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Seducing a Sassy Young Woman on a Long-Distance Bus (Original First Release)

In 2014 I wasn’t in the same city as my wife, but I went to my wife’s work once a month. One Saturday afternoon my wife called to say that she was not working late in the evening and asked me to go to the beach together, so I went to buy tickets. The afternoon train tickets bought out, the bus only two trips a day, there is no way but to do the passing bus, the bus is Jiangxi Jiujiang to Quanzhou.
I got on the car has been full, the back of the car with the people let a seat to me I sat down on my butt, look next to a thirty-year-old woman, look around are old people and children, the car are Jiangxi Jiujiang people, only I speak Mandarin so I closed my eyes to sleep, I always hear the young woman’s phone ringing next to me, a moment to answer the phone a moment Facebook, I looked at the screen display husband. I thought to myself that I was really in love. But when she answers the phone is always very quietly speak afraid of others to hear, I feel wrong but because I am only a foreigner, I can not say anything.
After a while may be a little cold air conditioning, she put the call on the seat, so her feet pressed to my feet, I thought this slut and her husband so loving, but also want to seduce young people, I am 28 years old. So I asked her, I said you and your husband really love, she laughed. And began to talk to me about everything. After talking I asked her directly, I asked: are you here to find your lover, she smiled again, nodded a little and said how do you know. I said the secret, this time it was also dark, my wife also called to ask me to there. I casually coped with it and hung up.
I began to slowly put my hand on her thigh, she did not react or chat with me, I thought I really guessed. I began to boldly touch, slowly touching her triangle, I felt the wetness of her panties. I looked almost to the, I asked her for the phone number, to get off when she and I do not want to move to the people are gone, I held her kiss for a while before finally getting off, as soon as the car I saw to pick her up the man, about 23 years old, when they go always look back at me.
That night I was about to make love with my wife when my phone rang, my wife asked me who was so late, I said I did not know, as I did not save the name, I fooled around and said it might be a hexagonal or the wrong call, the next day I made a phone call to ask her why she called me so late, she told me they had a fight last night. Also said because she is always looking at my problem, I simply asked her there, I said I came to see you, about, I and my wife said I have something to go back first. After leaving my wife I immediately went to her, as soon as I saw her I hugged her and kissed her, first day a gun, then I took her to Xiamen to play for two days. Then send her to the car, she went back to Jiangxi Jiujiang.
So far I still keep in touch with her on the phone, today is the ninth day of the year I received a phone call from her, just to remember. So I wrote about it. She just told me that she would come to Quanzhou after the Lantern Festival, and she said that she wanted me to make her day. I hope you like my post more to give some hearts to support it, thank you!

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