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What happened to me in the bookstore (real experience)

I have read so much, I think I should also write out my experience. I am 30 years old and no girlfriend, out of the adult network in the color and no other special hobbies except like schoolgirls, especially innocent, now is the holiday, bookstores often have a lot of students MM reading books not pan pretty innocent, a week ago, we are 38 degrees high temperature, bookstore students MM special, because there is no place to sit, they are basically the floor and do, that day I saw a white complexion of 16 years old schoolgirl wearing a halter top is sitting on the floor reading books, I was moved. The day I saw a white complexion of about 16 years old school girl wearing a halter top is sitting on the floor reading a book, I was moved in my heart, I went to her side to flip through the book but my eyes swept to her chest, school girl tender breast is not big I can only look at half, so bend over quickly close still can not see the whole picture, school girl concentrated on reading the book did not notice me, unknowingly my bottom JJ on the big top of the pants uncomfortable, I looked around no one noticed my The first thing I did was to quietly pull out the JJ that was already hard and soaring, I slightly bent over to put the JJ on the naked shoulders of the school girl, gently rubbing, the little girl was too focused on reading the book completely did not pay attention, unknowingly began to have some transparent liquid flowing from my horse eye, I all wiped on the shoulders of the school girl, as I rubbed faster, I felt almost ejaculated, saw the school girl head down to reach forward, the white little face flushed. A plan formed, see around are student-like girls, I more firmly my approach, I only feel the sperm off to the front at this time, so I crossed to the schoolgirl in front of me I JJ to her face poke, schoolgirl low simply did not have time to react, my jj close to her face ej, I looked down when, also only to see schoolgirl surprised to look at my meat stick, surprisingly hide the consciousness are not, so I I was so bold that I poked my ejaculating rod at her lips, and in the throbbing of my rod I actually ejaculated twice on my sister’s mouth I could clearly see the milky white semen shooting on my sister’s red lips, drops flowing downward, and after a minute of ejaculation I quickly put my jj away in my pants and turned around and left, leaving my semen still hanging on my schoolgirl sitting there looking at me obviously she hadn’t reacted, maybe she was timid. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The student girl is really cool.

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