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Teen schoolgirl raped by two men

14 year teen samruthika raped by her neighbour brother and his friend

I am sridhar and my friend name is yeshwanth we both raped that teen girl samruthika mercilessly ,when she was turned 14 years ,actually we both together masturbate by speaking our neighbour aunties and girls.At first we didn’t have any intrest on samruthika while she was 12 years old ,but we had lust on her mother nandhini kavitha (both mother and daughter pic are attached) her mother was homely busty figure me and yeshwanth most of time masterbate by taking about her ,she is a school teacher her husband was Employee in some company ,both have busy schedule from morning to evening ,so Samruthika after school she will stay in my house untill her mother pick her ,but I didn’t have any lust on samruthika ,but it started when samruthika attend her puberty at age 13 ,that day she looks like a angel girl with saree by seeing that me and yeshwanth got lust on her ,yeshwanth told to me that if we fuck samruthika we have heaven like pleasure and also by fucking samruthika we also feel that we are fucking her mother nandhini kavitha ,so we planned to fuck samruthika one day in my home ,One year went off ,samruthika turned into 14 years still we haven’t any chance to rape samruthika ,On may 28 ,we raped and teared her pussy make her to can’t able to stand itself ,it was Saturday samruthika school was on holiday but her mom and dad has to go duty ,so they left her in my house ,I was alone in my house doing masterbate that time by imaging samruthika but she itself came to my house morning 8 am ,my parents gone to native I was alone in my home ,now samruthika came she will be there in my home untill evening 7pm ,Im very happy because my dream is going to happen today ,Onething I’m very strong that today I’m going fuck this little bitch sure ,I called my friend yeswanth to my home ,within 10 mins he came to my home happily ,I locked all the doors and windows ,then we both headed towards my bedroom ,we both saw samruthika was busy in playing games in my laptop ,we both sat together each side of her centre she was playing games in my laptop ,we both start to rub her back ass and legs ,yeshwanth started to press her butt ass and he put his hand inside her tshirt to press her waist ,she become silent and lite feared in her face ,we both closely come to gether ,there is no more gap between our three ,yeshwanth put his hand inside her bra and started to press it gently ,samruthika was like not comfortable feelings in her face ,suddenly she tried to getup from that place,but we both didn’t allow her ,we are in state that we can’t able to control ourself ,we arge to fuck her,again she tried forcefully this time ,yeshwanth become mad and very horny he suddenly pulled down samruthika’s night pant and her inner wear till her knee ,ahh yes we saw her little ass butt bum ,I suddenly place my hand on her butt started to squeeze it hardly ,samruthika started to scream “pls me brother like that” Then we work so fastly we removed her tshirt pant and inner to make her complete naked,we both started to touch and feel her whole body and we lick her like dog all over her body ,she was resisting our behaviour but she cant able to do anything because we both are adult of 25 she is just 14 now ,After 40 mins of romance ,I decided to fuck samruthika I can’t hold anymore I took my dick outside 8 inch black dick ,and I lifted her both legs on my shoulder and inserted my dick slowly in her pussy ,she started to shout yeshwanth close her mouth his right hand ,she can’t able to shout loud now ,I started to fuck her just one stroke I teared her hymen and she was bleeding now ,she can’t able to tolerate my dick ,I increased my speed and raped her with no mercy ,20 mins of fuck I poured my cum in her pussy deep inside ,next yeshwanth make her turn other side of her to have anal sex with samruthika

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