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Is it a hint or a friendship

I am in my early 20s this year and have never had the experience of getting an object. I have a very good female classmates know 7, 8 years. We are one and a half in middle school and high school, the same school in college. In junior high school, we 2 people in front of the front position, high school pro position (across the aisle). Once in class, she said she didn’t bring a book, so she moved her stool over and I read one, during which we talked and laughed. However, she surprisingly that week has not brought a book, did not feel anything at the time later think she is not to give me a hint (I am about 190 pounds, this thing happened when I was determined to lose weight and see results after then also on 160 pounds). Also, we talked Facebook is she said you care if the object you screwed is not a virgin? Also said, if she likes a boy is definitely not the initiative to confess. And, which boy said he liked her, she also mostly told me. When I was in high school, I told her that I had liked her in junior high school, I just brought it up in the form of a joke, she started to flinch, and then we all just laughed about it. Like I said above, this issue has come up so many times that I really don’t know if she’s hinting at me or if we’re just really close as a friendship. It is also possible that I think too much. The writing is not good, I hope you will forgive me.

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