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Questions. Climax. 1

This is a fiction story of A dad and daughter told from both sides

I cane home from work Friday night . Stacy my daughter was in the shower I called through the door asking her where her mother was.
As I rubbed my clit to another climax. I heard daddy asking about my bitch of a mother. I answered him that she was at Aunt Paula’s for the weekend.l heard him say shit. I asked Stacy if she put anything out for dinner. I told daddy no but I had put 2 frozen dinners in the oven. Along with 4 beers in the freezer as I still played with my pussy. It was really turning me on talking to daddy as my fingers brought me to another climax trying to be quiet. It just felt naughty. I heard Stacy moan a little and wondered if she was masturbating as we talked. Or what she was thinking or fantasizing about was it me I thought I couldn’t believe it I was actually getting hard at the thought. I kinda rubbed my cock wishing it was her hand. My God what was I thinking this is my daughter walking away I told her that I was a lucky dad to have her as my daughter and that I’d be lost with out her. I told daddy that I loved him too as I wondered what he meant about being lucky and thinking I wish I could show him how much I loved him and appreciated him and all he does. I got in my boxers before grabbing a beer and took a seat in the kitchen to start enjoying the beginning of my weekend. But I couldn’t get hearing her lightly moan put of my ears it was so sexy and I started to get hard again I lightly rubbed my growing cock as I set there drinking my ice cold beer that my thoughtful daughter placed there just for me. Thinking about my daughter masturbating in the shower and rubbing my cock seemed so taboo. I found myself thinking how it would feel to watch my cock disappear into her soft mouth and how her young pussy would taste. I had to stop this I’m fantasizing about my daughter.
As I dried off I couldn’t stop thinking how it felt as I climaxed while I talked to daddy and even though I was a virgin I knew the mechanics of sex and what to do I just didn’t know how to physically do it. I so wanted to just go down naked to see his reaction thinking about taking my first cock in my mouth and how it would feel and taste like if he ejaculated in my mouth. Would I gag would I like it and want more or if he would kiss my vagina and make me climax. I got an idea just remembering that I had put clothes in the dryer. So I’d just put one of my shorter robes on acting like I forgot to get my clothes out and maybe get by with having dinner together with just that on.
I sat there stroking my cock under the table lost in my fantasy. I heard Stacy’s soft voice calling out daddy. That made me jump and tried to hide that I was stroking my cock by telling her that I must have gotten into some poison Ivey acting like I was scratching my leg. Then I noticed. She was only wearing a short robe. Then I thought Is she really trying to seduce me? she said something about clothes and forgetting them and proceeded to pull clothes out and fold them. Trying not to be obvious looking at her as she bent to get more out. I asked about dinner . Stacy told me that it should be done and if I was ready to eat now. Also telling me that her clothes could wait. Then I told her yeah and that I could eat. It was hard keeping from watching her as she moved about the kitchen in that flimsy robe and I felt my cock getting harder.
As I got every thing ready I could feel daddy’s eyes on me and when I asked if he wanted to eat all I could think about is him eating out my vagina and me tasting his penis I finally sat down and daddy told me that it looks good was he talking about the food or me. I’m hopping it was me and I said thank you daddy to him inn the most innocent voice I could. During dinner we talked about a Lot of stuff mainly boys and stuff. I told daddy that I don’t even know how to kiss a boy he hurt my feelings when he laughed and told me. That it just comes natural when the time was right. A little later he said something about his legs being sore. Excited I told him that I could run them and maybe get a close look at that poison Ivey to see it that is what it really is.
Wow my daughter is flirting with me I thought to myself and inadvertently told her that a leg rub would feel great. But in the heat of the moment I agreed to show her how to kiss later and buddy she got excited over that.
I can’t believe daddy said yes to showing me how a real woman should be kissed my pussy got wet hearing yes. But. later? What did he mean how much later. I didn’t want to seem to anxious but yet excited. How soon should I wait or should I even wait. But I thought I’d better put panties on. Wait a minute he didn’t mind at dinner would he mind now? God I need answers. Well I’ll just go down now and play it by ear.
I was setting on the couch had music on just chillin. Here came Stacy. She called out asking if I needed another beer before she came in. I told her yes I did princess.
Stacey came in and still in her robe and Carrying 2 beers. One for me and her she asked if I minded. I told her one won’t hurt I guessed
Stacy kinda sat on her knees beside me. And started telling me why she wanted to know how to kiss l guess a boy she likes tried to kiss her and she froze. And now was getting laughed a few kids at school. With tears in her eyes I gently held her face and kissed her tears as I did this she tilted her head up so her lips met mine. Over come wit lust I opened my mouth to accept her and I felt her tongue dancing softly in my mouth. And the passion I felt from her made my cock grow as hard as it’s ever been. I covered my lap with a pillow embarrassed that my daughter just gave me a raging hard on from kissing. Asking if it was good as she reached for the pillow I blocked her by holding her hand and told her that it was the best I’ve had in a long time. Satisfied with a big grin and saying let’s take care of those sore legs now getting on the floor between my legs. Stacy started to massage them moving up Inc by inch slowly moving to my thighs getting closer to the pillow. Which brought my cock to life again. She made a quick move making contact with my cock. She froze looked at me and asked if I had an erection. I told her the truth that I did and it happened when we kissed. She asked if we could kiss again tonight and many cuddle. Then flung the pillow off me revealing my hard cock. Stacy asked that since it happened when we kissed did that mean it wanted kissed to. Lowering her head several times and kissed the tip off the head with quick pecking kisses. The last time she went down my cock flinched upwards to greater mouth. Stopping with the head between her lips let out a moan like the one I heard earlier and Started sucking on the head only.then she slid down the shaft a little more then back up. I thought I was going to cum right there and then. A few more strokes is all I could take before I had to stop her
At first when daddy stoped me I thought it was over but he laid me back. And kissed me on the lips as his hands roamed my body undoing my robe. His hands slid slowly down and up my sides as his kisses went lower to my neck then to each breast. Then circled his way down my belly. Every nerve in me was alive and tingling with every kiss and every kiss I was wetter. Daddy did this all the way to my toes. And sucked each one into his warm wet mouth then back up moving closer Inc by inch to my vagina I felt pressure building up like never before. His lips were now on my vagina kissing and licking it so so soft his tongue parted my labia majora forcing it apart and he took my clitoris between his lips and sucked it in and out using his tongue to control it. I was done at that point adding swirling his tongue with pressure 5 times of that I was gushing. I know I’ve never felt it but I wanted his cock inside me so bad
Stacy came hard as I gave her oral after cumming she pulled on me to come up I did as she wrapped her legs around me to help pull me into her. She looked me in the eyes. Telling me to take her now and make love to her continuing to pull me down with her legs. My cock now lined up for entry I asked if she was sure. With fire in her eyes and a thrust up with her hips with a quick pull pf her sexy legs my cock entered its very first virgin pussy. I didn’t last long maybe 10 minutes. I told Stacy that I was going to cum and Started to pull out of her. She was getting ready to cum again and she screamed no daddy as she locked her legs around me again. When she did that combined wit her now fucking me from the bottom my cock swelled more as it starts to pulsate in her as pumping my cum into my daughter. Then her pussy clamped down on my cock as she flooded the couch.

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