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My Parent’s Pillow Talk Turns Taboo Part 3

The final chapter – after my sister and I begin having sex we decide it’s time to bring our parents into the mix, just like they wanted.

It had been a few months since my sister and I first had sex. Things were a little awkward between us for the first week or so, not sure how to act, especially around our parents. To my surprise it was Ash that initiated our second time together. She came into my room after our parents had gone to sleep. She woke me with a kiss and lifted her nighty to reveal she wasn’t wearing panties. We’d fucked in my room that night and continued our dalliance at every chance we got. We learned a lot about what we liked and disliked. I wasn’t huge on blowjobs, worked out since my sister didn’t like eating cum either. She loved getting her pussy eaten though which was totally fine with me. Creampies were the best though, she loved the feeling of my cock throbbing insider her and I equally loved filling her with my cum. Eventually my sister was walking around the house with a load of my cum in her almost constantly. It was shocked at how slutty she had gotten in such a short amount of time. Though, given our parents, I shouldn’t have been surprised. We had also talked a few times about our parents’ lust for us but had not made any moves or any plans. That all changed on one amazing night.

Our parents had just started their night together, Ash and I were at the top of the stairs listening to them fondling each other on the couch. It only took a few minutes of that before we gave each other a devious smile and headed back to her room. We were naked in an instant and I practically pushed her onto the bed and my tongue found her already soaked mound. Her hands wrapped the sides of my head, holding me down as I ate out her pussy. She squeaked, apparently biting her lip to keep from moaning, and wiggled her hips as I probed her hole. She was dripping wet by the time she finally released by head. I needed no encouragement; I raised over her and aimed my hard on at her entrance.

Unlike our first time, I slid easily into my little sister, all the way to the hilt into her young pussy. She looked up at me with a nasty smile and ground her hips from side to side sending shocks of pleasure through both of our bodies. I leaned down and kissed her as I began to move. My cock slid in and out of her wet tunnel, her legs wrapped to mine, pulling me deeper into her. I picked up the pace, fucking her faster and hard enough the shake the bed now. She squeaked with each intrusion, and I could feel myself bottom out in her at the end of my thrusts. I could feel myself getting close and I guess she noticed too because she looked up at me with a devilish grin.

“Cum in me, big brother.”

That did it. I exploded in Ashley’s pussy and pushed in as deep as I could. She grabbed my wrists with her hands and squeezed my hips with her legs as I came. I was practically gasping as I unloaded in her, shooting my cum deep into my sister. It felt like minutes that I was unloading in her, minutes of pure bliss. Finally, I finished and pulled out with a satisfying pop and lay down next to her on the bed. She curled into me, a little ball of love and lust and kissed my cheek.

I laughed a little in post coital bliss. “I think we’ve gotten really good at that.”

“Yeah! Bet good enough to make Mom and Dad jealous.”

I stared at her for a second, taken a little aback by what she just said but also hearing the start of our parent’s own fuck session the floor below us. They had started all this with their dirty talk. Well, they’d given me more fuel for my incestuous fire anyway. Maybe tonight was the night to make everyone’s filthy fantasy come true.

“You wanna see how good Mom and Dad really are?” I suggested with a wink.

“You mean do it with them? Like for real?”

“Duh. They sound like they’ve wanted to. It could be fun and hot and stuff.”

She looked somewhere between scared and orgasming, just like the first time we’d had sex. “Let’s do it.”

I smiled and kissed her on the lips. “Let’s. I’ve got an idea too. Hold your legs together and keep my cum inside if you can. We’ll really surprise them.”

Ash smiled and crossed her legs, and I picked her up, both still naked, and began walking downstairs. I made my way slow, careful with my sister and not wanting them to hear us and stop early. Fortunately, they must have begun oral because they were moaning and clearly not paying any attention to the stairs. Finally, I reached the bottom and turned towards them. They were on the couch, Dad on his back and Mom between his legs gobbling down his cock. Suddenly she sprang up, wiping drool from her chin and a terrified look on her face.

“Jesus H Christ! What are you kids doing up!?” Her first panic reaction at our presence turned to a second one as she noticed that we were naked. “What are you doing? Where are your clothes!?”

My heart was pounding, it was now or never. “We thought we’d join you.” I blurted.


“We heard you a couple times down here. The stuff you said.”

Suddenly, Ashley pulled herself out of my arms and stood up. As she spread her legs a dribble of my cum began to leak from her and she quickly scooped it onto her hand and wiped it on her bald mound. “We though you wanted to have sex with us?”

Mom looked like she was about to have a heart attack when Dad sat up, staring at his daughter’s cum covered pussy. “Is that your brother’s cum in you?”

She smiled. “We finish before you most days.”

“Well fuck.” Dad was halfway off the couch when Mom grabbed his arm.

“Jeffrey, what the fuck are you doing!?”

“Our kids.” He laughed. “They’re here and looks like they’ve already done each other. Plus, you wanted this.”

“That was a fantasy, bullshit, thing. It was.” She looked at me, lingering on my now hard cock, then to her daughter and her soaked pussy. “It was.”

Dad took her pause and came over to us. He gave me a fist bump then dropped down to Ashley’s level and started French kissing her. His hand was on her pussy in an instant, his fingers running between her cum soaked lips. I was mesmerized and barely noticed Mom walking up to me until she was right in front of me. She was shaking and intense and practically ran into me with a full body hug and kiss. Pressed against her her breasts rubbed my chest and my cock sprang against her pubic hair covered mound, so different from my sister. She ground her pussy against my cock and stared into my eyes.

“Oh, my baby boy, I fucking need your cock in me.”

She pulled me and I pushed her, and we ended up with me on top of her on the floor. I pushed myself up and hovered over her for a second, my cock rock hard and aimed squarely at her sex. She took a breath and just nodded, and I pushed forward. My tip touched her lips, feeling the new sensation of hair rubbing against it, and then slid between and into her. Mom was absolutely soaked, and I practically fell into her as her cunt cobbled up my cock. She let out an amazing moan and shuddered as I sank into her depths. Ashley had felt tight and soft inside, Mom was soaking wet, sticky, and melting hot. It was amazing. I savored her pussy for just a moment and began fucking her slow and deep.

I could hear soft whispers above us then Dad laid down beside us. His head was at our hips, and he could easily turn and watch his son fuck his wife from up close. His cock was by Mom’s head, standing straight up at attention, and Ashley quicky straddled him and held it firm. I actually stopped fucking Mom for a minute while Ash lowered herself onto our Dad. She kept his cock pointed at her pussy and Mom, Dad, and I gasped at once as it began to disappear into her. Dad was a bit shorter but also wider than me, still Ash had no trouble stuffing all of her father’s dick into her depths. Something that her brother’s cum probably helped with.

With my cock in our Mom and our Dad’s inside my sister we all began fucking. I slid in and out of Mom’s soaked tunnel and she grasped at the rug as I fucked her. She moaned with each pull and thrust, her pussy practically dripping wet. I couldn’t take my eyes off of my sister. Ashley was riding Dad slow and steady, practically pulling herself all the way off his dick before sliding back down onto it. I was entranced by the sight of my Dad’s cock disappearing into my sister over and over. As Mom moaned at my thrusts again, I realized I should probably pay more attention to the family member I was inside, but when I looked over her face was completely turned and was watching Ash and Dad as well.

“Oh my babies.” She moaned. “Oh fuck.”

My heart was pounding and I thrust harder and faster into my Mom. Ash picked up the pace as well and Dad moaned as his daughter fucked him harder. Suddenly, Dad reached over and his had found Mom and my connection, his fingers splaying across her pussy mound and my dick. I was fucking Mom practically through Dad’s hand. His fingers massaged Mom’s pussy and my cock and I actually moaned and felt my dick swell.

Dad must have felt it too. “Fuck yes, cum in her cunt!”

Mom swung her head toward me, a look of lust in her eyes. “Oh my God! Shoot it in me Al!”

I couldn’t hold any longer and I dove into Mom’s pussy and lost it. I came hard and practically grabbed her hips as I flooded my Mom with cum. She arched her back and grabbed handfuls of carpet as I felt her pussy grip my throbbing cock. I felt a flood of wetness between our legs and I realized that Mom was cumming too. I held deep in her as we came together and made sure that all of my cum stayed deep inside. When I finally finished Mom was still cumming, her pussy still spasming around my cock, and I practically collapsed onto her. She held me tight and just moaned shakily in my ear.

“Oh God. I love you. I love you.”

“Love you too Mom.”

She shivered again as I called her “Mom” and I felt her pussy grab my cock hard again. I was spent though and was losing my hard on. Didn’t matter, I held onto and stayed in Mom and turned to watch the down at our side. Ash was no longer really riding Dad, she was on her knees, his dick buried in her, her hands on his chest, but not moving much. She must have been exhausted. Dad was slowly grinding his hips up into her, his cock buried in his daughter to the hilt.

“We should give them a hand.” Mom whispered in my ear.

I smiled at her and pulled out with a wet plop. She moaned again but got to her knees and moved towards the rest of our family, pulling me along. She got on one side of them and positioned me on the other. Then she took my hand in hers and guided in down to where Ash and Dad were connected. I understood immediately and we recreated together what Dad had done to us. Our hands cupped half of Ashley’s young pussy, one soaking lip each, and our fingers entwined around Dad’s cock. He moaned just as I had as we started massaging their connection. Dad thrust his hips up harder and faster, practically shaking the floor. I put my free hand around my sister’s waist and pushed my lips against hers, making sure she would keep Dad deep inside her. Under our hands Dad began to swell.

“Do it Jeff, cum in our baby girl.” Mom moaned.

Dad practically exploded. His hands grabbed Ashley’s hips and held her down so his cock was buried as deep in her as it would go. My finger was nearly inside her as Dad started to cum. I felt his cock bulge and throb as he sent his load into his daughter’s pussy. Ashley moaned into my mouth as Dad came inside her and he moaned from the floor. Mom’s hand had moved so I filled in, holding the connected sex of my Dad and Sister, feeling him pumping cum up inside her. It felt like he came for an hour, their connection was soaked beneath my hand. Finally, his orgasm ended, and he collapsed back onto the floor.

Our kiss ended but I still held Ash in place, even as I felt Dad deflating in her. We were both shaking from lust and pure exertion, but we weren’t finished. Mom put her hand on my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

“Hold you sister’s pussy closed while your father slips out.”

I did as I was told and clamped Ashley’s pussy lips as we pulled her off our Dad. Mom helped me guide her onto her back and lay her gently on the floor beside Dad. Mom gently scooted me aside and pushed Ashley’s legs apart and sat between them. She moved to lay between her daughter’s legs and I felt her breath on my hand. She slowly pulled my fingers off of Ashley’s pussy and buried her face into it. I watched, stunned, as Mom look lapping licks of Ashley’s pussy, her tongue coming off covered in a mixture of my and our Dad’s cum. Ash watched, wide eyed, as Mom ate her out, and I felt my hard on return.

As Mom ate Ashley’s pussy with reckless abandon I waddled over behind her and grabbed her hips. Mom barely registered long enough to stop as I sank my cock into her again. She moaned into her daughter’s pussy, and I rammed Mom hard from behind. My fucking pushed Mom’s face into Ashley’s puss with each thrust while I had a bird’s eye view of my little sister being eaten by our Mom. I barely lasted two minutes before I pushed in and came inside my Mom again. Spent, I collapsed on her back and Mom with her face in Ashley’s pussy.

It took more than a few minutes for the family to recover enough to even sit up straight. The living room around us seemed strangely normal, except the rug which was practically soaked with cum. We were all nearly panting, smiling, laughing a little. Mom got up first and went to the kitchen, returning with a cold glass of water for me and my sister.

“Hydration is really important after sex.” She said it in her mom voice with a laugh. Then she sat next to us. “We should not have done that, none of it. It won’t happen again and we won’t ever speak of it outside this house, to anyone.”

“Mom, no duh we can’t talk about it. We,” I looked at my sister. “Wanted that to happen. We’ve been doing it for a while now, after we heard you dirty talking down here. I’d be okay if it happened again.”

Ash smiled. “Yeah, me too.”

Mom looked stunned but also pleased. She was trying to be a Mom without realizing she was our lover now too. It was complicated but we’d figure it out.

“I love you, all of you”. She pulled me, Dad, and Ash into a hug.

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