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Married Brahmin girl gangraped -PART -2

25 year old Brahmin girl ,bhavanthi recently married was brutally raped by 5 men in hotel room ,infront of her helpless husband while her honeymoon tr

Now 3 are left ,one of them want bhavanthi to do blowjob another two want bhavanthi buttocks ,they made her to turn out kneel on bed by bending forward ,Now bhavanthi was in doggy position ,her ass was lifted up by bending down her head and boobs ,one of them gone behind bhavanthi’s back to destroy her asshole another holding her hair lifting her head up for blowjob ,bhavanthi opened her mouth ,he inserted his black dick by rubbing her lips and cheeks then he put into her mouth begin to fuck her mouth deep into her throat by holding her hair ,bhavanthi can’t able to breathe properly she was in gagged up ,behind one of them fucking her asshole by slapping her ass ,her ass become very red and brusing all over ,he holding her waist in both hands and striking her asshole so hardly ,below her boobies was shaking front and back ,another hold her boobies started to press that ,it was like heaven to them ,Arun got horny by seeing bhavanthi mouth and ass was fucking in same time ,one who getting blowjob from her leaked his cum into her mouth by holding her hair tightly ,bhavanthi mouth full of his cum only ,within a second sridhar taken his dick and inserted into bhavanthi mouth ,bhavanthi was so restless ,one who fucking her ass leaked his cum into her,only one left he also need bhavanthi ass,after sridhar cummed all over her face,he made bhavanthi to stand against on wall by facing the wall behind he inserted his dick on bhavanthi anal hole ,started to fuck by holding bhavanthi hair backward,bhavanthi ass was shaking on each strike ,by seeing this they asked her husband whether you want to fuck her wife like this ,he was so horny and answered yes ,after her fucked her ass ,they tied bhavanthi legs and feet on that bed and released her husband Arun,he was on very horny fastly climbed above on her wife naked body which her legs and hands and tied to bed ,he started to fuck fastly by saying “ahh bhavanthi ahh bhavanthi ahh bhavanthi” within 5 mins her husband got leaked his cum ,bhavanthi was so tried she cant able to speak or move from the bed ,but all the 5 men got again erection on seeing bhavanthi naked body full of scratch and bit red marks ,Now bhavanthi going for second round ,on that night bhavanthi felt like hell ,but that 5 men raped her so roughly and beaten her so crudely ,bhavanti can’t able to walk and stand on next day ,she was continuously raped for 8 hrs without any gap ,all the 5 felt so pleasure on raping bhavanthi because she was Brahmin girl with busty body ,later within 15 days bhavanthi was pregnant but now the real thing his her husband Arun become so bad everyday he will fuck bhavanthi like he was raping her ,he also allowed his office clients and business man to rape his wife ,everyday bhavanthi was fucked and beaten mercilessly

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