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I touched my girlfriend’s best friend

Today went to send a text message, but unfortunately did not return me, feel really completely out of luck, depressed. But now I’m going to talk about not this, it’s an incident I had last winter. My girlfriend and I are living together, living together for a long time, there are more than three years, right? The wife has a colleague and best friend, often come to my home to play, are renting a house, because her home does not have a computer and no network, so often come to my home to access the Internet. I rented a small house, the computer desk next to the bed, usually sitting on the bed to play computer.
One day she came to my house again to play, after eating, she sat in front of the computer to play computer, while my wife and I just lie down on the bed, calves in drooping in the side of the bed, I next to her BFF, while my wife in my right, said here I have to say a Beijing this kind of private built small house heating is really poor, resulting in the house is very cold, I put the quilt cover on me and my wife, at first I did not want to how, but, she I suddenly found a problem when my girlfriend was on the Internet and said let me help her adjust I got up half on my side and helped her look at it, I suddenly found my hand next to her buttocks, my heart moved, after solving the problem, I lay down again, but again because of the quilt cover, so my hand was placed on her buttocks position, because winter wear more, so did not feel anything, I even know she are I do not feel that I am touching her, speaking of which I still want to mention that brother I am timid ah, stay for a while, really can not help but put a hard hand has been lifting up her blouse hand on her back, she looked back, she thought it was my wife, but suddenly found that it was me, she hurriedly turned back, I saw her tremble a little. And my left hand is holding the phone, reading a novel, it is necessary to mention that my wife is also holding the phone with both hands to read the novel, she read the novel very fascinated. I saw that she did not react too much, I then moved a few hands, she shivered, or did not move, as if pretending not to know the same continue to play with the computer, she did not have a belt, I slowly centimeter by centimeter to half of her small buttocks on the pants faded down, and then put his hand on her buttocks, to be honest the woman did not look good, a little black, and very dry buttocks, but I was just very excited very excited I was very excited to see that my wife was not paying attention. And then sneak into the front of her, reach into the panties and touch her little sister, not a lot of hair, a lot of water, play a while, maybe she was afraid, may be afraid of my wife know it, stood up, said she wanted to go back. I said I’ll send you to it, she said no. I was cold sweat came out, I thought how I this to reckless, if she told my wife how to do. And it seems that in the future it will not be able to play again to. I was so scared for a week, the same week she did not tell my wife, I saw her after she did not have any different reaction, after she came again or so and touched a few times. But once I chatted on Facebook that I was going to take her to a room, and she disagreed. I can not figure out why, only touch? Six months later, she quit her job and went back home, never came to Beijing again, can’t help but think it’s a pity.

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