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My Sexual Affairs – Summary “Original Premiere

The week of desolation has passed, the excitement has labored, and it’s time to return them to brother-in-law. In fact, I think I probably blacked out after the second cousin had that incident. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of women who have been playing with you, and the physical pleasure is just err, the spiritual pleasure is more important. Why would I be willing to share my cousin to a wolf friend, even if I had joked about it and he had provided me with drugs, if the old me would never have done so? Not to mention the distance between me and the distance, and I am more or less considered a local snake. But I still did, but the sea left a bottom line, he must wear a condom. But we all know how intense we play, the whole two days did not go out, the middle set rags, set off, play high who cares, is a heart comfort only ah. So I feel like my inner demons have been awakened. In fact, the woman actually blackened is also quite terrible. For example, Dong was completely taken down by me after. She even pulled others into the water, Zhou was originally a slut is not counted, to her blessing, I got two more. One I graduated from the transfer, a 165, long good, but short legs, four years older than me, young cunt tight, husband is a seed company director. She is better to get, played her I do not know how many times. The other is my first year of high school language teacher, she and Dong the same age than my older 8 years, to get her wasted a lot of energy, she is long legs, not big breasts but fuck up is different from other women feel. She is not very cooperative every time, so I fuck her every time without a condom, and because his husband is also a teacher, so it is difficult to find the opportunity to fuck her, wear a condom more waste. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The total number of times you can have fun is 6 or 7. Now the physical strength is not as high school that will, and play with Aunt Pi will not be tired at all. A woman needs to be coaxed, especially with young women, must know where the bottom line is for both sides. Although these women, I now with or without a condom are the same, after all, are counted inside the ejaculation, but I will seek their advice every time, they still quite eat this set. These women Dong Han is the most do not carry the fuck, too easy to orgasm, but also the most accomplished. A little off-topic, back to the main line, in fact, I know myself the reason why the first cousin also share, because I begged for it there is also she almost let me and the second cousin of the matter was found, I was having this violent recovery of the heart. And after being played by a third person outside of my brother-in-law and I, her psychological release line was completely destroyed. Now let me play, I am also ready to develop development in the coming period of time, because I found that the first cousin is now engaged in the safest one.
I’m not a rich boy, did not engage in those young models, but engaged in cousin, I also slept with my high school teacher, or some achievements. But all this I can only put in the heart, in order to long and safe to do, only here with the text lyric, or in the dead of night quietly look down the recorded video and photos.

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