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my daughter learns to play her toy with her 2 friends part 3

I started coming so hard and as deep as my 6 inch cock would go inside Allison, as she was having her own orgasm with me. I felt just as I started to cum that I was being watched, I turned my head towards the doorway as my balls started pumping my cum inside Allison, only to see my 10 year old daughter standing there with her hands to her mouth as in shock of what me her dad was doing to her friend. I jumped up landing on the floor with my still shooting cock pointed at my daughter. I started to say that it wasn’t what it looked like but, I knew that wouldn’t fly with my daughter.

I moved closer to my daughter seeing she had tears coming down her cheeks and that, ripped my heart out, just like it does every time she cries. I went to put my arms around her but she stepped back as she said ” Daddy, do you love Allison more than you do me? Is that why your doing this with her and not me?” Not her?, what was she trying to tell me? Was she saying that it should be her in my bed instead of Allison? I don’t understand the female mind anymore than the next guy but, am I hearing what I think I’m hearing? Maybe.

I said “I’m sorry if what we were doing hurt you but, I didn’t think you were ready for what was going on.” I turned to see how Allison was reacting to having my daughter looking at both of us and, she hadn’t covered up or even seem upset at all. I turned bad to my daughter who had her eyes locked on my shrinking cock. She slowly looked up as she reached out taking my cock in her hand before, letting go quickly looking at what she had got on her hand. She lifted her hand to her nose sniffing at what is on her hand then look at me asking me ” Daddy is this just your stuff or both from you guys?” Just as I was going to answer her she stuck her tongue tasting both of our cum on her hand. She then said “It’s salty and weird but, if it’s your dad I like it.”

I swear I will never understand a female mind even one so young. I finally got a hand on my daughter’s should and said ” Honey, first of all you will always be my first love and, I still love you deeply, but I do love Allison as well only, in a different way. I hope you can understand what I am trying to tell you. You are my daughter and no matter what, I will always love you and want you in my life.”

“But daddy, she went on, why when I sleep with you we don’t do what you and Allison was doing? Does it mean you love her like mommy or, or, I just don’t understand.” I hugged my Daughter to my naked body as I felt her body shake as her tears started all over again.

That’s when Allison said ” Tami, remember how much Debbie pushing that thing inside made me feel? Well I don’t think your dad wants to hurt you like that.”

My daughter looked up at me and said ” Is that way we don’t do what you were doing daddy? Cause if it is you don’t have to worry about that at all. That red toy mom had, you know the one that looks like your thing, I already had it inside me. And I didn’t have blood coming out like Allison did, but I like the feeling of it moving inside me. Oh Allison, I’m sorry I told Debbie to push it hard in you, I didn’t think it would hurt cause it never hurt me.” So If am hearing things right, my little daughter isn’t a virgin either. Oh god I’m going to hell cause I know what my daughter and me are going to be doing and, especially after she seen me balls deep in her friend.

Allison said ” Why don’t you and your dad come to bed with me and, maybe he can do it with you, after I show you what I have learned. Your dad knows all kinds of fun stuff.” My daughter looked up at me as she started to move around me and towards my king size bed. I watched as she got on the bed with her friend and got close to her making room for me. Allison said “Come on Dan, your daughter needs you and so do I.” Oh Christ I think I may’ve made a preteen nymph. As I turned to join my girls Allison said ” I bet you never kissed like this before.” As she started French kissing my little girl with her not pulling away.

Allison Took ahold of my daughter’s nighty lifting over her head leaving her in her cotton panties with pink unicorns on them. I remembered buying them for her, and her saying how cute them are. Allison then pushed my daughter flat on her back and started licking and sucking on my daughter’s nubs which were just a tiny bit bigger then Allison’s tiny tits. Allison waved at me to play with my daughter’s other nipple which was fully erect, just the way I was becoming as well. My daughter was saying how good what we were doing felt, and her friend put her hand on my head pushing my down my daughter’s body. I knew she wanted me to eat out my little girl just as I had done her.

I give her belly button a couple licks before I rubbed my daughter through her pink unicorn panties. It took only seconds for my little girl to start pushing her panties against my fingers. I didn’t want to go to fast but, my cock was hurting from being so well used today, it hadn’t seen this much action since I was in my teens at a house party turn orgy. What I remember most was someone there had crabs, and I think we all ended up with them.

My daughter was starting to moan deeply as she was now holding her friends head and humped her hips against my fingers. Her panties were become fairly wet as I hooked my fingers around the waistband of her panties sliding down her legs and off her legs. I had no hesitation on my daughter’s part as I pulled her legs wide open. I looked at her tiny slit of a pussy seeing her inter lips looked to be opening as she was becoming a woman. I lowered my mouth to my second preteen pussy of the night as I give my daughter a good long firm lick, getting a deep moan from my little girl. I opened her lower lips as I went to work trying to give my daughter her first orgasm from me anyway.

I slipped my arms under her thighs so I could hold on to her moving as her orgasm rose inside of her. When I slowly inserted one then two fingers inside my girl she started coming. I felt resistance at all when my fingers went inside and the sounds of my girl having a orgasm made me feel very much more love for her. Allison then said ” I think it’s time for you to do her Dan.” I couldn’t of agreed more, as I moved up her little body and pushed my hard cock against her opening.

My little girl looked into my eyes and said “I love you daddy, put it in me please daddy. I want to feel what Allison felt.” I didn’t make her wait. I pushed maybe a inch into my little girl as she smiled at me and then pushed in about half. She closed her eyes as she groaned and pushed back at me. I could feel the love she has for me coming through her body and in to mine as I pushed all but a tiny bit inside my daughter. Like Allison I give her a minute to get used to my size. When I felt her hips move I slowly started fucking my daughter. Allison was still licking and sucking on my daughter’s nipples as she slid a hand down so she could feel my cock sliding in and out of my daughters very tight pussy. It felt like Allison was trying to find my daughters clit, and when she did my daughter give a loud moan as her hips started moving a whole lot faster and harder.

Allison started to French kiss my daughter as she kept rubbing my daughters clit. My little girl then went wild with her hips as she moaned that she was going to pee, I knew it was just her hitting her high as she orgasm started. She went limp after she came as she muttered that she loves us both. Having just filled Allison maybe a hour before I was lasting a lot longer. After my daughter had her 3rd orgasm she said she was getting sore. So I pulled out and Allison went straight to my cock sucking me even with my daughters cum on my cock.

After a few minutes my daughter moved so she could see what her friend was doing and, soon was licking near my balls. I warned them both was about to cum but either of them backed away. I wanted to force my cock down Allison’s throat, but that could come later as what cum I had shot into Allison’s mouth. She gagged but didn’t take me out of her mouth, just kept sucking on me. I’m sure she swallowed some but, once I finished coming she turned to my daughter French kissing her with my cum being shared between the two of them.

We pulled the sheet up covering us as we all drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Debbie was at my open bedroom door asking why we were sleeping together.

To be cont.

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