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Dream life Part 18

Its Daisy’s time, What could happen …

(Read part 1 – 17)

Later that day Daisy came to me as I sat in the living room and said “Daddy could you please do what you did to Erin?”, I looked at her sweet face and took her arm and lead her to the spear room where she licked Erin earlier today, I placed Daisy onto the bed and spread her legs getting a good view at her tiny tight pussy, I looked at her face as is started to slide a finger inside her, She arched her back and let out a soft moan as my fingers penetrate her pussy “dose that feel good?”, “Yes daddy” Daisy said as I added another finger inside her.

I took my fingers out and stood over her and asked “Are you sure you want this?”, Daisy looked at me and said “Yeah”, with that I unbuttoned my pants and took my hard cock out, Daisy locked her eyes on it and said “It looks huge daddy”, I then aimed and guided my cock into her pussy and pushed “AHH DADDY ITS SOO GOOD”, Daisy screamed moan, I pushed further in until there was a bulge in her belly that moved with each thrust I did inside her tight pussy, I speed up as the room filled with the sound of Daisy moaning and my cock slapping in her, “Fuck I’m gonna cum baby” I said as i looked into her eyes, I felt Daisy cum all over my cock squeezing down on it causing me to pump her full of my cum “Daddy that feels so warm and nice inside me”, Daisy said as I stopped thrusting, I kissed her and pulled my cock out watching my cum slowly leak out of her and down her leg.

I clean my cock and Daisy’s pussy and carry her to her bed. Back down stairs Ella and Hazel was in the garden with their friends, I looked from the window and Erin smiled at me before heading back to play, For the rest of the day they played in the garden or watched movies in the living room while I sat looking at their ass, Rachel and Erin saw me looking at them and started to wiggle their asses at me, as the other girls where busy watching the film they joined Erin and Rachel on the sofa, I wrapped my arm around them and started to make out until Rachel sat onto my lap and started to grind on my lap Erin sat at the bottom hiding the fact Rachel was getting my cock out and riding it, I place my hands on her waist and she slowly bounced on it, Hazel looked back and saw Rachel bouncing on my lap not knowing I have my cock inside her, Hazel comes over so see if I’m ok and saw my cock in Rachel and she smiled “Mm daddy how many of my friends have you fucked”, Erin turned and said “Two”, while they spoke i came inside Rachel and Hazel saw the cum flowing down my shaft telling Rachel to get off so she can clean his cock. Rachel did that and swapped placed with Hazel.

Hazel sucked my cock clean and Erin licked Rachel clean while Ella and the others where still watching the film not knowing what’s happening behind them, Erin and Rachel left me there numbers as the girls went home from the sleep over.

(This is all fiction) (Sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes) (If you liked this story check out my others)

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