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I had to get my girls laid

My twin daughter suffer terribly with PGAD, a medical condition that makes them constantly horny and have random orgasms. I had to do something.

I’m a single mother to twin 11 year old girls, Ashley and Laura, well I’m technically still married but their father doesn’t live with us anymore because he couldn’t cope with their behavior, which isn’t their fault, but he moved out to make the house a little calmer.

My girls suffer, and I mean suffer, from PGAD, Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, it started when they were very young, almost at the same time they woke up one night when they were 6 years old and came in to our bedroom crying because their privates were feeling strange and they couldn’t stop touching themselves.

The started experiencing spontaneous orgasms at random times of the day, as you can imagine for such young girls that was very scary because they were too young to understand what was happening to them and they were changing their panties 3-4 times a day because they kept getting soaked through.

When they were 8 years old it got worse, they started paying closer attention to their father, barging in to the bathroom when he was showering, touching him inappropriately and constantly harassing him in a playful but sexual manner.

When they were finally diagnosed with PGAD their father decided he needed to leave the family home because his being there was causing problems with the girls, they were always sexually aroused, horny, though they didn’t understand what being horny was, they were becoming violent with him and each other like they were in competition for a male mate.

We became housebound, I couldn’t let them play outside of the garden, they couldn’t go to parks or friends parties by themselves because I knew what would happen, we hadn’t had a man in the house in over a year.

Now I have to put them in harnesses with a leash when we go in to town, people stare and look at us funny when they see my girls wearing toddler harnesses, but it is the only way to control them.

On many occasions we’ve been out in town shopping and the girls have seen a boy or man they like and they just go for him like wild wolves, touching and grabbing him inappropriately, they have even hit and punched girls and women who were with the males because they see them as a threat, it is not nice and people get very angry with them and with me telling me that I’m a bad mother for not punishing my girls, but they don’t need to be punished, it isn’t their fault they act that way, it’s the hormones, and sexual instincts kicking in.

We have tried therapy and numerous medications but none of worked or had very little effect.

I was at my wits end with them, and I couldn’t think of how to help them, then after a very violent outburst with them both literally ripping each other’s hair out, I came to the conclusion that there was only one thing I could do, I needed to get my girls laid.

I went to their father and asked him if he would do the deed, but he got angry with me, “I’m not having sex with my kids. That’s sick.”, and I asked my brother in-law but he gave me pretty much the same reaction.

Then one night I was watching the news and a report came up about a famous celebrity who had been arrested for having sex with underage girls, and that he had downloaded and shared images and videos of it on something called the Dark Web.

I went online searching for this Dark Web and it took me a couple of weeks but eventually found an encrypted chatroom and joined, I told everyone what I was going through with my girls and after they were satisfied that I wasn’t an undercover police officer, they put me in touch with some men who lived in my area.

I contacted them but none responded initially, then I sent them a photo of my girls and got a quick response from Barry, a 45 year old married father of 3, who had a sexual interest in young girls.

We arranged to meet up so I got my sister-in-law to watch the girls while I met up with him in a local coffee shop, we talked a lot about him and the girls, I told him what I wanted from him and he agreed to do it, I also warned him, “If you harm my girls in any way, any way at all, you will not leave my house alive. Is that understood?” and he agreed.

A couple of days later he turned up at my house as we had planned, I met him at the door, closing it behind me, “Are you sure you still want to do this?” I asked him.

“I’m sure.” He replied.

“Okay – Give me your jacket and bag. As soon as they realise you’re here, they’ll be all over you.” I said, he handed me his jacket and bag and I invited him inside and closed the door, “Girls – “ I shouted up the stairs, “ – Come down here please, I want you to meet someone.” I shouted.

Laura appeared at the top of the stairs and when she saw Barry she went crazy, “Ashley! – Ashley! – Come quick. There’s a man here!” she shouted, then they both came storming down the stairs and stood in front of him with their hands behind their backs.

“This is Barry.” I said, introducing him.

“Hiiiii Barry.” They both replied, biting their lower lips like they were ready to pounce.

They were both looking him up and down, staring longingly at his crotch, and there was an awkward silence for a moment, “Okay – Why don’t you show me your bedroom.” Barry suggested.

“Yeah come upstairs.” Said Ashley.

“Is that okay, Mom?” asked Laura.

“That’s fine. Go on up.” I replied.

The day before he was due to arrive I placed a hidden Wi-Fi camera in the girls bedroom, not to watch like some pervert, but to keep my eye on them and make sure he didn’t mistreat them in any way, as they went upstairs I took a seat in the kitchen, picked up my iPad and tuned in to the camera feed.

And this is what I saw and heard.

I know you like a good picture so I’ll describe to you what they looked like on this day, they are identical twins and do look exactly the same, they have shoulder length light-blonde, almost white, hair, blue eyes, are 4 foot 3 tall, and on this day they were both wearing white pleated skirts and bright pink tube tops with their names printed on the front in silver glitter letters.

Laura and Ashley walked in to the bedroom hand in hand with Barry, they put their music on loud and started dancing and skipping around him, they were rubbing his bottom and crotch as they skipped in a circle giggling, they seemed very happy that he was there.

“Can we play with you?” they asked.

“Sure you can.” He replied.

Ashley stopped in front of him and began to unbuckle the belt of his jeans, the Laura stopped behind him and they both pulled his jeans down to his ankles, then Laura moved around to the front and they both pulled his black boxer shorts down to his ankles.

They seemed to giggle at the sight of his cock, which did look quite long I will admit, Ashley reached up and took hold of it and Laura examined his hairy balls.

“You have big balls.” Said Laura.

“Forget his balls – Feel his cock.” Said Ashley, then Laura felt it and they both sniggered and went, “Wow.”

I was a bit shocked at how confident my girls seemed to be when handling a cock, it was as if they’d done this before, but I knew they hadn’t.

“Let’s show him our pussies.” Said Laura, “Yeah.” Said Ashley, then they both removed their tops, skirts and panties, then they sat kneeled on the floor in front of him with their knees apart, “Do you like your pussies?” they asked.

“They look very nice.” He replied, “Why don’t you both get on the bed and I’ll take off my clothes and join you.” He said.

The girls ran over and jumped and bounced on the bed watching him take off all his clothes, then he walked over and climbed on top of the bed between them, he put his arms around both of them and gave them a kiss, and he rubbed their bottoms while they both stroked his cock until fully erect.

He then rubbed their pussies, “You girls are very wet down here.” He said and the girls laid themselves back on their arms with their legs parted, enjoying his rubbing.

He went down on Ashley and was very eagerly eating her pussy, Laura got a bit jealous and started tugging on his shoulder from behind, “My turn – Don’t forget me.” She complained, he turned around, “I’m not going to forget you, beautiful.” and he pulled her down to lay beside Ashley and he took turns with them, eating both their pussies for several minutes.

“Okay – now you try me.” He said, leaning himself back on his hands making sure his cock was sticking up and fully accessible.

The girls fought over his cock, both trying to suck it at the same time so he calmed them down and told them to take turns, “Don’t worry girls there’s plenty for both of you. I won’t leave either of you out, but I only have one cock so you’ll have to share.”
“Okay.” They said, and they shared his cock, kneeling on all fours on the bed and taking turns to suck on it.

He moved to the middle of the bed and then had both girls move, one at either side of him, “There, now you can both lick it at the same time.” He said, and they did, I watched Laura and Ashley licking up and down the length of his cock like they were eating and ice-cream, and they seemed to be enjoying it.

Laura sat up and huffed while rubbing her pussy, “Mmph – Can we do sex now? – I want to fuck.” She begged.

“Are you ready for it?” he asked.

“Fucking yeah.” She replied.

“Me too.” Said Ashley, also rubbing her pussy, they were probably dripping wet and gagging to be fucked.

He pushed Laura down on to her back, not violently, playfully, then he climbed on top of her and guided his cock between her legs, then he pushed it in to her slit and she screamed out when his cock penetrated her virgin hole, “Arrggh – Ooooah god – Mmm – Uh – Uh.”

As soon as he started fucking Laura, Ashley jumped off the bed and started running and skipping around in a circle looking very excited for her sister, Barry was on top of Laura, his elbows pinned above her shoulders, holding her little body in place as he repeated thrust his cock inside of her, and he wasn’t doing it slowly, he was proper pounding my baby-girl, it was hard to watch but Laura seemed and sounded happy enough, “Mmmm – Ungh – Ungh – Ungh!”

After a few minutes I watched him penetrate her deeply, thrusting his cock so far in to her that her butt raised off the mattress and her legs bent all the way back and then he stopped after groaning loudly, “Ooooooaaah!” he had fucked and ejaculated inside of her.

Laura’s arms and legs flopped to her sides, she had a big smile on her face as he lifted himself off her, Laura lifted her head to look down and her freshly fucked pussy, she smiled again and pushed her arms up in to the air, “Wooo.” She shouted out.

“Okay my turn – Come on, Laura, off the bed – It’s my go.” Ashley said, eagerly waiting for Laura to get off the bed.

“Alright.” She replied, she rolled off the bed and stood herself up, but her legs must have been weak because she then collapsed to a seated position on the floor.

Ashley assumed the same position Laura was in, on her back, legs spread, rubbing her own pussy, Barry looked exhausted but he smiled at her and slowly crawled on top of her, it took him a few minutes to get started again and then he thrust his cock inside of her and fucked her the same way he did with Laura, but he lasted about 10 minutes longer.

When he was finished, Ashley got off the bed, she too collapse on the floor, they both held on to each other to lift themselves up then they hugged and jumped around in a circle finally having had the sex that they’d been craving for so long and my girls were the happiest I’d ever seen them.

They came racing out of their bedroom and down the stairs, running naked in to the kitchen calling out for me, “Mom – Mom.”

“Mom – we had sex.” Said Laura, sounding very proud of herself.

They both hugged me and just kept shouting, “We had sex – We had sex.”

“Alright you two, calm down.” I said.

“It was so good Mom. My pussy isn’t tingling anymore.” Said Ashley.

“Mine too.” Said Laura.

“Oh, I’m so happy for you both. Come here girls.” I said, then I hugged them, and I cried a little because I’d never seen them look so happy and calm, well, calmer than usual, “Is Barry alright?” I asked.

“Yeah he’s upstairs.” Said Laura.

“Lets go fuck again.” Said Ashley.

“Yeah – Come on!” said Laura, and they both ran off back upstairs, jumped on the bed and piled on top of poor Barry who looked very exhausted.

I wanted to go up and tell the girls to leave him alone, but I didn’t have the heart to take away what had made them so happy, so I left him up there, watching them on camera tormenting Barry’s cock and getting on top of him and having sex riding on top of him.

Barry slowly wobbled down the stairs a few hours later, after the girls had finally fallen asleep, he was walking like a cowboy, or like he’d soiled himself, “Are you okay, Barry?” I asked.

He grinned and shook his head, “My fucking balls are aching.” He said, with a brief chuckle.

“Oh…” I replied, lightly laughing, “…I did warn you.” I said.

“I know. You’ve got beautiful girls there. They’ve worn me out.” He said.

He sat in the kitchen with me for a while to have a coffee, then we shook hands and he left.

Laura and Ashley were very calm and happy for 2 whole days after that, but then they became aroused again and became agitated and nagging me asking me if Barry would come back, I gave him a number of calls but he never answered.

Now I’m looking for another poor soul to take on the challenge and calm my girls down.

Any volunteers?

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