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On The Prowl

Maureen and Mark on the prowl for adventures

Let me introduce my wife and I

Maureen is 62 and frankly an ugly bitch. Her lined face gives her age away, Her small drooping breasts are like deflated balloons and the only saving grace is god knows why she’s got fabulous legs.Oh and I wouldn’t be writing this if she wasn’t a bloody sex maniac
Me? well I’m trying to keep in trim but must admit to a paunch and a bald head
My name is Mark by the way

We are both retired, well to be honest we didn’t do much before, having both inherited in middle age.
We met at a swingers club but found it a little mild for us and decided to branch out on our own, if you see what I mean. We share a large house fitted out with a “Dungeon” although we are not very much into that ourselve, well not “very” much. A photographic studio with a number of backdrops including a sumptious style boudoir.,and then it was just a matter of finding partners young or old not always totally agreeable,well it wouldn’t be much fun if they were would it?

At the moment things are quiet Msureen has been getting friendly with a lady at the WI club she goes to Maureen claims they have dropped hints about their interest in young ones but I said it might be only her dropping hints. Any way she had invited her round for one evening. She accepted so I’ll let her take up the story

The ladies name was Elsie not all the women in the club are elderly after all you just have to be a woman. However Elsie was a middleaged woman as tubby as I am skinny I would guess at about 38 DD and about 40 hips she had an open pleasent face
We settled down fo r a drink and Elsie brought out a photo album
This is a special on of my two grandchildren
I looked at the first page oh yes!!! She was posed beautifully, her naked body displayed eroticaly
This was taken when she was 8 when I just started with her she turned the page to show a boy cheekily posed as she turned the pictured grew more erotic as they were older
The last page showed them together in an adult pose
Susy is 11 there and John is 10

By that time I was soacking wet and she was looking at me with a gleam in her eye she undone her blouse are you ready? God yes!! I undressed and soon we were together gropeing each others wet cunt sucking each others tits then into a 69 position sucking and licking each others warm spunk. She turned me and straddled me. lowering her cunt onto my face. You like the piss?
BeforeI i could answer she gushed into my mouth. It was unexpected and she said which one do you want? I managed to gasp the girl Susy.
Just you or both of you? Please god both of us

At home when Maureen told me about her little adventure I contacted Elsie asking her would she like to meet at our place telling her about our studio. We agree for her to bring Susy at first

We had a cctv in both corners so shouldn’t miss much of the actio We sat aound on the settees and armchairs discussing what the afternoon should bring, as we did Elsie and Maureen were getting wetter and one by one getting rid of our clothes . We were passing Susy around kissing and feeling her each of our fingers gently probeing her sweet peach cunt. eventualy I could wait no longer leading Elsie , to one of the plush armchairs sitting her back pulling her legs over the arms to reveal a forest of black hair completley covering her cunt, her breasts had flopped to either side she looked crude just waht I wanted. I pushed in my fingers eventualy finding the slit of her cunt lips one finger at a time until my thumb folding into my palm the whole hand ws in, fist fucking her. Even with her flab my fist was bulging her belly.

Her screaming brought the other two and Maureen showed Susy how to suckle her granny’s tits as they hung shaking as her whole body jerked
‘I sat back on my haunches to take a breath before plunging my cock into what was now a soaking wet hairy mess. The girlls worked on her udders Susy enjoying herself slapping and pinching them to Maureens instructions
I tried to hold out but eventually felt my climax surging, One thrust one yell from both of us and it felt as if I had filled all her belly.

My cock was glistenning with our cum I lay on top of her. Can I have Susie?
She smiled, very gently and I’ll manage the photos
I lifted her into the same position, her little legs wide and began to lick her puffy little pussy then around to the prettyest rosebud, no doubt of its name the tiny pink wrinkles ready to unfurl like petals. I kissed her forehead and eyes gently introducing my glistening cock head to the slit of her vulva lips.. It passed them she gave a little squeel then inch at a time. Knowing Elsie has told me she had broken her hymen it was one pain I would evade soon I was pushing in and out fucking her she was raisiing her hips to meet me, her body twitching and jerkig her eyes wild the sight of her was too much I withdrew and spurted my hot cum over her young body

The other two had been watching Maureen had brought out her bag of toys,as I turned round she had two vibes working one of each up Elsies arse and cunt I crawled over to suck her wonderful flabby tits. Soon we lay back just lookig at each other slowly masturbating checking on the photos
Elsie was explaining that she had used small vibes on Susie and that was how it was easier for us both but John was a virgin She also explained her arrangement with their father she could only have them for babysitting.We said we understood and would fit in with her times

When she was ready she said it was for a photo session for John and although the cctv’s were good they weren’t very detailed and could we just us a video camers?
Since her visuts we had been very horny and at each other like bitches on heat and we were coming back from town and found ourseves in a overcrowded carriage with a little old lady crushed between two larger lady. I got behind her and Maureen in front. I started grinding her, her face set but she couldn’t really move one button and a zip and her skirt was round her ankles Maureen said later the look on her face wa plain confusion, Maureen had her hands down her panties and rubbing her cunt with the movement of the train she had just managed to get her damp when we came to a stop and the carriage began to slowly empty Maureen gave her a smile as she turne away.

When we got home we put that down as a win, and looked forward to more adventures

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