Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

Daddy and special friend Paula

Im jen 12 years old real life experience i love very much . I have dislyxia sorry fir wrong spelling and period.

Yesterday morning i woke up between daddy and Paula. She slept over Saturday night . But when I woke up Paula was kissing and licking my private. My legs were on her sholders and her hands on my boobs. Her tounge gently sliding in and out if my private. Im moaning and holding her head . Then daddy wakes up . Gives me a kiss says he going to go start breakfast. He kisses Paula on tge head and leaves the bedroom. Pauls move her body up puts her legs on each side of my head. I grad Paula penis put it in my mouth. Paula still licking my private. She starts move her hips up and down . Her penis going in and out of my mouth. . Then I feel Paula put a finger in my butt. Then I put a finger in her butt. Im getting all tingly down there. I moaning then I start to come. Im well my legs,are shaking Paula still licking me . Then Paula sits up some looks al me . Says you are a goog penis sucker . Your daddy right your very good at it . Then Paula pulls out of my mouth. Daddy walks in says breakfast is almost ready. Paula is between my legs puts her penis in my private. Paula moving in and out ly legs,are spread wide . Paula gois fasrer my boobs bouncing. Then daddy walks in says breakfast ready . Walks over kisses Paula and grabs her nipples. Then daddy says your about to come. Paula says yes pinch my nipples harder . Then Paula pulls out starts to play with her penis. Then Paula start to come all over my private. After Paula finished. Daddy gets a towl cleans me up we go downstairs have breakfast.

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