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Naughty girl is sexually attracted to her own mother

Her sexy body, her moans, it drives me insane! I need more!

Let go into why I got so turned on by watching my bf fuck my mother and if you didn’t read that one and want to, just tap on my username and the story will be below it.
My mom walked around naked all the time. She only bothered with clothes if she was going somewhere. She openly talked about her sex life and was interested in mine. In fact she asked me if I had lost my virginity once and when I told her that I did she seemed excited. She wanted to know how it was and how it happened. We openly talked about our sex life together and I enjoyed walking around naked when she was. She complimented my boobs and would even smack my ass sometimes and it turned me on. We’d watch movies in her bed together while naked and she often drank so she always fell asleep before me, leaving me there looking at her fully naked body. We shared a room at one point and she’d have sex right in front of me which would always make me wet. I’d always watch and even touched myself a couple times. But even when we weren’t sharing a room, she’d leave her door open when she was having sex. And it even got to the point where I was spying on her constantly and even recording her. I still use those videos everyday to help me cum. I guess you could almost say I’m sexually obsessed with her since I’ve even put videos together of her to use. Just writing about her makes me wet and leak uncontrollably. I’ve imagined her pussy in my mouth and my pussy in hers. It got to the point where I started using her panties to smell and taste her. I wanted her so badly I could barely control it anymore. She fell asleep drunk one night and I decided to touch her pussy. After rubbing for a while, I stuck a finger in her pussy where I found she was already very wet so it went in and out with ease. With my finger in her pussy, I scanned her naked body in front of me. Her on her back, huge tits with big pink nipples and her legs spread perfectly enough for me to get my face in there if I wanted. I starred at her pussy, rubbing it for about 20 minutes. She was a mess. There was so much cum, it was leaking onto the bed. My fingers were soaked and I’ve always dreamed about tasting my mommys juices so I licked and sucked on all my wet fingers making sure to get all of her cum. Tasting her delicious sweet juice only made me want her more. I pinched her nipples a bit which were already hard and perked up. I wanted to taste more though, so while still pinching her nipples, I inserted 2 fingers this time which caused her to moan and breath faster. Startled, I let go of her nipple and took my finger out. I made sure my finger was out of sight but that I’d still be able to lick them. I said “mom?” There was no movement or sound. “Are you awake?” But still nothing. Wasting no time, I took my fingers covered in cum and out them in my mouth savoring this taste of her sweet cum. I took a long look of her body, now with her pussy covered in cum and all over her bed, she couldn’t look more sexier. Ok… Maybe if she had a dick in her pussy and throat but she looked so hot laying there. I knew I was also a mess though. I could feel my juices layered over my pussy, leaking to my butt and because I was naked, there was a large puddle of my cum where I was sitting as well. I needed to cum. I couldn’t take it no more. I went down stairs to the couch and took out my phone to look at pictures of my mom and within a couple minutes, I heard her bed frame creaking and it was more than just one move. The creaking only lasted about 40 seconds though so I wondered what she was doing. I started to imagine she felt how wet she was and hopefully seen the giant puddle of my juices too. While having that thought in my head, my finger rubbing my clit fast, and looking at a pic of my mom, I cummed. And I cummed a lot. Just thinking about how good she tasted, made me cum hard.

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