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Simply The Best, The Twins…

The twins have always slept naked together, from the day they were born. When they stopped using nappies, they never wore panties or bras.

The twins were born just 69 seconds apart and they shared the same bed from that day on and when they stopped using nappies, they also slept naked and played with each others bodies as often as they could, and always with our blessing.
When the girls were just 10 years old, they asked us if they could watch their mummy and daddy having sex and we both said yes, of course you can both watch us just whenever you want to.
We also told them that when the reach their teen years, they can share our bed with us, either both of them together or with either of us separately.
This arrangement has never ever stopped, and as I first fucked my sister, their mummy when she was 11 years old, I started fucking the twins when they reached that age as well.
As was my thing when fucking, I NEVER used any lube or took time to let the girl I chose to get ready to be fucked, I just spread her legs really wide, aimed my hard cock at her slit and rammed it in her hole as hard as I could and then fucked her as hard and as violently as I could until I emptied my full load of cum right up inside her fanny.
After dinner I would then take the other girl to the couch and do exactly the same thing, in exactly the same way.
The girls were NEVER allowed to clean up, in any way unless I told them to…

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