine position?”

She thought a bit before saying, “Maybe, but if I did I can’t remember what it is.”

“Okay, what we do is I lay on my back and you climb on top of me.”

“Duh, we’ve done that before,” she said not letting me finish.

“Wait, there’s more! You climb on top but then flip around so that your face is in my crotch and your crotch is in my face.”

She looked confused finally saying, “Then what? I mean it sounds sexy but we won’t even be able to see each other.”

“We won’t need to see each other. It is all about erotic sensations. In the sixty-nine position, you’ll be able to jack me off and perform oral sex while I have a view of your gorgeous pussy and can lick and masturbate you until you scream.”

“Oh, wow! I didn’t even think of that. Kind of like what we did the last time but both together instead of separately?”

“Indeed and it allows us to vary the pace so that we can both have orgasms together.”

Within seconds I was on my back with this sexy teen laying on top of me. It took a bit of adjustment and some pillows but soon I had full access to her pussy while she was able to comfortably suck and stroke me. With my head between her legs, I began a slow lick from bottom to top. In this position, everything was reversed and I heard Niki sigh at the beginning of each lick as I caressed her clit.

For her part, Niki had a firm grip on my cock squeezing tightly as she jacked me. Her other hand was fondling my balls and it all felt really good. I continued to lick through the oily slickness of her labia stopping occasionally to plunge my tongue deep into her vagina. Each time I did this it forced a long groan from her lips.

Niki switched to a new tactic engulfing most of my cock into her warm wet mouth as she massaged my ball sack. It almost seemed like we were competing to see who could get the other off first. Niki’s tongue danced up and down my shaft and swirled over my cockhead. I could feel copious amounts of pre-cum dribbling out my cock and into her mouth.

I responded by taking a finger and coating it with the greasy lubricant from her pussy. Gently I inserted my finger into her vagina twisting it slightly until I could go no further. Slowly pulling back out I could feel her vagina trying to keep me inside. This was going to be fun!

In and out I pushed, finger-fucking this luscious teen. Within minutes I could feel her vagina stretching from the stimulation which allowed me to insert a second finger burying both as far as they could go. In this position, I only had to apply downward pressure with my fingertips to stimulate her G spot. I could tell she liked this as her hips began to thrust trying to drive my fingers in deeper.

Her movements made it harder for me to keep licking her pussy but I did my best. Focusing now on the nub of her clit I made tiny soft nibbles with my teeth. Niki responded by using both her hands to jack me while continuing to swallow as much of my cock as she could. This was enough to push me right up against the edge of an orgasm.

Without warning Niki’s hips began bucking, slamming her pussy hard into my face and hand. This forced my fingers even deeper inside as her orgasm blasted through her body from head to toe. I could feel a torrent of her warm juices flow down my hand and onto my face as Niki rode her wave of bliss. Her orgasm exploded so quickly it caught us both off guard and she popped her mouth off of my cock and stopped stroking me.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she managed to say while trying to draw breath. “It feeeels so fuuuuucking goooood!”

Niki’s hips continued to thrust my face and fingers so I just held still waiting for her orgasm to pass. A full minute seemed to go by before her orgasm and body movements subsided. She still was gripping my cock in a death grip though I doubt she was even aware. I slowly withdrew my fingers from her vagina and was rewarded with another warm gush of sweet nectar. She was still trembling so I massaged her back and buttocks to help soothe her.

“Niki, honey,” I managed to say with some difficulty, “could you let go of my cock? It’s kind of being crushed.”

I heard her squeak in surprise. “Oh! Sorry! I didn’t realize.”

As she released her grip she asked, “Are you okay? Did I hurt it?”

“Nope, all is well. Just need to give it a bit of a rest.”

I felt her shift her weight to try and get comfortable. We had been in this position for a while now and my body was a bit too lumpy to make a good mattress.

“Why don’t you roll off me and we can take a break?” I said. “I’m in desperate need of some kissing.”

“But…but…you didn’t have a chance to cum yet,” she said with real concern in her voice.

“No worries. I have another position we can try that might be even better!”

Niki rolled off of me and turned herself so that we could face each other and kiss and cuddle. Frankly, if all we did was hug our naked bodies together and kiss, I would’ve been just fine. We spent several minutes in each other’s embrace enjoying the feeling of flesh on flesh and the heat within. My cock had started to soften which I thought was a good thing given how long I’d been hard with no release.

“I don’t get it,” she said softly before kissing me again, “every time I think I’ve had the best possible orgasm and nothing could ever top it, you come up with an even better way to make me cum.”

“That is the wonder of sex. With the right partner and the right emotional attachment, it can always be better than the time before. Especially for someone so young where everything is new and exciting.”

“Well, what are we going to do about your sad, soft, little penis? Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re no longer poking my belly like before. And frankly, a soft and squishy penis is of no use to a girl, don’t you know.”

“I think we can fix that,” I replied. “I have one last move in my bag of tricks for today. Reach down and stroke me with your hand and I’ll explain.”

Within a minute she had me hard again and ready for my finale. I had her climb back on top of me but this time she sat with her ass right on my crotch. Following my instructions, Niki leaned her body forward, lifted her pussy, and lowered her gooey wetness right onto my rigid shaft. She moved around a bit and we both felt my cock settle into the hot wet groove of her labia.

“Ah, that feels so good,” I said dreamily. “Now you can slide your pussy along my shaft and it will feel good for both of us.”

I saw her look down marveling at the sight of my fat tube nestled within her hot silken folds. She began sliding her hips forward and back masturbating me with her pussy. Her weight applied just enough pressure to make it almost feel like we were fucking as her clitoris passed over the sensitive area under my cockhead. Niki was so flexible she was able to slide her well-lubricated pussy from my balls upward along my shaft and just over the tip of my cock. And as she slid back down my cockhead would sometimes catch on the edge of her vagina aching to be let in. Back and forth, back and forth we rocked.

I couldn’t reach her mouth but I did take advantage of the two luscious breasts jiggling and swaying over my chest. Leaning over me as she rocked allowed her breasts to hang freely dancing for my pleasure. Her nipples were erect as her pussy responded to the feel of my hard cock so I massaged each little peak with my fingers. I managed to lift myself just enough to drag my tongue over her nipples. Seeing my distress she leaned forward even more which not only pressed her pussy tighter against my cock but also allowed me to suck her nipple completely into my mouth.

I was just about to give some oral attention to her other nipple when she said, “Wow! It almost feels like if I changed my position just a little, your cock would slide right inside me. Part of me is aching to feel you inside my vagina. Is it time to try?”

A million emotions swirled over me. Here I was with this sixteen-year-old nymphet laying naked on top of me while my cock probed the entrance to the sexiest vagina imaginable. And all I had to do was say yes and I’d be able to slide into the hottest, tightest, velvet glove of my life. No, not now. I mentally shook my head clearing away a bit of the lust.

“I love you for offering,” I managed to say with some effort, “but if you do end up choosing me to be your first, I want it to be really special. I want it to be wonderful and something you will remember fondly for the rest of your life.”

“Kay,” she said and continued to rub her pussy along my shaft. “You know, this feels so good!”

I watched as she lifted herself more upright while increasing the speed of her thrusting. I responded by lifting my hips to maintain the pressure. Niki was making a lot of lubrication which coated my shaft and our newly shorn pubic areas. My cock was also leaking large quantities of pre-cum which caused a lot of squishing sounds as she rocked her hips back and forth. I could feel my orgasm building so I began rocking my hips in a rhythm opposite to Niki’s.

The squishing got louder and suddenly she was hit with another orgasm. I never could resist the sound of a woman cumming and as she cried out with pleasure it pushed me over the edge and I climaxed with her. My cock erupted with strong jets of semen all aimed at my chest and face. Niki’s rhythm faltered as her orgasm hit but together we continued to thrust our genitals at each other for another minute.

“My god! I came again?” she said speaking to herself.

Through a desert-dry mouth, I managed to say, “Me…too.” As my squirts of semen diminished to dribbles.

We both slowed our rocking motions as Niki sat back down on my thighs. She looked at the mess all over her belly and my stomach and smirked. But the big laugh came when she saw the strands of semen hanging from my face.

“You almost shot your eye out!” she chortled gleefully. “You must have cleared almost three feet with that blast. Now I know why it sprays so hard down my throat when you cum in my mouth!”

“It’s all your fault, my love. If you weren’t the hottest girl on the planet it wouldn’t be this way. But you’re so sexy and beautiful that my libido goes off the chart.”

We were both worn out and tried to lay together for a while to rest. But the room was too warm and we both were covered with sticky fluids and couldn’t get comfortable. So we gave up and hit the shower, together of course.

The days passed and Niki and I settled into comfortable routines, she with school and I with my gardens. Our erotic play now focused on simulated sex as the best all-around casual activity. Niki continued to get updates from Heather as to her grandmother’s decline but she seemed to be dealing with it all pretty well. Niki had only two weeks of school left before summer break and I knew the timing was on her mind. It’d been on mine too.

“You realize,” she said one evening during our foot massage, “once school is out my mom plans to have me move out with her and grandmom for the summer or until… you know.”

“I know baby girl. But it will be good for all of you to be together for a while, especially in these sad times.”

“I’m going to miss you,” she said sounding so sad it made me ache. “These few months have been amazing.”

I took a moment to make sure I could speak without choking. “They’ve been amazing for me too. You’ve fundamentally changed my life for the better. I’ll miss you dearly, but eventually you’ll come home and I can watch over you as your life returns to normal. Until you go off to college, we still have plenty of time.”

I don’t know if my words helped as all I heard her say was, “Maybe…”

Another Saturday came around and Niki spent the day with her friends while I puttered in the yard. There was always lots to do and it helped me not dwell on what would soon happen. Niki joined me for dinner that evening and it made for a great end-of-the-day treat. I volunteered to do the dishes while Niki headed to her room to relax. Clean up finished I headed to the TV room figuring Niki would soon join me for our nightly foot play. The evening news had just ended when I heard Niki call me.

“Can you come here a minute?”

“Sure honey, is anything wrong?”

She didn’t answer but within seconds I was at her door which for some reason was closed. I tapped on the door with my knuckle.


“Come in,” I heard her say softly.

I opened her door and stopped at the threshold amazed at what lay before me. All the lights were off except for one on the dresser which had a silky pair of sheer lavender stockings draped over it giving that corner of the room a soft purplish glow. About a dozen candles flickered making shadows dance on every wall. Soft music was playing and her bed had been turned down as if ready for sleep. But sleep was not on the menu that evening.

Niki stood barefoot, resplendent in a teal-colored negligée that seemed translucent in some spots while maddingly opaque in others. It reached about mid-thigh on her slender frame with tiny spaghetti straps at the shoulders and as she moved I could see glimpses of the matching G-string underneath. I was utterly speechless.

“Aren’t you going to come in?” she asked in a voice so silky and sultry I almost didn’t recognize it.

“Wha… wha… what’s all this?” I finally managed to stammer.

She smiled and said, “This is us taking things to the next level. Want to join me?”

My mind was racing but I managed to urge my legs to move. Could it be true? Was this happening? As I entered the room Niki took my hand and pulled me close. We hugged and she kissed me with amazing passion. Our tongues danced and twirled with each other while I rubbed my hands over her firm backside. Niki pressed her crotch into mine and rotated her hips stimulating my cock. As my erection became more prominent Niki broke our kiss and stood on tiptoes to whisper in my ear.

“You’ve taught me so many things these past months and I’m ready for you. I’m ready for all you have to give me. I want to feel you inside me, so deep inside me. Your fingers have given me great pleasure, but there is a deeper ache your fingers can’t reach. Everything up till now has been foreplay and I’m ready to fuck. Will you please fuck me?”

Her words were so erotic my brain had overloaded. I dreamt of this happening but had never really believed we would get there. I felt her warm embrace and soft supple body and could hardly form a rational thought. For the last time, a small part of my brain tried to object that taking her virginity was wrong. But I loved her and if not me then who?

Taking a deep breath I finally managed to say, “Niki, my darling Niki. I am honored that you want me to be your first. It is a gift a girl can give only once and I am humbled.” I gently touched her face with my hand and caressed her cheek. “I will fuck you if that is what you want. But I prefer to make love to you because that is what you deserve. Regardless, I will make this the most amazing experience of your young life.”

I could sense her hesitation as she held me, “Aren’t fucking and making love the same thing?”

“Call it two sides of the same coin. Both involve a similar act and both can be fantastic. But fucking is harsher, more animalistic, with a primary goal of climaxing. Making love, as corny as it may sound, is more about emotional involvement and trying to please the other partner. If done right the two people almost merge for a time and revel in each other’s passions.”

“So, so much to learn,” she said softly. “Both sound amazing. Please, show me what to do.”

We sat on the bed and I took her into my arms. She felt warm and delicate as we melted into each other’s embrace. We kissed deeply reveling in the moment both thinking about the enormity of what was about to occur. Her first time would not be some backseat hormone-driven race to climax like most teens experience. Niki’s first time would be slow, loving, and entirely focused on her pleasure.

As we kissed I caressed her breasts through the filmy material of her negligée feeling her nipples harden at my touch. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers tweaked each nipple. I cupped her breast lifting it so I could feel the soft suppleness and heat. Her breasts were very sensitive and my ministrations caused her heartbeat and respiration to increase. Each gentle squeeze was met with a soft mewl from Niki as she kissed me harder. I carefully laid her down on the bed to allow our foreplay to continue.

I took a moment to pull off my shirt and slip out of my pants before laying down next to her. She looked at me with that dazzling smile of hers and reached out to pull me close again putting her lips to my ear.

“I’m so excited, but a little scared too. I want this so much. Will it hurt a lot?”

“It might hurt some, my love. But as the pain fades it will quickly feel wonderful. I promise you we’ll go very slowly and gently.”

She smiled and kissed me on the nose. “Can we go back to you rubbing my boobs? I really like that.”

Now it was my turn to smile as I kissed her again and said, “Yes Miss, more booby rubs on the way!”

I slid my hand under the hem of her negligée and trailed delicate fingertips along her smooth well-toned abdomen up to the gentle swell of her breasts. The skin-to-skin contact was wonderfully warm heightening the sensuality of my massage. The friction from my palm scraped across her rock-hard nipples sending shivers through her body. It was affecting me too as I shifted position to free some space between my erection and her body.

Hand massaging was nice but there was something even better. Planting a kiss on the nape of her neck my lips began a slow wet journey down to her chest stopping at the edge of her nightie. Pausing to slip the thin ribbons of fabric from her shoulders the silky garment easily slid down to her stomach fully exposing her breasts to my hungry mouth. Taking each nipple into my warm lips I gently suckled and nibbled using my tongue to keep things very wet. This had the desired effect as Niki’s moans intensified.

I trailed my fingertips downward across her taut stomach and over her Venus mound to the wet velvet crease that awaited me. For this first pass, my fingers grazed over her G-string nudging the delicate fabric into the cleft of her young sex. Continued pressure from my fingertips pushed the fabric deeper into her folds soaking it with the wetness underneath. My thumb massaged the silken fabric over her clitoris causing Niki to thrust her pelvis upward to meet my fingers.

“Oh, oh!” she gasped. “That feels so good… please don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping and even wondered if anything could have stopped me. Instead, I said, “Lift your body so I can pull your nightie off.”

As she wiggled her body my hand grabbed the silky smooth garment and pulled it off over her head before tossing it to the floor. Moving my hands to her waist I grasped the thin ribbon of her panty and tugged it off her hips and down her legs. A quick flick of her feet and the G-string hit the floor. Niki now lay before me splendid in her nakedness.

My excitement level was such that I was breathing hard and my cock was dripping pre-cum almost continuously. Using my fingernails I lazily traced patterns on her thighs coming dangerously close to her pussy before drifting away again. A few tickles more and her frustration at my teasing boiled over.

“Bastard!” she yelled. “Touch me there!”

On cue, my fingers moved to her bare pussy sinking deep within the folds. Engulfed in the heat and wetness I caressed slowly up and down her cleft alternately rubbing the bud of her clit and then sliding a fingertip into the tight opening of her slippery vagina. This fingering combined with my oral pleasuring of her nipples was pushing her far up the mountain towards a huge orgasm. Things were so hot I had resorted to rubbing my cock along her squirming body just to get some relief.

Niki was responding with constant pelvic thrusts against my fingers. It was time to shift gears. Instead of stopping at just the fingertip, I pushed in as far as my finger could go. After weeks of finger fucking, her vagina had stretched enough to make this easier. The stimulation of her breasts combined with my finger pistoning in and out of her fuck-hole was getting her pussy ready for the intrusion of my fat cock.

Without breaking stride, I worked a second finger inside her velvet tunnel and pressed upwards against her G spot. With all our sex play my fingers had gotten good at hitting the nerve bundle at just the right spot and Niki responded with even stronger pelvic thrusts as she tried to fuck my fingers. Looking up I saw that her eyes were closed and her soft lips were open slightly as she puffed with excitement.

As she panted I heard her saying very softly, “So good, so good, don’t stop, so good…”

It was time. I stretched myself back up alongside her and brushed away a damp strand of hair laying on her cheek. Her face had a rosy glow and when she opened her eyes to look at me I saw nothing but lust. Gone was the sixteen-year-old girl. In her place was a female in full heat wanting to fuck. I kissed her warm lips taking her face in my hands.

“Love, are you ready? Do you still want to do this?”

I saw her eyes clear with the question and for a moment I marveled at how the candlelight reflected in the gold flecks within her emerald pools. I could get lost forever in those eyes.

“Yes, oh yes. I am so very ready. Please, make love to me now,” she whispered.

From where we lay I pulled over a pillow and slid it under Niki’s backside. Hopefully, a slight elevation of her hips would make it easier for me to enter her. The missionary position seemed the best choice to ease her into womanhood. We placed another pillow under her head as I moved my body between her legs. Niki drew up her knees and placed a foot on either side of my hips. With her flexibility, she was easily able to bring her knees up parallel to her body and then spread them wide almost touching the bed.

I was kneeling between her legs looking down and admiring the view. Her head was surrounded by fiery red hair cascading alongside her shoulders. Pale milky breasts stood straight up in the air jiggling slightly with her heightened respirations. Her belly was flat and smooth leading down to the striking crimson landing strip topping the most sensuous bald pussy a man had ever seen. Her opened cleft was a deep pink glistening with oily wetness, bordered on each side by creamy pale thighs.

In all our sex play she had never been this open to me either physically or emotionally. She was ready, I was ready, and I just hoped I could make this a wonderful experience for her.

“Okay, are you comfortable? I’m going to slide inside you now, just a little at first.”

Our eyes met and without a word, she simply nodded her head yes. I grasped my shaft feeling its steely hardness and gently wiped my glans up and down through her well-lubricated labial folds. She was extremely wet and my cockhead glided without effort as I enjoyed the warmth emanating from her. Niki moaned as her swollen lips engulfed and nuzzled this bulbous invader seeking her most secret place.

Positioning the tip of my cock right at her virginal entrance it was easy to feel how wet and slippery she was. Heat radiated from her as my cock pushed slowly against her deep pink gateway. The size of my cockhead seemed ridiculously large compared to her small opening but with our combined lubrication and all the stimulation, Niki’s vagina opened allowing me to slip just the head inside her. The pleasure from the heat and warmth and anticipation was so great I almost cried out in joy.

Lord, she was tight. Her vagina was distended, squeezing me like a vise as it wrapped warmth around my glans. I’d stopped all movement wanting to be sure she wasn’t in pain.

Cautiously I said, “Are you okay, honey? You may want to look at this to see the spectacular view.”

“I feel okay. Kind of like when you finger me except a lot fuller. But it feels really good. Can you lift me so I can see?”

I helped her sit more upright so she could view our union. The sight of my thick shaft inside her tiny pussy was amazing to both of us.

She stared for a moment and said, “Wow, you just have the head inside me and I already feel so full. But it looks sexy too. Kind of like watching a porno.”

“Okay, I’m going to push in a little farther.”

With the slightest of movements, I pushed inward watching as my thick shaft further invaded her young pussy. My cock was able to slide in another inch before hitting more resistance. Backing out and sliding in again met the same resistance. My finger had penetrated deeper so I assumed her hymen must only be partially open. Even with only two inches buried it felt fantastic and it took all my control not to give in to my primal brain and shove my cock deep inside her.

Niki was still propped up watching and said, “That looks so fucking amazing! You are literally inside of me. I can’t wait to feel all of you.”

“Me either,” I replied, “but I’ve reached your hymen. Can you feel the extra pressure?

“Yes, it hurts a little but not very much. My period cramps can be way worse than this. It also feels really good which is a weird combination. Let me lay back down and then we can keep going.”

This was the big moment. How Niki reacted would decide if we popped her cherry or postponed it for another day. I pulled out an inch of cock and then pushed forward much harder this time. There was an instant of strong resistance and then suddenly it was gone. Before I could stop myself another few inches of cock slid inside her virgin tunnel.

“Ouch!” she yelled. “That stings!”

“The worst is over my love. The pain will start to lessen as your pleasure builds.”

I watched as she lay with her eyes closed taking in deep breaths waiting for the pain to pass. All movement had stopped again to prevent any further injury. The grip around my cock was like nothing I’d ever felt before but the pleasure was undeniable. I could even feel her heartbeat squeezing along my shaft. A minute passed then two as her breathing gradually slowed to normal.

“Okay, pain is less now. The sting is fading but my pussy feels like someone shoved a baseball bat inside me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Baseball bat? What a great compliment!”

“Well,” she shot back, “don’t get too full of yourself. After all, the only thing I have for comparison is a tampon. Although these days, tampons slide in pretty easy!”

“Smartass. You feeling okay for a little more?”

She nodded her head and closed her eyes in anticipation. I slowly withdrew two inches of shaft before pushing forward again. With her hymen broken and our combined copious amounts of lubrication, my cock was able to slide almost entirely inside her this time. The feeling was sensational. She was tighter than anyone I had ever been with and the combination of warmth and wetness was making my legs weak. I looked down amazed at the sight of most of my cock buried deep inside her teen vagina. Only about an inch of my shaft was still exposed but I had bottomed out and could push no further.

Moving slowly I withdrew my cock until just the glans was inside the grip of her vagina before pushing back deep inside again. In and out I stroked reveling in the velvet sensation. With each inward stroke, my glans bumped against her cervix feeling its rubbery resistance. As I pulled back out, her vagina gripped me tighter fighting to keep me inside. Looking up at Niki she was beautiful with eyes closed and lips slightly parted. Clearly, she was riding her own wave of pleasure.

As we made love I carefully lowered my body to hers encasing her in a hug and pulling her tight. My lips kissed hers and she responded by wrapping her arms around my neck locking us together. Her breasts were squashed against my chest poking me with granite-tipped nipples. With each thrust of my hips, Niki met me with an upward thrust of her pelvis driving my cock even deeper inside her.

I thought I was as deep as I could go but then she wrapped her muscular legs around my ass and pulled me even closer. I could feel my pubic hair mashed up against the smooth skin of her shaved pussy. Between the juices of our lovemaking and the sweat, our movements were making soft squishing sounds. I was not going to last more than a few minutes longer.

Breaking our kiss I began to thrust faster into Niki’s tight velvet sleeve. My cock could feel every ridge and texture within her vagina as she spasmed around my throbbing shaft. Niki was moaning loudly and gripping me so tightly it was getting difficult to maintain my rhythm. I pistoned in and out enjoying the sensations feeling like we had almost merged into a single being. I was riding her and she was riding me as we both raced towards our orgasms. Within a few seconds, Niki got there first.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh, holy goddamn fuck!” I heard her scream as her orgasm hit.

Niki’s vagina clamped down on my cock so hard it was painful. The entire depth of her heat squeezed and milked my cock begging it to fertilize her. Combined with the curse words coming from her young mouth it pushed me over the edge as my orgasm erupted and my cock began spewing huge jets of hot seed into her. With each inward thrust, my cock spurted thick gooey semen bathing her cervix. All I could hear from Niki were guttural noises as our genitals slammed together. Ten, fifteen, twenty more times I thrust into her tightness before my strength gave out and I had to stop.

Gradually our orgasms waned as we both floated down from the clouds. So intense was the pleasure my eyes had squeezed shut and when I opened them I was met with Niki looking up at me beaming her million-watt smile. Her hair was matted and damp with sweat and a fine sheen of moisture covered her face. Her skin had flushed deep pink and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

I was still laying on her body so I propped myself up on my elbows to give her some relief. My cock was still a steel spike buried deep inside her, enjoying the warmth as it continued to dribble cum. She unwrapped her legs from my backside but I wasn’t ready to pull out yet. It felt so goddamned wonderful I wanted to stay sunk inside her pussy forever.

Niki continued to smile so brightly that it made my heart swell with happiness and relief. I leaned down and kissed her enjoying our post-coital moment. I could feel my cock starting to soften but I was determined not to pull out until I had to. Niki could feel it too.

“I love that you’re still inside me. This is a perfect moment that I never want to end. Can’t we just lay here together forever?

“I never want it to end either,” I replied. “This is indeed a perfect moment. Unfortunately, moments can’t last forever, as cruel as that may be.”

We lay together kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes until the inevitable happened. Niki’s vaginal muscles slowly pushed my flaccid cock out and we felt a huge flow of juices pour out of her. It’s difficult to even explain the loss I felt at that moment. As I rolled onto my side she faced me and we embraced, pulling our bodies tightly together. We kissed and cuddled and eventually covered ourselves with a sheet as we drifted off to sleep.

Bird chirping is what first brought me around. I cracked open a bleary eye to see that Niki was still asleep though she had turned her back to me. Sunlight streamed through the blinds and for a moment my brain remained disoriented. Then it all came back in a rush. Our lovemaking had been better than any human could have asked for. It was only a little painful for her and I lasted much longer than I could have hoped with such a sensual virgin teen. My whole body felt relaxed and at peace.

My bladder was signaling a need to pee so I lifted the sheet to try and exit without waking her. I was forced to pause as the mesmerizing sight of her beautiful heart-shaped ass came into view. Already my mind was thinking of round two as my eyes traced along the curve of her hip to the sexy dimples on her lower back.

I managed to get out of bed without waking her but when I returned she was sitting up with only her lower half covered by the sheet. Again I marveled at the view of her perfect apple-sized breasts standing firmly from her chest with nipples erect from the cool room air. Her hair was completely disheveled and she had to keep brushing it away from her eyes so she could see.

“Morning,” she yawned. “I don’t think I’ve ever slept this well before in my life. How was your night?”

“I slept like a log. Last thing I remember after our fireworks was cuddling with you and then waking up to birdsong and sunlight.”

She looked up at me and smiled her brilliant smile. “I can’t explain what I was expecting for my first time. I’ve heard all of the stories from girls at school and seen all the crap on the Internet. I even read stories from teens describing losing their virginity.” She paused to brush back her hair again before continuing. “And my first time was so much better than anything I’d heard or read it almost seems like I must have dreamt it. The pain was minimal and the pleasure was indescribable. I mean you’ve given me some fantastic orgasms these past months, each one often better than the one before. But this time…” she trailed off.

“This time my love, you experienced more than just physical stimulation. Last night we poured all of our emotions into the act and like warm honey, it flowed in and around our physical actions filling every void.” I crossed the room kicking aside some stray clothing to stand near her and said, “We created a whole tapestry where for a short time our very souls merged into one with each of us giving and absorbing pleasure from the other.” I paused thinking how corny I sounded. “Sorry for the schmaltz this early in the morning.”

I saw her consider my words before speaking. “I have one question. Will it ever be this good again or was last night the best I can ever hope for?”

As before, I was struck with a feeling that I was playing with fire when it came to Niki’s emotions, and saying the wrong thing could have unexpected consequences. I took a few beats before responding.

“Last night was better than any adjective I can use to describe it. For me, it was the pinnacle of my sexual experience.” I reached out taking her hand in mine. “But for you, with your whole life yet to come, I can say with assurance that you’ll have as good as if not better experiences with future partners. Last night was merely a preview of what you’ll enjoy once you are in a serious relationship with some lucky man.”

I saw sadness pass over her face and it made my heart ache. She sat silent for a minute and I could see tears welling up in her eyes as she said, “It hurts to hear you talk about me being in a relationship with someone else. I love you, you know. I am head over heels in love with you.” She paused wiping tears from her cheeks. “But a part of my brain also knows how crazy that sounds. My rational side knows that a sixteen-year-old girl can’t be in a relationship with an older man, no matter how wonderful he is. And that makes me so sad.”

I sat on the bed and held her, my own tears now wetting my cheeks. I stroked her hair and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Niki, I dearly love you too. More than you can ever imagine though I know it can never be. It isn’t just our age difference and how society would react to our love. You’re still a young woman and deserve all of the experiences and joys a full life has to offer. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who likes the same things you do and knows what music is hot and talks the same way your friends do. I’ve known this day was coming and have dreaded it, but I’ve taken comfort in knowing the brief time we have together will be part of our memories forever.”

Niki sniffed and laid her head on my shoulder saying, “I know. I know this can’t last, but at least we still have some time so let’s make the best of it. With only another week of school, I worry that my mom is going to move me out to grandmom’s and that will be it.”

I dried her tears with some tissues and she left to go relieve her full bladder. How did we go from the highest high last night to a devastating blast of reality this morning? I knew this day was coming. I always knew this day was coming. But knowing didn’t make it any less painful now that it had arrived. Our time together was ending and I’d need to be the best I could be to help us both through this.

When Niki returned she’d stopped crying and looked much better. She joined me back on the bed where we cuddled and kissed some more. We made love again but this time it was slower and less frantic than the night before. We held each other tightly almost as if we thought that would protect us from what was coming. We managed to climax together, but as enjoyable as it was, it was tinged by the sadness and foreboding we both now felt.

[Concluded in Part 4]

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