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Penny’s Oral Exam 04

Penny takes her Oral Exam and demonstrates what she learned from her Daddy, taking one step closer to becoming a submissive slave wife.

“Penny! Over here!”

Shannon Labo was waving at Penny as much as she could. She was smiling widely, her dyed red hair tied up into two pigtails like the rest of the Year 12 girls in preparation for their Oral Exams.

Penny hurried over to Shannon as fast as she could, relishing the ache in her asshole from her name plug. Other more conservatively dressed students surged around her as she made her way over to the gaggle of Year 12 girls.

“C’mon, Mr Bauer is gonna put up the exam schedule!”

Seamouth Secondary, like other schools, held standardised written exams every year. However, since it was a blended school that taught its Year 12 girls how to be submissive slave wives, they also had practical exams. These practical exams were held on a schedule, with students being called out of class to the exam rooms in turns and graded via one-on-one sessions with examiners.

Penny came to a stop near Shannon just as Mr Bauer came strolling down the hallway with a sheaf of papers.

“Good morning Mr Bauer!” the girls chorused as one, all of them sticking out their chests to offer up their tits.

Mr Bauer was a middle aged man who had kept himself in very good shape via years of marathons and triathlons. He had a big handlebar moustache that made him look like a lumberjack right out of a 20s camping catalogue, and his cock was the perfect size for plowing young pussies into submission. He nodded to them all and fondled Shannon’s jugs as she was the closest to him.

“Here’s the schedule for your practical Oral Exams!” Mr Bauer said, abandoning Shannon’s chest to stapler the notice to the board.

There were 24 girls in Year 12 this year. Technically, it wasn’t a requirement for graduation, so not every girl chose to enter Year 12 and the strenuous submission training. Over the course of the day, the girls would be called to the Practical Sex Exam Room to showcase their oral skills.

“Oh look! Oaklynn, Jen, and me are first!” Nyomi, a pretty Japanese exchange student exclaimed.

Oaklynn looked a little pale at the thought but the other girl, Jen, looked pretty confident.

“I’ve been practicing on my dildos,” she told the others with an excited wiggle, “I’m pretty sure I can pass!”

“Well, you’ll know soon enough,” Mr Bauer said, giving her a slap on the ass that made her moan. He jerked her plaid skirt up over her back and then twisted her name plug roughly.

Jen, like all the other slavesluts-in-training, responded like how she was taught — her cunt began to drip immediately, wetting her thighs as her teacher molested her bottom.

“Alright now get going! The bell’s about to ring!”

Penny giggled as she and the other girls ran off to put their books in their locker and head to their first class.

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

Penny’s first class was History. She and the other girls hurried over to their classroom, which had been specially designed for sexual submission education.

Instead of heading in and finding their places immediately, they all lined up in front of the classroom and bent over to expose their unclothed bottoms to wait for their teacher.

Penny both loved and dreaded greeting their teacher in such a lewd manner.

On one hand, it was utterly humiliating to be in that position, legs apart, hands on their ankles, her shitter and cunt on full display for anyone who cared to look. On the other hand, it was perfect training for her future as a submissive slave wife who would have to endure all sorts of public nudity and degradation.

They didn’t have to wait long before the heavy footsteps of their history teacher Mr Lexter Grant came thudding down the hallway. Along with it came the swish of a long cane.


“Thank you Mr Grant, Good morning Mr Grant!”


“Thank you Mr Grant, Good morning Mr Grant!”


“Thank you Mr Grant, Good morning Mr Grant!”

Each girl thanked their teacher and greeted him after he caned their exposed bottoms.


Penny’s mind blanked for a moment when two lines of fiery hot pain lanced through each buttcheek. Her holes clenched involuntarily and she was swiftly reminded of her father’s rough anal treatment that morning when her asshole clenched around her name plug.

“Thank you Mr Grant, Good morning Mr Grant!” Penny remembered to say in time, still keeping her head up and her bottom up.

“Rough morning anal, very good,” Mr Grant said, using the tip of his cane to prod at Penny’s sore rim. She moaned softly and then whimpered when he gave her two hard taps on her cunt. “The rest of you should aim to be more like Penny. Rough anal is a great way to start your mornings and it will be the way you start your mornings when you eventually become a slave-wife!”

With that, Mr Grant continued his morning cane walk down the row of exposed bottoms, decorating each one with two red stripes.

Only when the last “Thank you Mr Grant, Good morning Mr Grant!” had faded away, did Mr Grant give them permission to enter the classroom with a stern “Take your places, girls!”

Penny straightened and picked up her books. She gave her caned bottom a little rub and winced. Thankfully it was only two hard swings and not a full on punishment caning or she wouldn’t be able to walk!

She quickly entered the classroom and headed to her spot.

At first glance, the Year 12 home room would have seemed like just another ordinary classroom, filled with plastic chairs and tables, with colourful posters all over the walls. But then one would swiftly begin to notice how different it was from normal classrooms.

For starters, the student chairs and tables were all made of clear plastic. There were cuffs attached to the legs of the chairs and the sides of each table so that students could be restrained in place. Planted firmly in the middle of all the chairs were thick 8 inch ribbed vibrators and each of them was linked to a master remote that sat on the teacher’s table. The shelves on the back had numerous sex toys on display and double dildos hung from hooks on the walls. Instead of grammar rules or science facts, the notice boards were covered with posters that said things like “Painal! The Perfect Present!” and “Why sluts should submit to their masters”, followed by lewd illustrations of slave wives in humiliating positions.

Penny hurried over to her seat and straddled her chair-vibrator.

With a soft moan, she pressed her damp pussy against the large toy and carefully began to slide herself down. Her classmates, all 24 of them, were doing exactly the same.

Anyone who looked into the classroom would be treated to the sight of 24 teen girls bouncing themselves on the cruel toys attached to the seats. The clear furniture provided an unobstructed view of each teen slit being split wide open. The room was quickly filled with the sound of squelching pussies as each girl began to drip with slick, having been conditioned to enjoy having their cunts stretched.

Penny moaned, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back. The ribbed vibrator was digging into the sensitive folds of her young pussy, pressing painfully up against her butt plug. The hole tightening cream had begun to work already and her shitter had clamped down nice and snugly around the metal. The discomfort was unpleasant, but it was part and parcel of learning to become a slave wife.

Gingerly, Penny let her own weight bear her down onto the dildo completely. Her thighs came to rest on the plastic chair, now wet with her cunt juice. She spread them apart quickly so not to obstruct the view of her teen cunt being split. This was the proper posture expected of good slave wives!

One by one, her classmates did the same, taking their seats on the perverse vibrators.

Mr Grant walked over to his desk as the last girl sat down, and then reached for the master remote. He pressed two buttons and the vibrator in Penny’s cunt jumped to life, undulating in rolling motions.

“Mmngh hnnghn!” All of the Year 12 girls moaned in unison as their pussies were stimulated all at the same time. Despite their growing arousals, none of them dared to cum.

Seamouth Secondary explicitly forbade orgasms unless directly instructed by male staff. The girls were taught to put aside their own pleasure in favour of serving cock. To help them learn to control themselves, the girls were edged continuously throughout the day, both individually and as a group. To make things more challenging, they were also forbidden from asking for permission to cum.

When Penny first started Year 12, learning to hold off her own orgasms was monumentally difficult. But after almost a year, she was beginning to get the hang of it! Each time she managed to stave off her cum, she felt a tiny sense of accomplishment alongside the frustration of an unfulfilled cunt. The edging was supposed to be very good for a slave wife’s psyche as it cemented in her mind who was really in charge of her pleasure!

A knock sounded from the door and a blushing Year 11 boy peeked around the frame, wide-eyed at the sight of 24 trainee slaves moaning on their dildo chairs.

“Um, I’m here to collect Oaklynn, Nyomi, and Jen for their Oral Exam?” he stuttered, transfixed by the lewd sight.

Mr Grant nodded at the three girls, giving them permission to leave. With soft moans, they rose from their seats, dripping slick as their cunts left the vibrating dildos.

“Good luck, girls!” Mr Grant said, waving his cane at them.

Mr Grant turned back to the class and tapped his cane on the board.

“Now my dear little teen sluts, open your books up to page 103. We’ll be taking a look at the Anal Ordinance of 1871 when one state declared that public anal did not fall under public indecency laws because a man’s right to exert or display his dominance over his wife, could not be considered indecent.”

Penny tried to keep her mind on the words she was reading in her textbook. Never had she been so glad to live in modern times. She couldn’t imagine being a wife in the 1800s, never being allowed to experience the joy of publicly being dominated by her husband! Back then, the only display of marriage status was a simple collar, and those were easily hidden by clothes, and could be taken off at will.

Nowadays, a girl’s marital status was displayed by her piercings. When a girl got engaged, her fiance would pierce her nipples to show that she was taken. And when they exchanged vows, he would pierce her clit in front of their friends and family as a sign of their eternal love. Such intimate piercings were a sign of their devotion to each other! And because modern women wore so much less than before, these piercings would be on display almost all the time, a public declaration of their servitude and submission!

“Pre 1800s, most of the world only found public cunt-fucking to be an acceptable act, and although we know that back then anal was commonplace as a method of preventing children, it was considered indecent to public engage in intercourse not meant for procreation~” Mr Grant continued to speak, “But then in 1871, Mr Davies Thompson challenged the court for fucking his young wife’s ass behind the public bath house. The state eventually found him not-guilty and then went about passing a bill to legalise all forms of public sex. The rest of the states soon followed and by the 1880s, public sex was legal across the country!”

Mr Grant used the tip of his cane to poke at Penny’s boob through her shirt. She whimpered softly and squirmed on her seat.

“Tits out, Miss Wolfe,” he said. Penny complied, pulling her shirt up and sticking her chest out. Mr Grant swung his cane down hard, caning her prominent chest roughly.

“Ah ah ah!” Penny whined as each swing made a red welt bloom across her skin.

Mr Grant continued to talk as he caned the young teen in front of him.

“Key dates to remember! 12 March 1871! Mr Davies Thompson, aged 42, was arrested for indecent rear-buggery of his 23 year old wife at a bathhouse. On the 13th, he appeared before Judge Wentworth and pled ‘not guilty’ to public indecency. He made the argument that he had a right to discipline his wife as he saw fit, and rough anal fucking was his punishment of choice. He argued that calling ass-fucking a public indecency was infringing upon a husband’s fundamental right to dominate and discipline his wife.”

Mr Grant moved on to the girl behind Penny. Penny let out a sigh of relief as her chest was given a respite from the caning.

Penny kept her gaze on her book but she heard the rustle of a shirt being lifted, followed by the repetitive thwack of cane on flesh, punctuated with soft moans.

“The debate went on for 2 weeks, after which the court found him not guilty, on the 29th of March. Emboldened by this, Timothy Braddon, local lawmaker, wrote a bill to decriminalise all forms of public sex between married couples. He submitted his memorandum on the 6th of May that same year.”

“The bill was discussed on the 17th of May when the lawmakers agreed that discipline of a wife was a basic men’s rights, and that outlawing public punishments such as anal sex, was infringing those rights. The bill was passed unanimously on the 1st of June 1871.”

“Now, can anyone tell me what this bill left out?” Mr Grant looked around the classroom.

Penny raised her hand gingerly.

Mr Grant went over to his table and pressed a button on his master remote. The vibrator in Penny’s pussy doubled in its intensity, making her eyes roll up into her head as she struggled to remember the answer.

“Ooo, um the ah-ah, the Anal Ordinance of mmnnngh 1871 oooooh, did not mnggh mnngh mngh include the discipline oohhhnnnngh of daughters!”

“Very good, Miss Wolfe! Would you by chance know when it was updated to include daughters?”

Penny bit her lip and breathed through the cusp of an orgasm. She knew she had to push it down and answer quickly.

“It was oooh hnngh, updated in hnngh mmmngh ah 1903, ah ah ah when Rhett Garland mnngh face and assfucked his oh oh oh teenaged daughter hnngh mnnaaaahh in front of the grocery store oooooh for sneaking out of school!”

“Someone has been doing their reading!” Mr Grant praised her. He dialed down her vibrator back to the usual setting, letting Penny get control of her wayward slutty cunt that was trying so hard to cum without permission!

Mr Grant patted her head with a big smile.

“Now, onto the next page.”

Penny took a deep breath and turned her gaze back to her book. It would be some time before it was her turn!

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

Oaklynn was the first to return to the classroom. She was a mess, her uniform stained with puke and her mascara running. Her voice was hoarse and her pigtails were in disarray.

No one had to ask to know that she had failed terribly.

“Penny, you’re next,” Oaklynn sniffed as she spoke, trying to wipe away her snot.

“Who was your examiner?” Penny whispered as she lifted her cunt off her vibrator. The lewd squelch it made seemed to echo through the classroom as the other girls tried to focus on their lessons.

“I got an outside examiner, I think you will too,” Oaklynn whispered back.

The other girl began the process of forcing her pussy back onto the obscene dildo chair.

Students were not allowed to clean up the aftermath of sex during the class time. They would have a brief respite during recess, but it was considered proper for the girls to wear the marks of their sexual submission during lessons.

Penny gave Mr Grant a nod and then quickly hurried down the corridor towards the Practical Sex Exam Rooms.

These rooms had been specially created by Seamouth Secondary to accommodate their rigorous sexual education classes. Each room had fuck furniture, sex toys, and punishment tools so that teachers could properly evaluate their students’ sexual progress.

It was situated in a different part of the school so as not to distract the other students with the lewd and perverse noises that might come from the rooms.

There were three rooms. Judging from the sloppy sounds coming from the two rooms, Nyomi and Jen were still in the middle of their exams. Penny took a deep breath, knocked on the door, and then turned around and bent over in greeting.

The door swung open a moment later.

“Good morning, Sir!” Penny greeted, looking at her examiner from between her legs. He was a tall, dark skinned middle aged man with a small moustache. He looked down at her bare bottom, reaching out to flip her skirt up and over her back to expose her name tag plug.

“Miss Wolfe,” he murmured more to himself than to her, and then consulted his clipboard, “Mmmhmm,” he said and wrote on the paper with a look of concentration.

Penny held her position, feeling terribly humiliated and exposed by how he was ignoring her, still standing in the doorway of the classroom, in favour of writing some notes.

“Alright, Miss Wolfe, let’s proceed.” He took a step back and motioned towards the inside of the classroom.

Penny hastily dropped to her knees and crawled after him. She tried to ignore the fact that Lewis, the janitor, was busy cleaning up Oaklynn’s puke from the floor.

“My name is Tivoll Kashton, and I’ll be your examiner today,” the dark skinned man said.

“Honoured to make your acquaintance, sir,” Penny replied, spreading her legs and pushing her tits out.

Mr Kashton gave her a tiny smile and nodded. “Perfect,” he said and gestured for her to continue.

“May I greet your cock, sir?” Penny asked. Upon receiving a nod, she rose up on her knees and pressed her face to Mr Kashton’s clothed crotch. She rubbed her nose against the bulge there and inhaled deeply, kissing it over the cloth before searching for his zipper.

Mr Kashton took pity on her and pulled his belt off as she pulled down his zipper with her teeth. Immediately the masculine musk of male sweat wafted out, mixed with a hint of cologne. Months of conditioning meant that the scent made Penny shiver in fear and anticipation. Every time she was in this presence of this powerful musk, her holes would soon be ploughed and her body made to submit. This smell promised her a rough time, and it excited every bit of her slutty submissive soul.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr Kashton’s cock. Please use my throat well,” Penny said reverently, and placed a kiss over it. She could feel its heat through the thin cotton, and it made her pussy gush.

“Please sir, may I greet your balls too?” Penny asked, putting her good manners to use. Mr Kashton looked down at her with an approving look and nodded. He pushed his trousers and his briefs down to his knees, allowing his thick, dark and uncut cock to spring completely free of its confines.

Penny gasped, wide-eyed when the erect member smacked her in the cheek. It was thicker than her Daddy’s cock and about an inch longer. It was hot and heavy against her soft skin, a promise of the throatfucking soon to come!

She kissed it again, giving the tip a light suck before nosing her way underneath to properly greet his balls as all girls should when faced with an unfamiliar man. It was only right that she become well acquainted with the rod and the sack that would be responsible for pounding all thoughts out of her brain!

Even though it was early in the morning, Mr Kashton already had a sheen of sweat covering his balls. They filled her mouth with the salty, bitter taste of maleness, and aroused her even as it humiliated her. Penny took her time with her greeting, sucking and rolling each of her examiner’s heavy hanging balls in her pink mouth, caressing them with her tongue lovingly. When she had thoroughly bathed his sac, she finally pulled back with a lick up the length of his lovely dark cock.

Mr Kashton wasn’t looking at her though. He was writing on his clipboard again.

“A good start,” he commented, then continued with, “What are the principles of a good deepthroat?”

Penny had repeated these words so often to her father and to herself in the non-privacy of her own room, that they flowed out with her even thinking about it.

“A good deepthroat must always be hands-free. It focuses solely on the pleasure of the man’s cock and any gifts must be eagerly received in the throat.”

The first time she had said these words to her father weeks ago, she had been a little reluctant, a little disbelieving that all gifts should be received in the throat. But after all the training that her Daddy had given her, Penny now wholeheartedly believed in properly swallowing cock and everything that came from it.

“Well said, Miss Wolfe,” he said, spreading his legs to stand a little more comfortably, “Now let us proceed with the Kneeling Swallow.”

Penny sprung into action immediately, opening her mouth wide and taking his cock between his lips. Mr Kashton’s cock was thick, heavy, musky. It stretched her lips wide, pressed against the soft roof of her mouth, and made her jaw ache. But Penny knew she could do this! She had practiced for weeks! Her throat was a cocksleeve and she knew it deep inside her!

Penny knew better than to try and go too fast. She bobbed her head lightly, back and forth, back and forth, easing the thick rod into her throat bit by bit. As she pushed her face forwards, she raised her eyes to look at Mr Kashton, eager to show him how much she appreciated being given the chance to suck his cock.

She pulled off to take a breath, then plunged back in, swallowing and swallowing and swallowing until…

… her nose met his pubic bone.

For a moment, she savoured the sense of accomplishment she felt at successfully taking such a large dick into her throat. But Penny didn’t dare to pause too long. A good slave had to focus on the man’s pleasure, the man’s cock.

She began to wiggle her tongue, pressing it against the underside of Mr Kashton’s cock. She used the tip to tickle his balls, humming a little to make sure her throat stayed open.

“That’s a good slut,” Mr Kashton growled. He grabbed the back of her head and fucked into her throat roughly a few times.


A bit of bile spewed out from Penny’s throat, trickling from between her lips and around the cock currently occupying it. Despite her discomfort, Penny knew better than to try to pull away. Good sluts puked around the cock and never tried to resist! In fact, resisting only made her puke more. It was better to just let her reflexes take their course, relax into the disgusting act, and allow men to continue fucking her face!

“Very good puke acceptance,” Mr Kashton commented. He let Penny off his cock for a little gasp of air, before forcing her face back down onto his rod. He shook her head roughly in warning so she could keep her lips mashed in place around his dick while he wrote down a few notes.

Penny shivered a little. The matter of fact way he was making observations about her oral skills was humiliating, which only made her even more aroused. This would eventually go on her report card, which would be made available on the internet and all her possible suitors. Everyone who cared to find out, could just look her up and see all the comments that Mr Kashton made!

“Fuck your own face onto my cock,” Mr Kashton ordered.

Penny obeyed. Back and forth, back and forth. Every cock was a little different, and if she was to be a good little slut slave wife, she could not let her husband’s fuckstick slip out of her mouth. It was disrespectful! She had to be careful to pull back just enough so that the head of his cock was near her throat, just enough space for her to take a deep breath, before reintroducing her chin to his balls. Her neck started to ache after some time, but Penny ignored it. Nothing was more important than serving the cock before her!

Eventually, Mr Kashton grew tired of her rhythmic back and forth. He grabbed her pigtails and pistoned his hips forwards roughly, hammering her throat relentlessly.

The lewd slap of his hips against her cheeks rang out in the room. Drool dripped from Penny’s lips and made a puddle on the floor. Perverse gulping sounds came from her throat.

“Great job, Miss Wolfe,” Mr Kashton said after some time. He pulled his cock free with a soft pop.

Penny knew that she looked a mess. Her eyes were watering, her cheeks felt bruised, and her throat was sore, but her heart was singing with joy. She smiled up at Mr Kashton and kissed the tip of his cock in thank you.

Her examiner stepped away for a moment to make some more notes on the clipboard.

Penny caught sight of Lewis, who was leering at her. Penny flushed pink, humiliation and embarrassment warring with the joy of submission.

“Alright, Miss Wolfe, get on the fuckbench, it’s time for the Hanging Head.”

Penny rose to her feet.

“I better get going,” Lewis grunted and made for the door with his mop.

“You’re welcome to watch,” Mr Kashton said.

“Nah, I gotta take a piss,” Lewis waved him off.

Penny didn’t even hesitate.

“Oh! Lewis, please allow me!” she said before she could stop herself. Days upon days of drinking her father’s piss and the strong urine of other men during deepthroating sessions had deeply linked the two acts in her mind. Any mention of a man pissing now made her aroused.

Penny quickly knelt before the janitor and waited eagerly for him to strip off his uniform.

The man was in his early sixties and had a head of greying hair, but his job kept him spry and fit.

Watching Penny take her Oral Exam had gotten him half hard. Now that Penny was on her knees in front of him, offering her mouth as a urinal, his prick rapidly rose to full hardness.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he grunted, and pushed his cock into her mouth.

Penny swallowed him down to the root easily, her nose coming to rest in the bush of white pubic hair he had.

“Here it comes, slut!” Lewis growled, and then loosed his bladder.

Hot liquid poured into Penny’s throat immediately. The channel flexed on instinct, understanding that everything that came from a cock had to be swallowed swiftly and eagerly. Penny’s eyes rolled back into her head. Her pussy gushed at the sensation of urine surging into her oesophagus and flowing into her stomach.


A few drops overflowed back into her mouth and dripped from her lips, but they were few and far between compared to the amount that Lewis pissed deep into her belly.

“Awwww fuuuuck! Haven’t had the chance to piss in a slut’s mouth in such a long time! You’re a premium cocksucker, Miss Wolfe!” Lewis grunted as he finished up his release and pulled away.

Penny cleaned up the last drops of his urine with her tongue and gave his stiff cock a little kiss.

“Please stick around for the rest of my Oral Exam, Lewis!” she pleaded, “I’d be honoured if you’d allow me to drain your balls later!”

No hot-blooded man could say no to that.

Lewis grinned down at her and gave her a rough slap on the cheek with his cock.

“Alright, if you say so, Missy.”

Satisfied that Lewis wouldn’t be going anywhere, Penny hurried back over to the fuckbench and laid down with her head hanging off the edge.

Mr Kashton had been scribbling furiously on his clipboard, but now he approached her. Penny quickly raised her legs and grabbed her ankles, pulling them wide apart to expose her slick cunt and plugged ass.

This time, Mr Kashton didn’t say a word. He just pressed his cock to her lips and rolled his hips forwards.

With one smooth stroke, he was hilted in her throat. Penny’s eyes fluttered shut in submissive bliss as his heavy balls came to rest on her nose. The soft skin of the scrotal sack was rubbing on her nostrils, filling her head with the musky masculine smell of cock.

Unlike before, when Mr Kashton had allowed her to take charge of her own facefucking, now he took control of her throat, bracing himself over her exposed body and rolling his hips in deep thrusts.


The lewd slurping of Penny’s throat was the only thing she could hear now. Her mind had tunnelled down to the sensation of her examiner’s large dick making its home in her skull. Hazily, she registered the sound of Mr Kashton speaking to the janitor saying, “Go right ahead, Lewis. Her cunt’s right there.”

Cock belonged in cunt, that was a fact of life that Penny couldn’t deny. The law said so, her friends said so, her father said so, and her body said so. It had to be true, because otherwise why did her pussy light up with pleasure when a cock slid all the way inside her?

She felt large calloused hands grab her hips. Then, a blunt cock head at her sloppy cunt opening. The bulbous tip rubbed up and down several times before pushing inside. Penny couldn’t stop her moan of pleasure. She held tightly to her ankles, keeping them spread in a wide V so that Lewis could have full access to her young hole.

“I remember when my wife was this young,” Lewis remarked, grunting with each thrust. He might have been old, but his fucking technique was still solid. Each forward stroke of his dick pushed Penny firmly upwards onto the cock in her throat.

“Back then, we didn’t have any of those clit enhancers, ya know?” Lewis commented. He pinched Penny’s vulnerable clit and tugged roughly!


Penny screamed as pain and pleasure pulsed through her crotch. Her clit-growth cream had caused her clitoris, once a tiny little shy nub, to grow into a proud button that peeked from under its hood. The increased size meant that it could be pierced easily, with a thicker and sturdier ring when she got married. The cream also had the side effect of making the nub extremely sensitive. Any sort of stimulation was equal parts pain and pleasure for her!

Of course, the two adult men had nothing but appreciation of her torment. Lewis flicked her poor love bean and pulled on it again.

Penny was well trained by now, and kept her legs wide open despite her urge to close them. A girl’s body was meant to be a man’s plaything and oftentimes, that included clit torture! Tears were starting to stream down her face. Her head was going fuzzy from lack of oxygen but her pussy was going crazy from being stretched and tortured at the same time!

But before she could pass out, Mr Kashton pulled his cock out just enough for her to breathe. He was a professional after all, and he knew exactly how to fuck a cunt’s throat.

Penny only had a moment to really enjoy the way Lewis was pummeling her pussy with his cock, driving his fuckstick deep into her pussy and stretching it out, before her throat was filled again.


Her body was making all sorts of lewd noises from both ends. It was a disgusting, depraved, perverse kind of song that only served to deepen Penny’s submission nature.

As she was being ploughed, sandwiched between two adult men who were using her for their pleasure, she felt something wooden and cold being placed on her tits. It took her a moment to realize that it was the clipboard. Mr Kashton was taking notes again!

“Miss Wolfe, it’s time to move onto the next position.” Mr Kashton pulled his cock out as he spoke.

Penny, dazed, could only nod as she felt Lewis withdraw his cock too.

“But before we do the Ankle Grab, I’ll give you a chance for extra credit,” Mr Kashton said.

“Extra credit?” Penny managed to ask through the submissive fog in her brain.

“Yes. You’ll get extra credit if you demonstrate an ass to deepthroat proficiency.” Mr Kashton said.

Penny let the words roll around in her mind for a moment. She hesitated. Her hole was extra tight because her Daddy had put her special cream inside. Her shitter was now tightly clamped down around her plug. The cream wouldn’t wear off until the evening.

But then… extra credit!

Penny knew she wasn’t a great student. She wouldn’t be graduating top of their class like Jen. She had to take it, right?

With that thought in mind, she swiftly rearranged herself ass up over the fuckbench. With trembling hands, she reached back to spread her asscheeks.

“Please sir, please fuck my asshole!”

Twin groans of pleasure came from the two adult men in the room. No one could resist the sight of a young nubile girl like Penny, bent over, dripping cunt juice all over her thighs, begging to be assfucked.

“Rough morning anal?” Mr Kashton asked as he poked her sore rim.

“Yes, sir,” Penny replied, pushing her ass up even higher so that he could have better access.

“It’s good that your father takes such an interest in your education,” Mr Kashton added. He tugged on her name plug lightly, frowning when her hole didn’t give up the plug.

“Tightener?” he asked, voice dropping down into a hush.

“Yes sir,” Penny said, feeling fear grip her heart and horniness fill her pussy. She hadn’t really had that many painal experiences aside from what her Daddy did with her. Most of the other men she fucked or the lessons she took in school, still made allowances for lube and prep.

Lewis was watching from the side, a hand pumping his aged fuckstick.

“I love splitting tight holes,” Mr Kashton growled, and ripped the plug from Penny’s ass.

Her shithole, as tight as it was, could not stand up to the strength of a grown man. The plug came out with a loud pop and her rim puckered outwards in indignance.

“AUUGH!” Penny squealed. Pain lanced through her bottom, going straight to Penny’s cunt and making it gush!

Two thick fingers plunged deep into her pussy, gathering up her slick juices and then stuffing them into her shithole. With sure and decisive movements, Mr Kashton used Penny’s own cuntal cream to open up her tightened turdcutter, thrusting his two fingers in roughly.

But of course, like any other dominant man, he enjoyed being the cause of anal torment. He shoved his cock deep into Penny’s pussy several times, and then pushed his blunt head against her abused anus.

“UNGH UNGH UNG!” Penny moaned in pain as her bottom was breached painfully. No tightener could match up against a determined man’s powerful fuckstick, especially not one as experienced as Mr Kashton. His cock ploughed right through her anal defences and deep into her rectal cavity, forcing the taut walls to stretch outwards.

Each stroke was agony in Penny’s shitter, but it was bliss in her submissive soul.

To her teenaged mind, painal was the peak of romance in their sexually liberated world. She adored stories of girls who willingly endured such suffering, who managed to find ecstasy and contentment in it. Such girls were worthy of a man’s domination and his cock gifts. On the other hand, it took great skill for a man to torment a girl’s asshole in such a manner that it would cause maximum agony, and the least amount of damage. It was romantic when after a rough ass-fucking, the man would tend to the girl’s abused shithole and treat it tenderly so that it would recover in time for future poundings.

Within moments, Penny’s poor teen shithole had been defeated by Mr Kashton’s hard rod. The thick slab of manmeat forced itself into her vulnerable bottom without a care for her comfort. The disregard that the older man showed for Penny’s anal comfort only made her grow wetter. She was nothing more than a cocksleeve now, a receptacle for cum, a vessel to give him pleasure.

Lewis moved in front of her and Penny opened her mouth automatically to accept his cock in her mouth.

She moaned, groaned, whimpered, whined as the two adult men abused her young body, pounding her mouth and ass relentlessly.

Through it all, Penny valiantly held her asscheeks open, offering Mr Kashton a clear view of her shithole as it swiftly turned red and puffy from the rough anal drilling.

“You’re going to make some man really happy one day,” Lewis grunted as he jammed his cock down Penny’s throat.

She tried to smile around his cock and thank him, but all that came out was a muffled ‘Mngh mmmngh mmngh mnnnngh.’

“That she will,” Mr Kashton agreed.

Penny’s shithole was starting to feel raw, but she knew better than to protest. She took it all with gladness in her heart, knowing that her future husband would appreciate her dedication to it.

But no matter how much she wanted to continue doing painal, this was an Oral Exam after all. Mr Kashton pulled out after some time, letting out a satisfied groan as he did so.

“Right Miss Wolfe, you demonstrate a good acceptance, understanding, and tolerance towards painal. Now for the deepthroat. Please perform the Heel Grab.”

Penny let Lewis’ cock slip from her mouth and she hastily arranged herself on the fuckbench, reaching back to grab her heels.

Both adult men circled her for a moment, nodding as they observed her form.

“Very good form,” Mr Kashton commented before coming up before her and rubbing his cock all over her face.

The musk of her own shitter was deeply unpleasant. Penny hated ass to mouth, but she wanted the extra credit and honestly, it was no worse than what Daddy had made her do that very morning!

Penny opened up wide, pulled her shoulders back, and swallowed his cock.

Mr Kashton looked surprised when Penny gulped him down quickly, polishing his knob with her tongue eagerly. Penny rocked herself backwards and forwards, the motion pushing her face onto his crotch repeatedly. Her eyes were half-lidded in slutty bliss, her mind filled only with pleasing the thick slab of manmeat in front of her.

As she rocked, and gulped, and swallowed, Mr Kashton raised his clipboard again.

Penny wondered abstractly what he wrote. She hoped that she passed.

“Now, Miss Wolfe, do you know what a Yellow Dragon is?” Mr Kashton asked.

Penny managed to nod.

“Let’s do one right now,” her examiner said.

He eased his rod half out of his mouth and began to flood her mouth with piss. Penny felt his hand grasp her throat, and then-


Golden liquid erupted from her nostrils, blasting down her face as the piss went up the back of her throat. The bitter taste of urine filled her head immediately. Disgust and humiliation flooded Penny and her pussy gushed in response!

Through it all, Penny never once let go of her heels, holding on tightly even as her throat spasmed and pungent urine dripped from her lips. She swallowed whatever she could, submitting to the cruel treatment of her body by her examiner.

Mr Kashton emptied his bladder quickly and then stepped back to look at Penny.

“Very well done, Miss Wolfe! Now for the finale. The throatpie.”

Penny was exhausted by now but she could see the end of her exam in sight!

“Yes sir,” she replied submissively, licking her lips to clean up the urine.

Once more, Mr Kashton plunged his fuckstick into Penny’s throatsleeve. He wasted no time in pistoning his hips forwards, fucking her mouth like it was a cunt, drawing all sorts of obscene sounds from it.

Penny focused on only two things: keeping her hands on her heels, and her shoulders back. Now, she was nothing more than a fucktoy for him, as it should be!

With a loud grunt, Mr Kashton buried his cock in Penny’s face, holding her nose to his pubic bone with her pigtails. He ground his dick into her throat and drained his balls right into her throat. Each pulse of his virile rod in her oesophagus brought her another wave of submissive joy and horniness. She was fulfilling her purpose, learning to be a good slave wife, pleasing cock the way they deserved to be pleased!

At long last, Mr Kashton eased his cock free.

“You may relax,” he told Penny as he scooped up his clipboard.

Penny, still deep in her submissive state of mind, let go of her ankles and sank to the floor to lap up all the piss that had been shot out of her nose.

“Fuck, that’s really hot,” she heard Lewis say, “I wanna finish in her ass!”

Penny reached back and spread her asscheeks in invitation.

She heard footsteps, then felt the commanding presence of a man behind her, before her shitter was invaded once again.

Lewis, like her examiner, cared nothing for her anal comfort, only that she served as a cocksleeve and a cumdump. He pumped into her bottom roughly, drilling her helpless teen turdcutter as she cleaned the floor with her tongue.

“FUCK!” he roared and blasted her insides with his jizz!

Penny paused in her lapping to moan, enjoying the feeling of being blessed with another cock gift.

After Lewis was done, he eased himself from her abused hole and stuffed her name plug back in unceremoniously. The smooth cold metal made her yelp, but she swiftly returned to her task, eager to show that she was a good submissive teen slave.

“She’s pretty loose now,” he commented to Mr Kashton.

“Oh that’s an easy fix,” Mr Kashton replied with a hint of laughter in his voice.

Penny hadn’t a moment to prepare before there was a swish THWACK.

Pain burst through her bottom when the heavy flat surface of a ribbed paddle slapped against her tender flesh.



Penny moaned and squealed as her bottom was spanked roughly. Each blow made her clench and twitch involuntarily and after ten smacks, her shitter had tightened back up around her name plug!

“There,” Mr Kashton said, and put away the paddle.

Penny finished cleaning her mess, then quickly crawled over to where the two men were standing. She knelt before Lewis first.

“Thank you Lewis, for allowing me to serve as your urinal. Thank you for the throatfucking, the pussy drilling, and the asspounding. Thank you so much for your gifts of piss and cum. I appreciate the chance to serve your cock!”

She kissed his cock and balls tenderly in gratitude, then turned to her examiner.

“Thank you Mr Kashton for conducting my Oral Exam. Thank you for ravaging my throat, splitting my shithole open, then using me as a throatsleeve. Thank you for spanking my unruly asshole shut. Thank you for your gifts of piss and cum. I appreciate the chance to serve your cock!”

Mr Kashton looked down at Penny with an appreciative expression as she expressed her gratitude with her mouth on his dick as well. She reverently tucked them away, feeling accomplished in her submission. Surely this was one step closer to becoming a good slave wife to a dominant man!

“This was a pleasure, Miss Wolfe, I hope to see you again,” Mr Kashton said with a big smile. He helped her to her feet and let her straighten out her skirt.

“Well run along now, get back to class and send in the next person!”

Penny smiled widely and limped out of the exam room.

🙟 🙞 ○ 🙜 🙝

Penny squirmed as Mr Bauer handed out their test results. Part of it was because she was nervous about how she did on the Oral Exam. Part of it was because the vibrator in her cunt was set to high right now and it was stirring up her pussy! Out of 24 girls, 11 hadn’t managed to get the 7 inches as was required to finish the course. Another 5 puked or gagged so violently that they failed. The remaining 8 girls had managed to get to the throatpie stage, but 3 accidentally snorted out their cumgifts and would have to retake the throatpie section of their Oral Exam.

Each examiner had written detailed notes and recommendations for the students and Penny was eager to know what Mr Kashton had written about her!

“Proficient in throating but may need etiquette lessons…. I PASSED!” Jen squealed, waving her results excitedly.

Penny took a deep breath and unfolded her paper.


Miss Penny Wolfe (Year 12 – Seamouth Secondary School)

Manners – 5/5
Tongue Technique – 7/10
Stamina – 7/10
Positions – 15/15
Promptness – 10/10
Throatpie – 10/10
[Extra credit – 3]

Total Score: 57/60 [Distinction!]

Miss Wolfe is a very well-mannered student. She asked for permission to deepthroat, then performed a beautiful cock-and-balls introduction. Miss Wolfe shows great capacity for deepthroating (10 inches), and good beginner stamina (1-2 minutes per breath). Her tongue technique is decent, with a good sense of pressure and variety in motion. Miss Wolfe showed incredible initiative in offering to serve as urinal for the Janitor. She swallowed a throatpiss perfectly and throatpie perfectly, and also has incredible tolerance for gagging during deepthroat as well as a Yellow Dragon. She showed amazing attention to cock pleasure while her pussy was being drilled. She did not hesitate when asked to perform ass-to-deepthroat, and eagerly offered her tightened shithole for painal pounding. Miss Wolfe also showed great initiative when she began to clean the piss on the floor without being asked. During the entire examination, her pussy juices were flowing. However, she did not call attention to her own pleasure or ask for permission to cum. Instead, she focused her energy on pleasing the men in the room. After the examination, Miss Wolfe displayed exemplary manners by thanking both men for their cock gifts. Miss Wolfe’s attention to detail and her eagerness to please is a great asset and will make her a wonderful submissive slave wife in the future.

More practice on tongue technique and stamina training. Increase painal tolerance and conditioning.

Mr Tivoll Kashton


Penny stared at the words, open mouthed in delight and disbelief.

She thought she passed, but to see such glowing words written about her made her cunt all warm and gooey!

“What did you get?” Rose asked, peeking over Penny’s shoulder, “Oooo Penny got a distinction!” she yelled in excitement!

“Cunt back on the cock!” Mr Bauer said severely. Rose sat her bottom back down on her seat with a soft moan, the squelch of vibrator entering a horny pussy lost among the clamour of the girls reading their results.

Penny grinned happily to herself.

She couldn’t wait to tell her Daddy the good news!

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