Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

The Beginning

A night in the van with Mary, who would guess

After my first divorce and before Mary, I spent many Christmases in a local bar. As usual, the regulars were there. I guess we all had our personal reasons for being there. I’m sure mine was probably not much different than the others,
So the yearly lonely, broken hearts club was underway. Drinking, pretending to be happy, trying to disguise the real reasons for being there. Everyone acting happy to see someone you never associate with any other time. For tonight we’re one big dysfunctional family with one thing in common, that was we had no significant other to to go home to. I eventually saw a familiar and welcome face, it was my Aunt Jenny, by marriage, now divorced.
I walked up to the bar and ordered 3 beers. Then made my way through the dim glow of the bar lights clouded by smoke, to join Jenny and her girlfriend sitting at the end of the bar. Joining them I handed them their drinks. Then Jenny introduced me to her friend Sally, i greeted her with a soft handshake .
All of a sudden, Jenny went to kiss my cheek, placing her hand on the back of my neck. Out of reflex, instinct or reaction, I turned towards her,. Instead of my cheek she aimed for, Jenny’s lips found my lips waiting . We both froze,then l think from the desire to feel love mixed with drinking, and loneliness our mouths opening to explore each other’s warm, wet invitation with accepting arms of tender embrace.
We broke our kiss, looking into each other’s eyes with shock, fear, and desire. Sally, broke the awkward silence  saying ” Well that sucks, the only decent single man in here decides to keep it in the family, I guess incest is best” I quickly let it be known that it wouldn’t really be incest. Grinning, Jenny said that she didn’t know cared that much, we all laughed .
As i took a drink I was thinking to myself that, I might care more than you know. But I actually heard my voice saying the words out loud. She was half grinning looking at me with questioning eyes. Sally, God love her broke the silence once more by asking us do i smell a welcomed crush?
We continued to drink and talk, while Jenny started to lightly run her finger tips up and down the inside of my thigh. Only inches from my hardening cock.
She slid her hand a little higher making contact  with the tip,and ever so lightly ran her fingers the full length of the shaft several times. So to let me know it was no mistake.  Stopping to cup her hand around my covered  cock and with a gentle squeeze. She said in a whisper  ” I’m pretty sure I know how much now, and it feels like plenty”
After a few more beers,and some dancing, It was getting late, or early, depending on the way you looked at it, and I had a 7 block walk home ahead of of me so I said my goodbyes, ordered a 12 pack to go. Standing up as my beer came, Jenny stood up to hug me.during our hug she whispered in my ear that she’d be here tomorrow night if I wanted to join her and finish this conversation alone, our lips met again that night for the second time, but purposely this time. I mouthed into her lips telling her that I’d love to, and I headed out the door looking back at her waving and I began my walk home.
I made it about 2 blocks stopping at an all – night gas station / convince store for some munchies.  Furthermore I was crossing back across the road  when a lone car came to a stop at the red light with a girl i didn’t know  driving. I noticed she was watching me with interest. So waved at her, she waved back and continued to the store, parked and got out, waving back at me again yelling something that I couldn’t make out ,so I waved back. She then got back into her car I thought to drive off, instead she pulled across into the vacant parking lot that I was standing in.
The girl pulled up to me with her window down, and asked what was up? I told her that I was heading home to drink this and call it a night. Then she asked if I’d like a ride. Of course I accepted the invitation and got in the car.
While directing her to my place, she introduced herself as Mary. We were pulling into the driveway, Mary saw my custom van, and really wanted to hang out in it.
That was fine with me, so I turned the auxiliary power on  for heat, music, and some lighting. Once settled in we started talking, and Mary finally told me what had gotten her out at this  hour.
Seems that she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend over her giving him a blowjob, which had a twist to it. You see it was her that wanted to suck him off, she went on to tell me that she has never given a blowjob before, and really wanted to. Her boyfriend would not let her, he was always pulling away, or blocking her. Oh they’ve had sex before, but she felt he never really got into it, and now she was feeling like she didn’t turn him on. I assured her that couldn’t be the reason, and that she was very sexy
Mary looked me in the eyes and asked, that if she was my girlfriend would I let her give me a blowjob. I was a little shocked at that question. After it sank in I told her she didn’t even have to be my girlfriend.That lit her eyes up, and she moved closer to me, asking if I really thought she was sexy?
Yes, I told her and that she was very beautiful, but as much as I’d love to watch her suck my dick that she’d have to wait till I was done. With a questioning look she asked me, “Done with what?” I moved even closer, inches from her beautiful face and said, “enjoying you as you want to enjoy me.”
Mary, stuttered and finally got out you do ,I told her “Yes I do” followed with a long slow kiss undoing her pants  as i slowly went down on her.That’s when i found out that no one has done that to her before either.
She came hard and it didn’t take real long for her second climax. Before I knew it she was on her knees in front of me and had my hard cock in her hand
I could tell she has never seen a cock this close to her face long enough to really enjoy it. She took her time knowing that this cock would be in her mouth before night’s end.
Mary stroked it as soft and lightly as if it were a baby. Running her fingers up and down the shaft, watching it twitch and jump from her every touch. Stroking and teasing it. She noticed the clear liquid coming from the tip. Looking confused at me,I said, ” it’s precum ” . I explained it was a natural lubricant getting ready for sex. “Oh yeah” she said
Without hesitation she lowers her head,and softly licks it away saying “we won’t be needing this” as she sucked the head of my cock into her wet warm mouth  Ohh God I moaned.
Mary continued to softly suck the head, stopping to lick  the shaft then she started alternating back and forth. Then deeper into her mouth she took me and slowly back to the very tip. She continued this. Switching between the three .
I tensed up. my cock swelled, i said “I’m going to cum” I tried to pull out of her mouth. She would not let go of my cock. Up and down very slow and so soft
God she had every inch of my cock sensitive to her touch.  She was literally making love to my cock with her mouth,and I told her again “I’m going to cum, i can’t hold it anymore”.
Mary came up very slow to the very tip releasing it long enough to say “then don’t”. Taking me back into her loving mouth sucking the head again. I lost control as I felt the cum rising in my shaft, my hips jerked upwards as i released the first stream into her mouth. She kept her slow soft assault as my cock kept pumping into her. Finally I stoped cuming but she continued to suck on it playfully ta while longer
I must say that her so called boyfriend was pretty stupid, to loose her over wanting to please him. That boy has no idea of the pleasure he missed out on .
And yes this is how, Mary and I met for those who has read  My life with Mary and she got nothing but better.

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