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Married Brahmin girl gangraped – PART-1

25 year old Brahmin girl ,bhavanthi recently married was brutally raped by 5 men in hotel room ,infront of her helpless husband while her honeymoon tr

Bhavanthi ,a 25 year old Brahmin girl got recently to Arun , age 32,bank manager by occupation ,both together got married in Hosur,Tamilnadu on August 21(lastmonth).This brutal incident taken place in munnar on August 24th night .Bhavanthi was raped by 5 men in hotel room infront of her helpless husband Arun, for 8 hours continuously she got raped that night by these merciless animal .They tied her legs and hand ,raped her mercilessly by slapping her face,bitting her boobs ,bruising her ass ,bhavanthi extremely shouted like hell and she begged them ,but they didn’t leave her
On that day Arun and bhavanthi came for honeymoon trip to munnar ,they stayed in 3 star hotel in top floor ,Sridhar and his 4 friends partying just opposite room of bhavanthi’s room ,they saw her while entering her room along with her husband ,she was very beautiful that day ,she dressed very homely chudithar for her honeymoon ,they figured out bhavanthi by looking her ,her boobs size was 36c ,her buttock was very round and big size butt like she is perfect for doggy,and her feet she weared golden anklet with mehandi design ,she was very fair milf like structure evenold man get erection on seeing her ,but her husband Arun was so innocent and good guy but he is very bored like husband so soft type,This thing made sridhar and his friends to bang bhavanthi so hard ,They want to fuck bhavanthi so hard ,they planned to knock the door of her room at midnight 1am ,accordingly they knock the door very hardly ,bhavanthi got feared when they knocked the door ,she wakes up her husband that someone is knocking the door,Arun getted up and saw who is knocking in middle of night ,when he opened the one them punched Arun face so hard her mouth and nose got bleeding by that hard hitting,suddenly 5 men entered so fastly and locked the door ,Arun shouted who are you they 5 beat him so hardly ,Bhavanthi become very anxiety by seeing that 5 men bitting her husband ,she was in bed by holding her bedsheet to cover her only her face was uncovered and crying for her husband ,one of them pulled her bedsheet to see bhavanthi body,he pulled and thrown into floor of bhavanthi bedsheet ,bhavanthi was track pant and white tshirt in which her boobies was so hanging ,by seeing that they all got very mad on bhavanthi ,they tied Arun in chair and made Him to see how they going to rape her wife bhavanthi ,All of 5 surrounded her by climbing to bed ,two of them pulled her each leg towards bhavanthi shouting and crying to leave her ,sridhar climbed above her while two of them holding her legs and another two of them holding her hand ,she can’t able to move from them ,sridhar slapped her face fastly and continuously ,He teared her tshirt to see her milky boobs ,by seeing her busty boobs he got very horny ,he grabbed her both boobs in his hand pressing very roughly and hardly ,then he started to suck her boobs alternatively ,then it’s time to fuck bhavanthi ,he removed his pant and took his 9inch black cock craving for bhavanthi pussy,he inserted in her pussy and begin to fuck her by sucking her boobies ,bhavanthi was helpless she was crying very loudly and begging them to please leave her alone ,but he didn’t hear her ,he increase his speed of fucking ,by slapping her face sucking and bitting her boobs ,her husband was crying and asking them to leave her ,but he fucking her like bitch ,rest all 4 waiting for there turn to fuck bhavanthi, 2 of them was ass lover they want to fuck bhavanthi ass hole in doggy position ,after continous fucking of bhavanthi pussy sridhar leaked his seed (thick white sperm) deep into her pussy ,by saying “bhavanthi bhavanthi bhavanthi ” by seeing her face and pressing her boobies he leaked his sperm into her pussy,as soon as he withdrawn from her ,another one climbed above her ,and one who fucked bhavanthi he now going to hold her legs ,another one was so drunken he was so rude that he want tear bhavanthi pussy wanted her to bleed ,so he taken one iron rod and he heated that ,bhavanthi got more feared what going on ,all of them tightly holding her legs and feet that she going to bear hell like pain now ,by smiling one of them taken that hot iron rod which was heated and touched her pussy with that rod ,bhavanthi got severe pain and she was bleeding ,then he fastly inserted his dick into her pussy and started to fuck bhavanthi my grasping so hardly of her boobies ,Bhavanthi crying and shouting like she was about die ,he got more erection and pleasure by seeing bhavanthi’s painful reaction face and screaming loudly 25 mins of hell fucking he got leaked into her pussy ,Bhavanthi totally tried now she was very pain in condition can’t able to move from the bed ,but still 3 of them are there .continue in part -2

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