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Our multiple sexual partners

Because my husband is now very busy, can come back once a month is good. Without him to organize the pictures I do not know how to get, recently it is not easy to find a good use of the graph bed, I post will be more convenient.

Before the husband is not in, I have been looking for a younger brother to meet me, the last few have been posted, in June the younger brother also left the end of the training period, making me a long time can only solve their own. The most impressive thing is that when we were drinking, we played truthfully, and this guy said his bottom was 20 cm long.

It’s not like we’re going to have any more between us, but after masturbating for more than a month, maybe we’re just too hungry for it, and one night at the beginning of this month, we sent him a message asking who else hadn’t gone, and he said that he was the only one who had, and that he was going to go by the end of this month, and then we talked about it and he said he’d invite me to dinner, and he’d been waiting for him to say that for a long time. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version.

The moment the door closed after entering the house, I was held by him and kissed wildly, and I said in my heart that now the 90s are almost 00s, how can there be coy, once in the house, the nature was exposed. I put my hand into his crotch and grabbed it, I felt really big, my husband’s is 15, his lover’s is 18, I feel that he has been and Europe and the United States in pornography is almost the same, I still feel very beautiful, I can’t say the kind of happy.

This kind of thing is actually clear, there is no disguise in the heart, I quickly stripped half lying on the bed with legs apart, one hand rubbing the clitoris and the other hand rubbing the breasts, and then biting my lip and stared at him, this trick I still can’t get enough of it, they feel like they are very wavy, his cock at first semi-hard state or hanging, soon fully erect, he also asked me if I was satisfied, so I was laughing.

The first time I really experienced the desire to die, I was half leaning against the head of the bed to watch him thrust in, he really can’t stick in the end, every time there is a section left exposed, if he pushed harder I felt sick and shaking and then screamed, so I had an orgasm in less than a minute, and then I knew that I was definitely an eruption, orgasm when the water splashed out, and finally tears can’t stop flowing down, he also stopped and asked me, I quickly said don’t stop don’t stop.

The last time I pulled out the condom, there was so much semen in it that he said he hadn’t done it in over half a month, and the last time was with his girlfriend. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of a woman, and how to get the best out of a woman. The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of a woman who has been sleeping with you. I said I would call you a big cock on the line, just to show you the following big.

I didn’t stay with him that night, because the place he rented was too old and soundproof, and I guess the neighbors heard him just now, so I’m sorry. I thought I would contact him every few days, but I couldn’t stand it until the next day, and I really wanted to masturbate. I didn’t have oral sex on the first day, but I sucked him so hard that he sucked me under the shower and I sucked him on my knees.

The funniest thing was that he called me teacher every time, because my older brother called me sister, and I told him to call me sister too, but he said it would be better. He said, “Teacher, I didn’t know you were such a slut. “Teacher, it feels so good to have you on your knees sucking my cock!” etc.

I said you have to leave anyway to make a video of it, but I’m even ready for ID verification, hee hee. He was surprised that I liked it and thought I would post it on one of the video sites he often watches.

It’s been a long time since I’ve trimmed my pubic hair, and I’ve been told that the thicker the hair, the more I feel like a mature young woman, and I feel like I’ve been called an aunt for the first time.

The first thing I did was to masturbate, because he was too big, and if there was not enough water, I would feel the flesh inside my vagina being pulled around by him.

He shoved it in when the water wasn’t too much.

The biggest feeling of having sex with him was that my vagina was very tight and swollen.

The most important thing is that the vagina is very tight and swollen. The deepest part of the vagina is only at this position, and this is still the depth that he pushes in.

The first time I had an orgasm, I laid on the bed and didn’t move.

Pucker up to prepare for the second game, whether it is the younger brother or the first time he saw my bottom said I must have played with a lot of boys, otherwise it would not be so dark, I teased them that add up to more than thirty men, they really believe, so I am very depressed ah.

The first thing that I want to do is to say that I’m not going to be able to do anything about it.

I feel young is good, my brother and his penis are red, creamy and shiny, licking up also very smooth, unlike my husband and handsome guy are more black.

He continued to play with me, and each time he did this to me I cried out, “Good, play with me, don’t stop…” and he worked even harder.

The next step was a series of thrusts and I had a series of orgasms.

All that flowed out was white pulp and dirty water, and he hadn’t even cum yet. When he worked me over like this, there was almost no interval between orgasms, and sometimes I felt disoriented for a while, then came awake again with an intense orgasm. He also said that I stopped screaming and then started screaming again with a “drink…eh” sound.

Finally, he ejaculated deep inside me and hugged me from behind and said, “Teacher, if you love someone, you have to ejaculate deep inside her. I said in, and I didn’t say anything else.

When I finally pulled out it felt like my lower body was relaxed all of a sudden, otherwise it was really stretched out.

The first time I met him was when I was a kid, and he was a little bit younger than I was, so I thought I’d go back to school. In fact, this is nothing, do not know why many women are not willing to, now the boys are basically from pornography to learn sex education, as long as he can let him experience the plot of the film, he will certainly like.

Later on, I told my husband about this, so he must come back more often to stay, or else he is really too horny.

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