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The stars are spinning and you are still my only record of my dead love True

No matter how long it’s been, no matter how much I’ve been through since we parted, you’re always in my thoughts, in my dreams, and when I close my eyes, it’s your silhouette…!
You’ve made me unable to take you out of my mind in a woman’s splendid way, and I will live my whole life thinking about you until death comes!
I met you on the first day of my freshman year at a class meeting. I was far away from Wuhan, far away from my girlfriend, and came to Shiyan, a remote mountainous area to go to college. I felt both happy and lonely, sitting alone in my seat, listening to the classmates introduce themselves one by one, and found that none of them were from my hometown. I took a look at you without thinking, but I was frozen in time and space, as if I was in the dark for a long time. At that moment, your dazzling light enveloped me, and I still can’t forget your almost 170 figure, romantic curls, fair skin, and most importantly, your clear eyes and vermilion lips. I knew I had a crush on you, and for the first time I felt love at first sight, and you were so careless and reckless that you didn’t notice a boy looking at you all the time, like he couldn’t take his eyes off you! I heard your introduction, I know you are also Wuhan, at that time I was very happy! Finally, I have a friend to talk to, and what makes me happy is that I have a reason to contact you!
In the next nearly a year of contact, we are always so subtle and shy, seem to see each other as their only for each other to resist all the people they adore each other as their own treasure, care for each other with the love that dare not say to tolerate each other. Our relationship is so delicate, not willing to pierce the paper, but in each other alone when they can give all they have for each other! I remember the time I broke up with my girlfriend in Wuhan, and you dragged me out at night to eat Dupo’s chicken with me, to drink with me, to let off steam for fear that I would be sad and upset, and then we went to the back of the school, lying on the grass, and you said to me with a little drunkenness and a red face, “Let me be your only one to take care of you! I felt sad and held you tightly in my arms. Do you know that you have been the pillar of my spirit for a long time? That night we had our first time, your hair spread out on the bed, I kissed your lips, vermilion in color, the faint scent of your mouth, the lingering of your tongue, caressing your full breasts, your pink nipples slightly hard, like a soft candy that never melts in your mouth, and the moment I entered your body, we melted! The friction of flesh, so direct, so naked, your moans so soulful, you contained me in the most secret place of a woman, the love juices washing my soul until I was completely released in the deepest part of your wetness, we did not part that night.
In the days to come, we loved each other more, we cared for each other in life, we understood each other, and in bed, you made me experience the joy of becoming an immortal, and often, I wanted to die under your span, which was also a kind of happiness. We were so compatible, and people who knew us envied us and thought we would grow old together.
After graduation, your family chose to go to Shanghai and you insisted on staying, but I couldn’t. I was afraid to go to Shanghai with you because of my youthful ignorance and timidity, because your family didn’t know I existed yet. You cried and said you hated me forever! I will get back at you!
I remember the night before you left, you put on the sexiest lingerie and stockings, sprayed the most charming perfume, kissed me all over my body with my favorite and most tender lips, teased every sensitive part of my body with your tongue, and took your hard-on in your mouth and teased it. I picked you up and laid you gently on the bed, removed your underwear and tasted you as a woman! The woman who has been with me for 4 years and whose taste has been so familiar for so long, the memories came flooding back to me. Four years ago at that class meeting, the first time I saw you, you were like a goddess, the first time we talked, the first time we watched a movie, the first time we held your umbrella, the first time we cried together. Stroking your silky legs, kissing your breasts, teasing your pussy with my tongue, tasting your love juices, listening to your orgasmic moans until you gently sat down and let me inside you, conquering me sensually and physically in your most sensual way, and you showed me the most complete version of you, with nothing but non-stop sex and cum filling you until we were both tired and sore. Both tired, both sore …! We were in tears the whole night! You said that if you were pregnant, we would die together.

You’ve gone and taken your love for me with you and emptied the world… my ears can’t hear anything, my eyes can’t see anything, my tongue can’t taste anything, my hands can’t feel anything… it doesn’t matter because I’m dead and my heart has lost its power… but my mind still remembers one night when you said to me with a little drunkenness and a red face, let me be the only one to take care of you!
Do you know that you are still my only one!

Between the sun and the moon
Waiting for you, even if your face is haggard
To weave all my love
I’ll weave it all together
From ancient times to the present
From this life to the next

When the ancient love is no more
Through a thousand years of hardship
You and I meet and no longer part
My dear, your image
In the darkness of eternal life
I gather the light

And so, in the lonely night
I no longer fear
Because you in my dreams
The light is so dazzling as if
Embedded in the memory of “All That Is”
The stars that never change

This article is a record of my thoughts, my love. How many 4 years are there in life? How many times can you miss true love? Please cherish the people who love you, as long as they are willing to take care of you, willing to tolerate you, willing to give everything for you, then please do not give up on them easily for something small.
Otherwise, you will regret the same as me

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