Night Stories,Give you the most beautiful experience of the night

She was only 13

I thought she was in her early twenties 5’6” 110lbs petite sexy hot ..

I or she picked me up at the mall one day..she was flirty sexy we teased each other laughing I asked her if she wanted to go out maybe just hang around or a drink or whatever.. I couldn’t believe how sexy she was.. wearing short shorts halter top I could tell her breasts were small which turned me on.
She grabbed my hand smiling asked if I had any pot .. I smiled told her I did but we would have to go to my apartment she giggled squeezing my hand tighter.

She told me her name was Amber and not much else on the drive home but she kept spreading her legs wide open and whenever I looked she would giggle closing them.. teasing me.. fuck I couldn’t believe my luck I knew we would end up naked

Sitting on the couch I was rolling a joint when Amber stood up pulling her shorts off showing me her pink panties..
“ Do you think I’m pretty I never done this before showing off my body to strangers but I think your hot is that ok” She was whispering licking her lips

“ Oooh god yes your very pretty beautiful sexy body perfect woman “ I replied getting hard. I lit the joint we we’re getting high laughing when she kissed me shoving her tongue deep inside my mouth I kissed her back swapping tongues I picked her up like a little rag doll pulling her top off.
She unzipped me pulling my pants down grabbing my cock I took her to my bedroom looking at the prettiest girl I ever seen..her skin was pure white i started kissing her naked body all over top to bottom I licked her ass she moaned loudly i started to kiss lick suck on her sweet pussy.

“ Ooh Fuck me please I’m so horny seed me with your babies “ she was moaning loudly. Babies..I thought for just a quick second as I mounted her fucking her breeding her I remember thinking she was the best fuck I ever had in my 26 years.

I’m not sure who was moaning louder her or me.. I kept telling her how sexy pretty she was and that I wanted to be with her ..
“ Like boyfriend girlfriend lovers “ She whispered with lust in her eyes.
I’m starting to cum inside her yelling “ Oooh god oooh yes Amber oooh god yesss ooh I love you I do please be my girl my lover my precious little thing”. I’m losing it she digs her nails in my back we both start cummming together I’m actually falling in love with her.

“ Ooooh yes so good god I love you too..more oooh cum more inside me I need you to breed me seed me with your babies oooh god yes”
She was screaming loudly I kept cummming in her telling her I love her “

Panting heavily we kept kissing each other when she slid down.
“ Your cock is sooo hot I want your cum your babies in my tummy “ she starts kiss licking slobbering on my cock like it’s a lollipop I start cummming again filling her belly with my cum… my babies I kept thinking.

She asked if she could spend the night..I laughed telling her she could move in if she wanted to. We fucked again before falling asleep I was amazed I never came three times in one night ever… I was quite proud of myself.

I wake her up kissing her naked body she moans purring pushing my head down to her pussy.. I start licking her pussy I can taste my cum it turns me on sooo much she starts cummming squirting her cum in my mouth.
“ Kiss me I want to taste our cum our babies oooh god I love you “ she was panting like a dog in heat… begging for me to fuck her again pleading for my babies.

Holding her tightly I asked her why she kept begging for my babies.
“ I want to be pregnant with you have your babies I need you to take care of me I have nowhere to go I ran away from home last week from my parents “

Kinda confused I stuttered.. “ Run away parents god girl how old are you”
“ 13.. she whispered we can get married so it’ll be ok we will have a perfect marriage little babies you told me you love me I kept telling you I want your babies “ .. She kissed me crying softly.. I kissed her tears away… “ Oooh my little baby I love you stay with me we can figure out what to do “

But deep inside I’m thinking. “ WTF “

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