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Brother and sister sex story pt 3

The relationship between brother and sister extends

A couple of years had passed where myself and sister were falling around when ever we got the chance,

However things become a little more difficult as mum had become unwell and prevented her from working due to leg issues causing walking problems, making the sneaking around and fucking where ever we could more difficult, but some times the risk brought more excitement to it, no one knew that the two youngest siblings were fucking each other when ever they were alone, or when ever they could take a sneaky chance.

I was in my room one evening just listening to music now being a teen just chilling out in my room, Kelly was in her room, Scott was out, mum down stairs laying on the Sofa watching her soaps, when I heard Kelly shout down the Stairs to mum “I’m just jumping in the bath mum”, ok sweetheart mum replied, my room was right next to the bathroom and could hear the bath running and Kelly messing around getting herself ready for the bath.

I was just laying on my bed boxers on and vest when I started thinking about Kelly being in the bath naked body glistening with wetness, now being 11 she had started to develop a lot, not massive but perfect pert boobs with little pink nipples, small amount of neat black pubic hair resting above her beautiful little pussy, and perfect round bum that shaped perfect when she bent over though still plenty of development to happen though, thinking about her was making my cock hard, I could not resist I lay there stroking myself eyes closed shut wanting her wrapped around my long hard throbbing cock, rubbing the shaft until I shot my warm come on to my own chest.

I got up to clean myself off and went to head downstairs for some food, when I noticed the bathroom door was open very slightly, not enough to see through but enough to gently push it open to peer through, fortunately I could open the door around a inch and see the bath and Kelly laying back with eyes closed like she was sleeping a few bubbles were dotted about in the bath but was still able to see what I needed to see, she was perfect and everything I had thought about while wanking in the bedroom a minute ago, skin silky and wet tits popping out just above the water line her dark hair sleeked back, she was maturing perfectly.

After 2-3 minute staring at her I started to get the twitch again between my legs, I was just about to go in when she silently muttered “oh fuck” lifted her right leg over the bath edge eyes still closed lifted her left leg up a bit reached down between her legs and started to rub herself with one hand while the other gently caressed her left breast, teasing her nipple, I could not see what the hand between her legs was doing but I knew. She was biting her bottom lip really hard gentle moans coming from her, again I was up ready cock throbbing in my boxers as I pulled my tight boxers down to reveal the ache my cock sprung out and hit the door gently pushing the door a little making the hinge squeak.

Panicked I saw Kelly’s eyes shoot open, I hid behind the door hoping she did not see me, 30 seconds went by then I heard her voice call gentle and whispery “Allan, Allan is that you” I put my eye back to the slightly open door she could make out it was me, she gestured me to come in, I did as she asked door still open, she asked “what’s mum doing ?” I popped my head out the door to see if I could hear her moving around, but could hear one of her soaps intro songs playing, I replied “she is still watching her programmes, “good she said, you can come in here help me wash then fuck me if you want” with out hesitating I stood in front of her waiting for her instruction. She stared at me for a moment the looked at the open door, “don’t you want to close that then, don’t forget to lock it”.

As I turned to lock the door she stood up, revealing every thing to me handed me the body shampoo and squirted some in the palm of my hands then gently applying it to her body in gentle circular motions over the top of her chest down to her pert breast spending a Little more time lathering the soap over her pink nipples, feeling them getting harder with every pass, she started to let out gentle sighs as I massaged her breast with my slippery hands, gradually working my way down her firm flat stomach, over her forming hips until I reached her thighs, she lifted one leg up on the edge of the bath where I run my hands gently up towards her pretty little pussy being careful not to touch it yet, gently stimulating her senses until she she started to wash her own pussy while I was still rubbing her thighs, she seemed to be playing with it more than washing.

She laid down on her belly in the bath exposing her perfect bum for me while she rinsed off her front, she rolled on to her back exposing her tits and pussy to me, while she reached down between her legs to rinse the soap off, I teased her nipple a little more,she giggled a little. As she stood up she just stood there staring at me so I moved closer to her staring her in the eyes, she lent in for a kiss, I returned it with pushing my tongue against hers and held this kiss for a. Minute before working my way down her body to meet her breast her right nipple being caressed by my left hand and left nipple teased by my tongue, making her sigh gently “ohhhh fffuck that feels good” spending a little time sharing my tongue between both her sweet hard perky nipples, I let my right hand wander down between her wet thighs, she greeted this by lifting her leg again on the bath edge allowing me easy access to finger her soaking wet snatch mixed with the bath water and her natural juices.

I slid one thing down between her slit down to her wet fuck hole and gently pushed one finger inside her, fingering her like this for a minute, mouth still busy teasing her hard nipples, soft moans escaping her mouth, I slid the second finger deep in to her pussy, I moved back up to her mouth to kiss her, while heavy breathing and panting as quiet as possible between kisses she started saying “ I Want You To Fuck Me”,

I lifted her out the bath and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I did, carried her to the sink top and gently sat her on the edge, parted her legs as wide and lifted them up, so she could see everything that was about to happen to her right little pussy, I teased it a little more with my hand, entering 2 finger in to her, right to the knuckle, feeling her pussy wall pulsating around my fingers was sending my cock wild but I was not tempted yet, I lowered my head down to where my fingers were working in and out of her fuck hole, and landed my tongue on her clit gently licking her little sweet sex nugget while slowly finger fucking her, until she tended up and cum over my hand with a very low ohhhhhh fuck squealing out her mouth, not loud enough to disturb mum downstairs.

Holding Kelly in the same position I just finger fucked her in I stood up, hard cock ready now aching to be inside my little sister, I was at perfect height to just step forward and be ready to enter her wet twitching pussy, she looked me in the eye “put your cock in me and fuck your little sisters pussy”, with that I slid in nearly to by balls taking both our breaths away with the sensation, i pulled out 4-5 inches exposing my shiny shaft both just staring at it as I slid it right back in this time deep in side her she let out a loud moan “ohhh yeah, I had to put my hand over her mouth so she did not alert our mum, I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her wet tight pussy, letting go of her mouth as she calmed down, she whispered my cock looks so fucking good sliding in and out of her like that, I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my cock then kind of pulsate as she orgasmed silently wrapping her leg tight around my waist, not to waist a MM of my dick.

I slowly pulled out of Kelly told her to kneel on the floor put her head down and arse up spread he legs so I could fuck her from behind but before she got in to position she dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth, started to suck all her juices of my cock like a pro, we have been practicing a lot so her sex knowledge was that of a grown woman.p, she continued sucking me until I said “ I’m gunna fuck you from behind and Cum in your arse” she assumed the position I straddled behind her kind of squatting and gently entered my sister pussy again, making her back arch and both of us moan with the sensation again I pounded in and out of her like this for 2 minutes maximum the feeling of her pussy tightening again to my cock fucking her and her tensing up again made my cock swell up and start to throb, I pulled out of her open hole, gabbed the shaft of my cock, and squeezed and stroked the cum all over her perfect ass, letting it run down her arse crack, to her pussy, mixing with her juices Kelly spun round and took my cock in her mouth again and sucked the last little droplets out the tip, she has been experimenting a little with the taste a bit more recently to.

She cleaned up wrapped a towel round her body, cupping my balls again she said “thank you big brother I feel better now”

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