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The Story of Me and My Beautiful Leader

I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time, but I felt a little guilty every time I started writing, so I put it off for a long time.
I can think of it now, thanks to the recent rainy weather. The rain drops on the balcony awning, there is a kind of radio white noise rustle, can not help but think of that time.

I met the lady, not on a formal occasion, but on a weekend bus ride. She was dressed in a casual denim outfit and had short, crisp hair that resembled Gigi Leung.
I was dozing in the back row of the double seat, and somehow there was a little beauty around me. The car was actually very empty, with only five or six people in total, including the lady and the driver who had just gotten on.
Anyway, I don’t hate sitting next to a beautiful woman, so I went back to sleep on my own.
“But a soft laugh from her apparently didn’t do me justice.
“I opened my eyes, and the bus TV was playing cat and mouse. Madan, so grown up and still so childish!
When she heard me wake up, she turned her head and smiled apologetically at me and stuck out her little tongue.
At that moment, I knew I was in love with her.

But at that time, I was still a virgin, and I didn’t have the courage to pick her up. But the fate is in half a year later in the work practice, quietly appeared.
The company that hired me is a famous chemical fiber enterprise in the area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and its sales have long been in the top three of its counterparts in Zhejiang province. I was a foreign trade department intern, and the head of the foreign trade department is actually her!

When we saw each other, we were both stunned for 2 seconds, but it was the lady who started with a smile. “Our HR also said there’s a new handsome little guy, so it’s you.”
“Well, I’ll be… I was so nervous that all I could do was to blurt out this nonsensical social rhetoric.
She smiled badly and said, “Why, you’re so nervous, the aunts and sisters here won’t eat you~”.
I don’t know which of the old aunts said something like, “New handsome guy, help auntie get a glass of water, auntie is so busy that her pussy is glued to it.”
For a moment I wondered why my ears were mishearing the organ vocabulary that came up. Is this a company or a fucking kiln!
The little sister was a bit angry when she heard, “Okay, okay, go back to work. Have you received the water bill for the Middle East bill last month? The customer side is urging me to release the goods, and you can confirm with the bank side.”
But later I also know that this foreign trade department is not disciplined at all, after half a year of internship, in addition to learning the documentary process, curry flavor English, but also collected a belly of no character pornography.

The relationship with the lady? On the first day of her job, she asked me to go for a night run, probably because she’s been sitting too much and has grown a bit fat.
“A good woman is not a hundred, understand?” She said angrily.
“Aren’t you just 101 pounds? Taking off your clothes and weighing in is definitely not a hundred.”
“Shut up and run good!”
Soon we were like two old friends we hadn’t seen in years, talking about everything. We worked together during the day and went out for a night run and a late night snack together.
In the course of our conversation, we learned that she had originally dated a boyfriend, and had even lived with him at one time, who was a scholarly but macho man.
“I take calls from clients in the middle of the night, and I don’t want to wake him up, so I keep my voice down. He gets paranoid.”
“It’s because you’re too lively!” The little sister’s personality is really quite outgoing, and she chases a lot of people.
“Cut, it’s that he’s too insecure to handle the sister.”

Lots of memories from the past ……
Or remember the first time you had sex with her~

She and I went to the Canton Fair on behalf of the company, and we met with Ah Sam’s clients for a late dinner. They were kind enough to book her a king-size room at the Mercure Hotel. …… (Thank you, Ah Sam~)
“…… I’ll go outside and get a room.” Asked the front desk, the hotel is already full, in fact, during the Canton Fair, are not very good to find a room, especially after 12 pm, can only go to the road to find the scalper who issued a small card to ask (scalper quite a lot).
“Oh my, so much trouble, I’m tired enough today, quickly go into the room to wash and sleep.”
The little sister dragged me by the hand and went in, without saying a word she went into the bathroom and started to take off her coat. As I was taking off my coat, I didn’t forget to give the order: “Ah, this side of the shower gel is not good, just now when I came over I saw there is a house selling baby products, you help me to buy a bottle of baby shower gel~”.
But I just stared at her blankly, not yet regaining consciousness, the first time I saw an adult female defenselessly taking off her clothes in front of me, the excitement was a little too much.
When my little sister saw me like this, she came over and hugged me, still in her underwear, and hugged my neck.
“Her upturned face was a bit shy and slightly red, but her eyes were filled with boldness.
“Yes,” I nodded.
“Me too,”
Like two travelers on the verge of death in the desert who have finally discovered the sweet well of an oasis, we kissed and drank each other’s juices, which were made salty by our mutual desire. (This was honestly the best wet kiss I’ve ever had in my life, and it was salty…)
My hands, which had been stiff before, seemed to be energized by the kiss and began to move around each other. …… My little sister gasped and tried to unbuckle my belt, but I was too weak to kiss her, and she slumped on the bed.
“Come on, take me,”
When I heard her near-crippling thirst, my already hard dick became even more furious.
I ripped off her panties and sent a flood of desire into her already moist pussy.
“Mmm-ha …… I have not done it for a long time, let me slow down first, my heart can not stand it”, at this time, the lady’s cuteness makes people want to eat her in one bite.
I of course ignored her advice, at this time I have lost all sense of reason, just want to see more, feel more, everything about her.
As I watched my crush take pleasure beneath me, I felt like ejaculating because of my first experience.
“I’m… I’m going to come,” I said subconsciously. I’m going to cum” I subconsciously wanted to withdraw from her body.
“It’s okay, just shoot inside.” The lady instead clamped her legs around my waist, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me even more fervently.
I’m not going to be able to do anything about it,” she said. “Ooh~~~” and she also spasmed with a tender cry as if stimulated by something.
“I’m coming~” the young lady blushed and fell onto the bed, “I’m not strong at all, help me get cleaned up.”
“…… Aren’t you afraid of having a baby?” I’m more worried about that.
“It’s not your responsibility.” She looked unconcerned, saw my worried face and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll just take a pill tomorrow.”
After that, I helped her in the bathroom, rubbed her breasts and washed her pussy, and I got hard again. She said she had three orgasms and her back was so sore that she didn’t want to do it anymore, so she sucked me off.
However, after a few strokes, she said she was tired and finally used her hands to help me jerk off.

Although my boss and Miss Sister and I have not formally established a romantic relationship, but life has been with the lovers and no difference.
In fact, the office romance is definitely discovered, the look of the eyes on the direct exposure. Gradually, the atmosphere in the company began to change, and occasionally I would accidentally hear some gossip about her and me.
Plus changes in the company’s senior management, the new head intends to squeeze out Miss for their own people, engage in a variety of small actions, but also authorized the men to dig Miss’s customers.
The company’s name and customers will be contacted for orders, and there will be a 20% deposit TT remittance, and then part of the deposit to the domestic manufacturers to place orders and earn the difference.
I would help her to advertise on some foreign trade platforms, do contracts, go to factories to supervise the loading of goods and take photos to send to customers, and occasionally do some Japanese translation (I know Japanese and English, but the lady is proficient in English and French).
Basically, each single profit is about 2000 U.S. dollars, at that time (around 2009) the exchange rate is around 6.6, a year to earn 800,000 RMB. As for taxation, the Hong Kong side can let the firm help do zero tax declaration, offshore companies do not have to pay tax for the first three years of business.

Maybe the altar users are not interested in listening to me and are more concerned about the SEX part. I’m not sure how to put it this way, but it’s a very good match physically. Every time we have sex, we have orgasms together, and when we have orgasms, we whisper each other’s names in each other’s ears over and over again, and it’s really addictive.
I’ll just recall some of the more memorable times.

I went to Jiangsu province to buy a complete set of textile machinery with an Ah-San customer. Originally, it would be better to buy it in Europe, but the infrastructure in India is too poor, and the energy is still more coal-burning.
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. (Original word: I wanna horse kill chicken Girl)
I don’t know where the lady got the resources to make a phone call and book 2 rooms in a hotel and arrange a technician for Sam.
Why two rooms? Of course, there is one for me and my sister.
It is reasonable to say that the star hotel should be good sound insulation, Madan in the middle of the night next door to the ghostly scream of the three can be heard covering the quilt, causing me to toss and turn in bed.
At this time, the lady said with a bad smile across the bed, “What’s wrong? It’s burning with lust.”
“I’ve been trying to do this for a long time, but I’m not sure if it’s her period.
“That’s because I lied to you yesterday, otherwise I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the energy to do business today.
After a brief silence, I shouted, “Holy shit! A rollover to rush to the next bed to find a lady to vent fire.
The girl is still over there with a very fake voice said: “ah ~ ~ ~ pervert to rape me ah ~ ~ save life ah ~ ~”.
“You’re the one who’s fucking raped!”
“Ahaha, no! I’m not going to give it to you.” The lady still held the pillow and tried to hide, but I pressed her down directly on the bed.
I was pressed to death on the bed.
“Do you have any last words?” I like to see the lady’s naughty face, because later it will become a different face, and the two will be in sharp contrast.
“Czechoslovakia~” (Titanic, Jack, slow fuck!) Instead, she closed her eyes and pouted a little, as if she were imagining herself as a movie hostess.
She closed her eyes and pouted a little, as if she were imagining herself as a movie hostess. I must say, her eccentricity was really hard to resist.
I whispered a curse of “rotten stalk” and began to kiss her lips tenderly, like a light rain, from the lips to the eyes, from the eyes to the red little ears, from the ears down the neck, unclasping her bra, licking her nipples fast and slow.
The little sister could not help but gasp and twist her body to match my caresses, until I entered her body and let out a long, seemingly enjoyable “Mmm ~“.
“Why so fast today?” I could feel her orgasm in my pussy.
My little sister blushed and slapped me very gently, her eyes seeming to woof out water, “Shut up, fuck me! The statement was a command, but the tone was pleading. The tenderness and arrogance of my little sister was on full display at this moment.
And then it was basically – fuck me. The reason I was so impressed was that it was the first time I heard the young lady scream in English the whole time, and the last time I heard her. After that she wouldn’t say anything like “suck my vegina” or any of those super lewd lines.

The other time was when I was playing WOW. It doesn’t take a lot of time to be a Trader, usually 4-5 hours a day is enough. The lady was always in contact with her clients at night (due to jet lag), and in the morning she was catching up on her sleep, and I was playing games during that time. I forgot to say, after jumping out to do Trader, she and I shared a small room at the edge of Zhejiang University, office break together, to the meal time to go to Zhejiang University to find international student friends to scrounge for food (paid, not for free). The international student cafeteria at Zhejiang University’s Yuquan campus is highly recommended for those who live in Hangzhou, it is delicious, clean and cheap. (In 2009, it was $25 for four dishes and two meat and two vegetables, but now I don’t know).

The thing is quite simple if you accidentally go off on a tangent …… is that I was playing copy and somehow the lady suddenly sat on me.
“What’s wrong?” I took off my headphones and saw the lady’s upset face.
“…… Nothing, just keep playing.”
“I put on my headphones and continued to play the copy, because I was playing nanny, and it was the last progress on Monday, early in the morning there was a shout group.
“…… “Without saying a word, the lady suddenly leaned over and took off my pants and started Blow job.
“!” A moment of a bit confused, the game has opened boss, as a nanny if you do not focus on blood, the regiment is a matter of minutes. I couldn’t help but moan in comfort as a burst of pleasure came from my lower body. ……
At this time the headset came from the head of yy, “who’s mic, change the keys, can you still play the game in the morning watching pornography”.
I fucking forgot it’s still on Freemax!
So I was ready to cut out and change the button pronunciation, but the lady at this time suddenly mounted on me, backhandedly held the mouth to the excited penis aimed at the little sister sat down and began to twist ……
“Ah ~ ha ~ let, let you can’t hear me! How’s that? Keep playing for me, huh? Isn’t it great to play a game while playing a woman?” It turns out I didn’t hear the lady with headphones on before she got angry.
But by this time ……YY was blowing up! “Fuck! It’s a real booty call!” “It’s that priest.” “Everybody be quiet, I can’t hear the screaming.” ……
Fame and ruin!
“Sister, the people in yyyy heard me, I’m free wheat …… “I have a look on my face that I can’t live with.
The first thing I noticed is that the company’s products and services are not only good for the environment, but also for the environment.
“I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do in the next few days, but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it in the next few months.
I also threw down a sentence and ran away like retreating from the group and YY. Madan, I hate to give up halfway in my life, and then run away by myself halfway through, what’s the law?
Of course the bathroom door is locked, but it’s an old-fashioned broken door that you can get into with a bank card. ……

After that, it was a great fuck (I just handed in my paycheck last night, and I don’t want to describe it in too much detail today, so I’m easily excited, so please forgive me).

We both have strong personalities and may be accommodating to each other in the beginning, but after the two hearts are close to each other to a certain extent, we will easily hurt each other.
My youngest sister is very action-oriented but not very planned, while I, on the other hand, like to plan and act later.

The two personalities have their own strengths and weaknesses, Miss Sister is the kind of anything you think of immediately go to do, do the process of finding a problem and then find a solution, very courageous people. (The disadvantage is the high risk of doing things)
I tend to be a bit more planned, and I think about the problems I encounter in the process of doing it beforehand, and decide to do it or not after assessing the risks, and I also like to be methodical when doing it. (The disadvantage is the lack of timeliness.)

In reality, the lady of such character is more likely to mix up the head, many things about the first opportunity, you grab the first soup you win. When you think about it again, has not been the turn.
But I personally just do not like to do things not according to the plan to break the rules, this point in the work and Miss Sister has argued many times.

The most typical example of this is the high-risk operation of releasing goods in advance without receiving the water bill.
Under a simple explanation, when the goods shipped to the customer port, can not directly pick up the goods, we need to confirm that our customers have made up the final payment, and then notify the freight forwarder to customers to release the goods.
The transfer certificate of the customer to make up the final payment is the water bill, which can be said to be the most important certificate in the whole foreign trade process. I’ve never seen a domestic who dares not receive a water bill on the release of goods.
But this lady is an exception.

The reason is that her customers in the Middle East desperately begged her to release the goods in advance: the arrival of the goods just in time for an annual celebration of the local Muslims or some festival (similar in scale to the Spring Festival), the port will soon be on holiday for a period of time, if you can not receive the goods, until the end of the celebration, just demurrage will cost 2000 U.S. dollars.
So Miss released the goods in advance, and then she won the gamble, the customer paid the final payment as promised afterwards, and became a fan of Miss’s brain, every now and then she gave her 6 big orders of high containers. (800,000 annual revenue of nearly 40 percent of this customer’s contribution)

But if you walk by the river, you will always get your shoes wet.

I tried to persuade her not to do such a dangerous operation, but she didn’t listen, and as a result, she lost 400,000 yuan in payment.
Because of this, she and I were both very unhappy, and we had a cold war for about 2 months. It also set the stage for the subsequent separation. Why didn’t I say “break up”? Because Missy and I had never talked about being lovers from the beginning, maybe it was a tacit understanding, or maybe she had been hurt and didn’t want to use such a heavy relationship with me.
Through this incident, we have come to a more rational judgment of each other. I was a 25-year-old brat and she was a 28-year-old hater. Frankly, I was not mature enough to accept marriage at that time, and I disappointed her by not responding much to her hints, either intentionally or unintentionally.

At the time of the cold war I also thought a lot, reasoning told me that if the sister and I go together I will be very tired, but I opened my eyes are her face and voice, and finally decided: buy a diamond ring to propose to the sister!

(We have guests in the house, and it seems that we still can’t finish writing at noon, so I’ll write again when I have time to clear my mind. I’m sorry there’s no H in this paragraph, but it’s followed by the most impressive and desperate and at the same time the most passionate sex I’ve ever had with a lady in my life).
In the car, the moment I handed the ring to her, I saw her tears welling up in her eyes.
I thought she was crying tears of joy, but another diamond ring on her left ring finger shattered my illusions.
“You’re… Married? What… What… time? Neither… Tell me about it… So… so outgoing. I was trying to suppress the emotions raging inside me, and tried to squeeze out a frank smile, but my voice was beginning to fail in the end.
My little sister shook her head gently, and with red eyes, stopped crying, and said at the top of her voice: “It’s just an engagement. He’s been after me for years, but I didn’t say yes. ….. I went home after we parted, and he went with me. Then Mom and Dad met on both sides …… and that was it.”
Just an engagement? Is this an indication that I still have a chance? What should I say? At the moment I am not as calm as I usually am, just want to catch any trace of her words to save the possibility.
“If you’re worried about him pestering you, I can take you to a place farther away, Chongqing or Hainan, where I have friends who can quickly settle down, with the two of us …….” I grabbed her weak shoulders, like a drowning man trying to grasp a straw to save his life.
My little sister bowed her head and wiped away the tears with a tissue, her eyes drifting out of the car window, “I’m sorry, I didn’t make myself clear…… It’s only an engagement, but in my heart it’s no different from marriage. You and I are both too strong in our personalities, and together we’ll both get hurt.”
“You don’t love me anymore?” When I heard the death sentence, I only wanted to confirm one last thing at this moment.
“No, I love you,” the lady looked at me calmly, as if she wanted to sink me into her eyes.
“Then why didn’t you choose me? Or have you just been playing around since we met?” I felt the sadness turning into anger, but then the anger turned into sadness again. I couldn’t hold back the tears that were running down my eyelids.
Silence, now, midnight, underground garage, silent tears of two people.
My little sister took out a tissue from her bag and tried to wipe away my tears.
“Don’t touch me, you’re someone else’s woman, please behave yourself!” Leaning against the car seat, I roughly parted her hand from the one she was wiping my tears with, and rested my other small arm against my closed eyes, saving the last of my self-respect for myself.
“No, I’ll always be yours.”
Along with the lady’s calm and gentle confession, I felt a sudden warm and soft touch on my lips, which were cold with despair, and smelled the familiar fragrance of hair in my nose, which was salty and wet with grief.
She, she kissed me. Was it mercy? For an instant I wanted to push the lady away. But she held me tightly in her arms, just as I had held her tightly so many times before.
Gradually, through the kiss, we seemed to return to any of the times we had kissed in the past. My little sister unbuckled my belt with her hand.
“Aren’t you engaged?” I woke up from a magnificent dream.
My little sister’s lips faded into a smile that I didn’t know whether it was sad or capricious, “Anyway, it’s not the second time I’ve disobeyed the rules, but now I just want to love you more before I get married.”
Hot, intertwined, sad, joyful, the two bodies and souls fused together in various positions.
If anything, the raped girl was humiliated by her orgasm. If a girl who has been raped is humiliated by her orgasm, then I, who am drowning in grief at this moment, feel the pain of having sex with the lady.
Theoretically, to a certain extent, the human senses cannot distinguish between pain and pleasure, and at that time I could not distinguish between the two.
Countless passionate intercourse, with anger, despair, reluctance, love, countless times in her body, tossed and venting.
My little sister also matched my movements, displaying all sorts of luscious body postures and moaning with love.
“Cheating on your fiancé with someone else behind his back, do you think you are a slut!” In my frenzy I also tried to humiliate her with words in order to gain psychological balance.
“Hmm… Ah… I’m… I’m the slut who loves you, ah… Ahh… I love to make love… Sex with you…” My little sister, even in the midst of her extreme excitement, did not forget to give me positive feedback, and I was so sore that I couldn’t help but slow down my rhythm. It was her favorite rhythm, soft and slow, with a bit of dominance.
“Ahhh… The lady sitting on top of me was so excited that she took my head into her breasts.
“Let me pull out, I’m going to cum.”
“No!” She capriciously wiggled with her lower body as if she were trying to squeeze every drop of sperm out of me.
In a final frenzy, we both reached the peak of our desire. The moment of stillness from the orgasm, when both of our bodies were forbidden, is painfully burned into my memory.
I don’t remember how I finally left the underground garage.
All I remember is that I went back to the house and fell asleep.
When I woke up, the familiar ceiling, the familiar pillow, and the absence of Miss, it was as if everything had never happened, just a dream.

I didn’t go to the wedding, but just texted her to wish her well.
I heard that the man was a bit fond of gambling and didn’t take much care of her after the baby was born. The youngest sister is bringing up a child while making a list, which is quite hard.

The most recent encounter is a walk with his wife and daughter after dinner, the road to see a lady holding her son shopping, no husband around to accompany her.
I have long hair, slightly blonde, less sharp and more gentle, and when I saw my bleak eyes seemed to have a flash of light, and then turned to the burning eyes to measure the neija. We didn’t greet each other after all, just passed by like that.

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