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Orphan Alyssa (11) – 5th Grade P6

2 days before going to the delinquent class a massive gangbang occurs.

It was Saturday before I had to start attending the building with all the delinquent boys. Riley’s dad, my principal who made the deal to free me from his son explained that I was to just let the boys grope and touch me however they wanted when I was there. They weren’t allowed to fuck me without my permission but a whole building of 7-11 year old kids out of juvie probably couldn’t be trusted.

About noon I got a text from Riley(10), he wanted me to come to our school’s gym at the normal building. He hadn’t humiliated me in a while so I guess I was do but I wasn’t prepared for what he had in mind.

I walked into the gym to find Riley and about 9 other boys(all age 10), all of which I had been bullied by and had fights with before. “come on, you know what I want!” he says and I get down on my knees and free his cock. I start to suck his rock hard cock as the other boys make comments.

“aaahhh, I’m gonna miss you as my bitch!” he says before lifting me up by my hair and kissing my lips. “get her guys!” he shouts as all the boys begin grabbing at me! Many of them are gripping my ass and tits before they start violently ripping my clothes off. After finally getting me completely naked Riley spreads my legs and jams his cock deep into my cunt.

I scream out in pleasure as my former bully impales me with his cock, he was especially wild this time and I did nothing but moan. “GET PREGNANT SLUT!” he screams before jamming his cock balls deep and grunting, filling me up with his hot seed.

The other boys were already naked and waiting their turns as Riley pulls out and the next boy begins fucking my pussy. He was especially violent and wrapped his hands around my neck tightly, I could barely breathe as I tried to get his hands off me but I didn’t have the strength as he continued to ram his cock against my womb.

After he creampied me the next boy flipped me over, lifted my ass in the air and rammed his cock into my asshole! As I screamed out one boy slammed his foot on my head and kept it down while the one ramming my ass yanked my hair. Once he filled my ass another boy took my pussy while the boy in front sat down and face fucked me. The other boys was talking, eating and drinking as they waited for their cocks to be ready for another round.

Every boy got at least 2 or 3 turns filling my ass, pussy or mouth, even grouping up to fuck. all my holes at once. After hours of fucking I laid on the floor exhausted, panting heavily as cum leaked from all my holes and one of them stroking their cocks above me before he shot his hot sperm on my face.

“get up, don’t think you’re done yet!” Riley said while throwing me a towel. I wiped off and started following the boys through the school until we got to the principal’s office. Without warning I was grabbed and made to lay down on his desk as they tied my hands and feet up so i couldn’t move. I was now laying on the desk with my feet tied apart so I was doing the splits and my hands tied so my arms were spread wide as well.

I leaned forward to see a Riley taking money from a lineup of kids from our grade, he was whoring me out! The first kid was someone from my class! He had a grin on his face as he freed his hard cock and began to fuck my pussy as he gripped my tits. He came after minutes and the next boy in line began his turn, all I did was moan in pleasure like a slut and beg for more.

After a bunch of kids took their turns I heard a commotion and looked up to see a girl handing Riley some money. It was CIndy (16) a Highschool student who volunteered here 3 days a week, she was white with brown hair always tied in a ponytail with her bangs down and a nice slim waist, every boy had a crush on her.

“I knew you were hot Alyssa but seeing you nude really turns me on” she says as she removes her top and bra, freeing her DD-cup tits. she bent forward, raising her bubble butt into the air, and began eating out my pussy. He tongue felt amazing as she licked and sucked me clit, the waiting boys were around us stroking their cocks like there was no tomorrow. A few boys came on her big ass and my face when I screamed out in pleasure as she brought me to climax.

I leaned my head back to catch my breath when I felt a very hard and huge cock slap down on my pussy. I thought it was a boy when I heard the commotion and looked up to see Cindy stroking her fat 7-inch cock while rubbing it against my pussy.

“ugh…I haven’t been this hard in so long. Yeah I was born with a penis, it’s hard finding girls who can take it” She says as she presses the tip against my hole. With a grunt she manages to fit the tip of her big cock and and slowly starts pushing it all the way in.
“*sigh* you’re fucking tight, I won’t hold back!* she says and begins fucking me like a wild animal as he large tits swang and we both moaned with every thrust. Many of the boys were rubbing their cocks and cumming on her ass while doing the same to my whole body.

Cindy’s cock was amazing, it was hitting being rammed against my womb when she suddenly stopped and screamed out. I leaned up again to see one boy had penetrated her ass! As she fucked me the boys took their turns fucking and filling her ass, this went on for a good hour until there were no boys left but Cindy hadn’t slowed down at all.

“fuck….FUCK!” she screamed as she went balls deep and began filling me with her spunk, it must’ve been 4 or 5 hot loads before she pulled out and shot a few streams of her thick, white seed onto my tits and face.

The 2 of us were exhausted, Cindy was laying on top of me and we were both breathing heavily. I looked up to see the door closed and Riley no where to be found, he must’ve left after his turn with Cindy’s ass.

“ugh, little assholes took our clothes!” She said as she slipped her black panties on, her balls hanging out of the side.
“guess I shouldn’t leave you here like they wanted” she said as she untied me, unfortunately they didn’t leave any of my underwear like they did with Cindy.
She offered to drive me to my apartment and I accepted, we both ran to her car covering our nude bodies hoping no one was around when Riley walked out from behind her car.

“you didn’t think I’d leave without my farewell blowjob did you?” he said and the 2 of us got down on our knees in the cold and began happily servicing his cock. He didn’t last long with the 2 of us and Cindy swallowed his cum, he ran off and we both got in her car when I noticed Cindy’s cock was hard and stretching her panties. As she drove I slipped her panties over and sucked her off on the way home, swallowing her load as we pulled into my parking lot.

I got into my apartment, showered and went straight to sleep.

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