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My husband doesn’t know…

I’m a 30 year old stay at home mom. Been married for 12 years now, and our two kids are 8 and 10. Both sweet little girls. My husband works on the oil rig, so most days I’m just home alone. I spend most of my time cleaning and watching movies. That is, until Sam came around. Sam is a 120 lbs german shepherd. My husband surprised me and the kids a few weeks ago for Christmas. He was full grown, about a year old from the local dog pound. Sam and I got close and cuddled frequently. My husband had been gone a couple days and I was starting to grow lonely. Sam and I cuddled and watched silly romance movies, me feeding him some popcorn as the movie progressed. I set the bowl aside when it was just kernels left. Sam started to sniff my lap and lick the fabric eating missed pieces of popcorn. The more he licked, the more I started to notice that I was aroused. He stopped after a few minutes. I shifted so my back was on the arm of the couch and Sam was between my legs. I just watched him, not really encouraging or pushing him away. I wanted to see if he would do anything. He set his head on my thigh and didn’t do anything. I frowned, rather disappointed. I just pet him and finished the movie. The next day, I wore a skirt and no panties. I laid with my back on the arm again and Sam got comfortable between my legs. I held a bowl of popcorn in my lap so he was more attentive towards me. Some movie played in the background but I had a better idea. I ate some popcorn before ‘accidentally’ dropping some in front of my skirt. Sam happily ate it. I dropped more close to my pussy before he finally got the hit and sniffed it. Soon, he was licking me. It was like my mind exploded. His tongue was hot and sexy and I came quickly. He sat up and was about to leave when I coaxed him back in with more popcorn for round two.

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