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Wife and old K’s 3p end chapter

After a few 3p with Lao K, feel more liberal wife, every time I have sex with me I will ask her Lao K fuck her feelings, said the two of us and excited and exciting, I also dip Lao K light, enjoy the wife’s oral poison dragon and deep throat, which in the past was never dare to think. Sometimes I think thanks to the first time to meet the old K this high quality and rich people, if a lewd man, the wife may be a retreat, not like now, the sex life is rich and colorful, the couple’s feelings are also very solid. On the flip side, I wonder if the starting point is too high because of playing with Old K. How about changing to another man’s wife not accepting it later? I can only take one step and see what happens. My wife will still often chat with K facebook love, chatting content hot and lustful, do not know absolutely never think my wife such a gentle and virtuous wife can say such words, see my blood boiling. My wife said that every time she chatted with him she would get her panties wet and would go to the bathroom to take pictures of her pussy and send them to him, so that my wife would come back and ask me to fuck her, and after she ejaculated her heart would be a kind of inexplicable sourness, looking at her wife being conquered by another man’s cock, being fucked by me with her mouth shouting someone else’s name, even if she was a slutty wife cuckold like me sometimes her heart would be a little uncomfortable, her wife could see the changes in my heart The wife can see the change in my heart, said to me gently: “How about not playing later, I also do not contact him, let’s stop it!” I don’t know if my wife really means what she says or to retreat, but I’m afraid she’s really, so easy to get out of this step, can’t let her back out, hurry to comfort my wife: “It doesn’t matter, I like to see you being fucked, like to wear a cuckold, this excitement stimulation mixed with sour feeling better.” “You’re really not normal at heart.”

In June 16, one night, my wife and I were walking outside, my wife received a message from Old K, said he came to our city, is with his wife and children to come over to play, want to find an opportunity to meet with my wife alone, my wife did not agree, let him contact me, must be with me. Old K had to contact me again, my wife and I came to the hotel where Old K lived and got into his car. Old K said don’t open a room, find a place where no one to a wilderness 3p also stimulating, I agreed to a thought, my wife a little hesitant finally did not object. I found a small park that few people come at night, stopping at an isolated place, the side of the bench around so that the holly bush is almost enclosed, the old K wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed, his wife struggled to refuse, looking around nervously and said, “Do not here, in case people come, how to do?”
“It’s okay, so late no one will come, I’ll watch for you.” I reassured my wife. Old K mouth also said: don’t worry, it’s okay. The hand firmly into the wife’s clothes inside the wife rubbing the wife’s breasts, slowly the wife struggling to cater, and Lao K kissed together, Lao K’s tongue into the wife’s mouth explorer, and suddenly hold the wife’s tongue sucking, Lao K’s hand lifted the skirt to the wife’s pussy, button touching the wife’s pussy, not a moment later the wife can not stand, mouth issued a suppressed “. I looked at the wife who was enjoying the sexual excitement. I looked at my wife who was enjoying the excitement of sex, but also from time to time to look around to prevent people coming, is nervous and exciting. At this time, K has taken off his wife’s panties, his wife’s hands on the bench, legs apart, buttocks up, K squatting behind his wife, both hands spread his wife’s ass, stretched out his tongue in his wife’s slutty pussy licking, from time to time, “slurping” sound, environmental stimulation plus the stimulation of sex, his wife soon could not stand it, his wife The wife wiggled her ass and whispered: “It’s so comfortable …… I can’t stand it …… ah …… insert it … …ah ……” Old K immediately stood up and held his cock against his wife’s slutty pussy and thrust it in, both of them let out suppressed moans. The old K fucked his wife’s pussy one by one, while slapping his wife’s ass with his hand, looking at the force is not big, but the sound is not small, issued a crisp “pop” sound, I was shocked, hurried to look around, but no one came, the wife is issued a sharp and repressed moan: “Hum …… mmm …… comfortable …… really good …… ah… The wife’s fat ass is actively swaying back and forth to meet the old K. Not long after, the wife is a little limp can not hold up, the old K again let the wife sit on the bench, the cock in front of the wife, the wife understand the hands holding the cock, stretch out the tongue on the old K’s cock licking, from the glans to the scrotum are carefully licking, from time to time also with the mouth containing his balls The wife of the wife to see a lustful slut look, also walked to the wife and old K side by side, the wife from the bench down, squatting in front of us both, a hand holding a cock, taking turns licking, old K let the wife try to try to contain two cocks at the same time, the wife try hard, can only contain half of the glans at the same time, and then more will not work. The old K again around the back of the wife, the wife’s ass up, holding the ass again began to fuck the wife’s pussy, the wife hands holding my legs, mouth containing my cock, as the old K hard thrusts, feel the wife’s strength can not, I hurriedly strangled her arms, the wife can not care about my cock, mouth issued a suppressed moan: “ah … … …so good …… comfortable ah …… inserted through ah …… “Old K fuck a while, and came to the front, said to me. “You go over and fuck her slutty pussy, I’ll fuck her slutty mouth.” I came to the back of a touch wife’s pussy, really watery, obscene water are flowing down the thighs, I easily a thrust to the bottom, inside and wet and slippery and hot, cool me, I fucked hard, wife’s mouth is containing old K’s cock gulping licking and sucking, not a moment, old K two hands fixed wife’s head, cock began in the wife’s mouth fast thrusting, he really put my wife’s mouth in the same as the pussy fuck, although I know the old K should be cumming. I also accelerated the sprint, and soon K and I exploded almost simultaneously in the wife’s pussy and mouth respectively, and she sat down on the bench.

The wife spit out K’s semen, embarrassed that the three of us did not take paper, the wife had to wipe her mouth and pussy with panties, and then to K and I wipe the cock, and then threw away the panties, we hurried to organize the clothes and go out, K invited us to go to his city again sometime, we promised to go again sometime. The way back, the wife is still very excited, no one when the old K will lift the skirt, revealing her vacuum on the big ass, watching the wife more and more slutty performance, I’m not sure if this has any impact on our future, but I know I like this wife.

In September of this year, we were again invited to K’s city, my wife again tasted her favorite big cock, let K fuck the soul, in addition to the first time, internal ejaculation and oral explosion became the norm K fuck my wife, the details are no longer recounted.

In February 17, K came over here again, in the days when I learned that he was coming over, I could see that my wife was in a good mood, although she deliberately disguised that I could still see, but my wife still refused the request of K to meet with his wife alone, I must be present.

After this, we never saw each other again, although sometimes still Facebook chat. But I knew that for K, the novelty that my wife brought him had worn off, and he had hooked up with two more wives, and through the videos and photos he sent me, I saw that they were indeed two very nice mature women, and envied his good fortune. With the passage of time, the wife to him also slowly fade, during which I have found a few single male and his wife to play together, his wife also and friends single date, these later have the opportunity to write in.

The old K in my entire kinky wife cuckold occupies a very important position, if not him, the wife now will not play so open, and put away freely, so and his things written in more detail, thank him very much, some netizens say my writing is good, in fact, really not good, mainly their own personal experience, all the details are in my head often floating, so write up not bothered, some dialogue and wife’s The majority of the screaming is recorded from the video, of course, some dialect or spoken language will change a little. My wife sometimes says that I write her too slutty, she is not at all like that. But I found out the video at the time to take a look, the wife shut up, huh. 16 years old K 44 years old, 6 years older than us, the specific occupation of the city will not be disclosed.

This time the photos are a bit mixed, are the latter several video screenshots or photos taken, and a few wife and old K chat log screenshots. The most important thing is that there are no photos of the wife with Old K’s semen in her mouth after the blowjob.

This one is considered to be the end of the story with the old K. He recently chatted with him saying that he would come back to see us sometime, but I know this is polite talk. I’m not worried about this, after all, they are too far apart, the second is the wife’s early 40s age, the occasional anxious still, the third is the child’s ties, the wife regards the child as life. But if the distance is very close, the wife is definitely on call, the old K want to fuck how no problem, I guess even pull the wife group P exchange wife will agree.

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