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Taken from the park

Runaway meets a man in park and meets the man’s friends later

“Get your fucking clothes off NOW”

How was this happening , how had I got myself into this position?

As a child I had a bit of a temper on me but my mum was used to it and largely ignored it .

One day after we had words about something (can’t remember what) I stormed out , I fully intended at the time never going back but had no plan obviously .

I headed for the local park . I saw a man sat on a bench , he looked similar age to my grandpa ,so went and sat on the same bench , little realising how my life was about to change . He was nice and friendly and talked to me and I ended up telling him my life story , I was 11 , at school , I’d run away from home , etc , etc . He said I could stay at his if I wanted to and being totally naive I said “thank you” and he led me to his car .

He lived a fair way away and we arrived at his house and went in .

As soon as we got indoors he changed from being nice and told me to strip , I didn’t want to and said “no” and he walked across to me and slapped my face hard , I was crying and again he told me to strip , so I did .

He grabbed hold of my dick , I was still pre-puberty , and virtually pulled me onto the couch by my dick . I lay there with tears streaming down my face as he undressed himself and I suddenly saw the biggest dick I had ever seen , probably six or seven inches , but it looked huge in my eyes . He grabbed my hair and pushed himself against my mouth until I opened it and he started fucking my mouth . I was crying , snot running from my nose and drool running from my mouth . Suddenly my mouth was flooded with his cum , he seemed to produce loads and all I could do was swallow it .

Once it softened , he pulled out of my mouth and grabbed me and pulled me over his knees and started spanking my bum , he kept hitting me harder and harder until it felt like my cheeks were on fire .

He threw me on to the end of the couch and my bum was facing upwards and he put his finger in me , I was crying and telling him to stop but he carried on pushing it further and further into me and then to my relief he pulled it out but it was only a brief respite . All of a sudden I was aware of pressure being put on my bum hole and then a different kind of pain , something was being pushed into my bum , he was fucking me with some kind of sex toy . Then I felt something bigger pushing against my hole and then the worst pain I had ever felt as he started pushing his dick into me .

I was screaming in pain , I felt I was being torn in half and I must’ve passed out through the pain because the next thing I knew I was being slapped around the face and I opened my eyes to see the man from the park plus two other men all standing looking at me .

“Grab his legs and let me see the target” said one man as I felt my legs being lifted so that my knees were near my chest and everything was on full show to all of them . Over what seemed hours I was raped numerous times , anally and orally . I was a total mess , covered in cum , pissed on and in , spanked and my “maggot” (as my mum called it) was pulled and slapped to the point it was red and swollen .

Eventually they ran out of stamina and I was left laying in a pool of cum and piss until the man who had originally taken me came in and told me to get up and get in the car , my legs were weak and my bum hurt to walk but I managed to get in the car , not even concerned that I was still naked . He drove me back to the park where the whole thing had started , told me to get out and drove off .

I lay on the grass crying for a while and then got up and knew I had to get myself home despite my nakedness . I started walking down the path until a man and woman approached me … but that’s another story .

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