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Friend comes out to that he gay an likes me

Well a long time friend of mine came out to me he was a gay top. He knew I was married and a crossdresser but he thought I was straight as could be. (My wife knew I was very bisexual). Well I told her what he had said to me. She was very surprised when I told her that he told me that he was a gay top and he liked me.
Her and I were planning to go on trip in a few days since I had put my truck in the shop for engine rebuild and get painted. We already decided that I was going to be Paula the whole time. She suggested that we should invite him along. Well we knew that he would go because his job just closed down for a few weeks. So we asked him an he said yes that he would like to.
Well we got to the place we were going got our hotel rooms in the evening. The next morning I had taken a bubble bath and other feminine stuff. I was naked in the bathroom finishing up my makeup and lipstick. I heard a knock on the door and heard his voice my wife came in the bathroom and told me that he was here. Then she whispered in my ear asking me if I wanted to have fun with him. I said yes I do. She said that she had booked a all day tour an wouldn’t be back till that evening. She said on her way out that she was going to be back late and left.
Well before I went out in the room I put on pair of thigh high stockings so when I went out there I was just in my makeup and lipstick and stockings and my full set of square tip gel nails had done and painted and painted toes. When I went out there he said that he would go till I finished getting dressed. I said why you want to do that. He said that you know that I told you that I was a gay top and that I am very attracted to you. I said yes I know that but I have a question for you and be honest with me. I asked him hypothetical what he would like to do with me if he had the chance. He said honestly I would love to kiss you passionately and make out with you and eat your delicious boi pussi hole and make love to you. I said well you have it all planned out and sounds so romantic. He said that he was being honest with me. I said to him that I would if he wanted to we have all day together. He asked me if I was serious. I went over to him sitting on the edge of the bed and sat down across his lap and said yes I was serious about it and I was bi bottom crossdresser. Then he asked me what if my wife was to come back. I put my arms around his neck and said that she knew that I was going to have fun with you and she was one suggested to have you come along.
We started kissing passionately and I got goosebumps as we were. As I sat there my arms around his neck and his arm around my waist and hand on my smooth stocking covered thigh. He said that I can’t believe that I am really with you and I so much more attracted to you. If you only knew how much I wanna make very passionate love to you. I said well we can’t make love till you get your clothes off. I got up and laid down on the bed and he got completely undressed and got in bed with me. We kissed passionately and made out for a while. I started to kiss way down his chest and stomach and then I reached his cock and started to kiss it an licking it running my tongue around the head of it and over the tip of it. I open my wrapping my lips going completely down on it. I slowly sucked him from tip to balls. His thick 8″ tasted so good in my mouth. He had me move over him so he could lick and bury his tongue in my boi pussi hole. He ate me till I came an I sucked him till shot his hot load in my throat and mouth swallowing it all down. Then I moved up to the head of the bed.
We laid there kissing and cuddling he all of this time I held my feelings back for you. He said that he didn’t know that I was bisexual. Then I said yes I have always been an I told him that my wife and I have always had a open marriage. We laid there for a while longer kissing more and talking. Then we started kissing passionately and heavily making out. He moved over top of me and our tongues intertwined as we kissed my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. I reached over and got some lubricant putting it on his hard cock then rubbing the head of it on my boi pussi hole. He slowly pushed it against my hole opening it up. I moaned softly the deeper he went. I whispered in his ear telling him how much I loved it. He slowly made very long passionate love to me. I was calling him hunny between moans and kisses. We so much into I didn’t realize that he had given me hickey’s on my neck after a good 30 minutes or more he kissed me hard and passionately and pumped his load deep inside of me. I moan loudly as he did making me cum also. We kissed passionately till he slipped out.
We spent the whole day in bed fucking in different positions and kissing and making out. My phone went off and it was a a text from my wife. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that him and I were laying in bed together. She said that don’t tell him but she was on the way to the room and she wanted to catch us in bed together. We started kissing passionately both nude in the bed when she came in. She sat down on the bed beside me and said that she seen us two have been having a very good time. She told him that it was ok but wanted him to tell her the truth. She asked him if it was what he wanted and excepted. He said that he wasn’t going to lie to her an said that it was more than he ever expected. She said do you want Paula more an he said yes.

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