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My Brother ( Part one )

an encounter with my feminine younger brother

I’m 15 years old and i have a younger brother who’s 14. My brother, connor, was always small. Throughout primary school he’d always get teased for looking like a girl and i’ll admit, the comments were pretty accurate. It’s not like he has long hair or anything, but his frame is very effeminate and the lack of any visible muscles made it more of a fact than a mean comment.

Being the protective big brother i am I would always step in if i saw it happening but as he was in the year below me, he had a year of comments to deal with, unprotected and it had a pretty negative effect on his social skills. We’re both in high school now and he is still pretty small, about 5”3. He’s not too different of a height than our mother but my 6”1 height made him look like he was just plain unlucky. My brother hangs out with me and my friends during school, he’s not too good at making friends, i’ve never really seen him talk to anyone in his year, there’s not even bullying going on to the best of my knowledge, he just gets ignored like he’s a bit of furniture.

This lack of friends meant that we naturally grew very close, he’d spend his afternoons sitting on my bed with me while i played games, he wasn’t too much a fan of actually playing anything but he did enjoy watching a story unfold in front of him or just taking in a game of overwatch or something like that.

It was a normal afternoon and i had gotten home late as i was hanging out with a few friends after school. As i walked in my room i saw Connor sat under the covers without a shirt on, this wasn’t too uncommon as it was pretty hot and we both often just lounged around in our school trousers until dinner. As i walked in i saw him jolt around as if he was doing something he shouldn’t have but i didn’t take much notice of it. After closing my door, i turned on my Xbox and sat down next to him, he was unmoving as he asked me how my friends were. As i booted up a game and made small talk i noticed something , on the floor was a pair of trousers and boxers, and they were very much too small for me.

“oh come on man, it’s fine if you change in here but don’t leave your shit on the floor”

“o-oh sorry, i’ll clean it up in a bit”

“nah just go put it in your room now, i don’t want you stinking it up with your sweaty clothes”

“I-I’ll do it later, I just wanna watch you play for a bit first”

“Fine i guess, and why are you under the covers surely your sweating your ass off”

“No i’m fine”

“Whatever, man”

I played some overwatch for an hour or two, my brother was quieter than usual but he’s like that sometimes so i didn’t really acknowledge it.

“I gotta go piss, go put your shit away man”

“Okay, i’ll do it now”

I got up to use the restroom and turned into the hallway, i heard scuffling from in my bedroom and assumed he had fallen off my bed or something, wanting to see my brother injured as any good brother would I peaked my head round the corner. Standing feet in front of me i saw my brother ass naked picking up his clothes. I had never thought about my brother in any other way that as a brother before but as i looked at him in this compromising situation his slender frame being highlighted by the sliver of light seeping through the windows from the setting sun i couldn’t help but feel a little aroused. As he leant over to pick up his trousers i saw his dick, It was small, just like him, but it was upright and clearly coated in a thin layer of liquid. After looking at him for a second or so i pieced together what happened. I barged back into my room as my brother lowered his boxers to his feet.

“No way you were jacking off in my bed”

“Uh n-no i-“ He said as he toppled backwards onto the floor. He was now presenting himself to me entirely. His dick was pointing straight up and his cute balls hung just between his member and his asshole, it was pinkish and hairless, just like the rest of his body.

“I’m sorry i thought you’d be out later I-“

“You have your own bed why can’t you jack off there man”

“I-I like your bed” as the words left his lips, no louder than a whisper, our eyes met. He had big glossy brown eyes and as he gazed up at me the situation set itself firmly in my mind. I felt my blood rush south.

My dick was hard, harder than i can ever remember it being. Connor eyes drifted from mine and met the tent in my school trousers. He pushed himself up off the ground slowly so that he was now kneeling. I stepped closer as his tongue peeked out of his mouth and ever so slightly licked his lips.

“d-do you need any help with that” he said faintly

It was now about 5 inches from his face and as i inches closer he lifted his hands up towards my zipper and lowered it.

I stood silently as he pulled down my trousers, then my boxers. He stared at it for a few seconds, he looked frozen as if he didn’t know what to do. I placed my hands on the back of his head and pushed him forward.

The second his moist mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock i felt as if i had transcended earth and reached a higher being. Pleasure flooded my brain as his tongue danced around my tip. It’s clear he only needed that initial push as he quickly fell into his element and started bouncing his head up and down me. It was definetly better than any girl i’d ever let do this to me and after only about twenty seconds i felt like i was going to explode. I ran my fingers through his hair and pushed him hard against my crotch. He took my entirety within his mouth as i came down his throat. The sounds of choking came from his head but he made no attempt to push himself off me. After a few seconds the sounds subsided and was replaced by a dripping gasp for air as cum fell from my 14 year old brothers mouth. A pool of spit and jizz gathered in between his legs as he panted i front of me. We both stayed still for a moment, breathing hard and fast. Connor slowly pushed himself upright before throwing himself onto my bed, he looked at me with eyes coated in passion and anticipation.

I walked up to him and rubbed my growing cock against his boy pussy. The mixture of jizz and saliva coated his hole providing him with a merciful layer of lubricant. I placed both my hands on his hips as i shoved my dick into his asshole. A moan of ecstasy left both our mouths, loud enough to be heard if the door was open. I pulled halfway out before thrusting back into his pubescent ass. And again i thrusted and thrusted for atleast 15 minutes, my brothers exceptional blowjob had clearly given me some stamina and by the end we were both sweating and moaning at every push.

“F-Fuck I’m gonna cum, Connor”

“Fill my ass, please, fill me with your hot cum”

“Urgh, fuckkkk”

I unloaded inside my girlish brother as he too squirted out jizz onto his stomach. My mind was gone, only pleasure filled my head. Is this what all sex felt like, or is my brothers ass just a gift from god ?

As i came i fell on top of him.

“Fuck your ass is good, Connor”


We lay together in silence, through breathlessness and fatigue and a hint of shame. After a short while, we heard a call from downstairs

“dinners ready, you two!”

We both let out a groan, not wanting to seperate, as we moved apart. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit before changing and making our way downstairs.

We ate dinner, minutes after i rearranged his insides, and i couldn’t think of anything else, As we ate i slid my hand down to my side and rubbed his thigh, I can’t wait to fuck that ass again.

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not a true story ( i wish tho ) if you wanna talk about things like this though i’d be glad to talk on snapchat 😉

sc: Charlie.7443

( may not be true but i am 15 🙏 )

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