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Sucking off boys at school

So this started when I was in the 7th grade and I was really horny at a football game so I led this boy to the bathroom and we fucked and I sucked him off. He said it was the best head he ever received and that he would be back for it. I also got the fuck one of the football players after the game in the locker room.

A week or two later there was this boy who had just got a girlfriend even though he would flirt with me in class. So one day I got him alone in the bathroom and are sure to give him the best head ever. I also made sure I worked out before this so my pussy would be tighter and I had a great grip around his dick. I got his number and started to send nudes to him to jerk off too and he was satisfied.

In this next story I sucked off this innocent white boy. He played football and baseball and I caught him after one of his games. He let me suck him off and I let him play with my pussy. He even sucked my nipples which was fairly new since no one had done it before.

Finally my last story, for now happened when I brought a boy over to my house since my parents were gone for the weekend and we sucked and ate each other and he gave me the best head ever. When we fucked he gave me the best and biggest dick i had ever had. He stretched out my guts and left I hole in me with my legs trembling, and stumbling around. It was almost to much for me to handle.

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